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No one is exempt from this transgression because both men and women are guilty of playing mind games.
About Latest Posts NaijaCornerA comprehensive hub for Nigerians to meet and connect with other Nigerians to exchange views, thoughts, opinions, find, buy, sell, exchange products, and services. Unfortunately, those of us who don’t see the benefits that mind games offer tend to use it for devious purposes – specifically, relationships. The motivations differ from person to person, but the goal is always the same – to win. There are many reasons why they choose to play with women’s emotions, but most of them are targeted at acquiring a prize, a sense of self-worth, or the admiration of their peers. You may notice that you have fallen victim to a couple of these at some point in your dating life. This works when your guy wants something, and he’ll promise to give something better back in return. Some girls can fall for this trick because some of them *or most* rarely encounter an almost-perfect boyfriend or date.

This one will disappear without a trace, and then suddenly, he’ll spring back up into the woodworks when you least expect it.
What WILL happen is seeing as your genes were mixing with the baby SO well, the baby will come out looking the most like you.
You really think a developing baby can get pregnant you have to have started your period to get pregnant which is 9 yrs old at the earliest usually. So, why is it that they have the capacity to purposely inflict mental and emotional pain on the ones they’re supposed to be caring for? However, that is still up for discussion because playing mind games suggests duplicity and dishonesty. If there are things in his life that he can’t resolve, he might discover that playing with women’s feelings helps him fill that gaping hole inside of him. This is especially obvious within men who were raised in conventional families that haven’t forgotten old social norms. They will enumerate the points in which you are at fault for making them feel bad or how you’re ruining their life.

He could want money, a gift, a favor, or even a chance to do something you won’t usually agree to.
When it finally happens, they can’t help but give in to anything the guy wants, lest they lose him and his image as the perfect partner.
He will charge his disappearance to some sort of personal problem, but he promises that he just couldn’t stop thinking about you.
It makes them feel wanted and adored, which, according to research, is something that men need intensely.
A guy like this will use mind games on a girl for her connections, her house, or even her willingness to do anything he wants.
If we can’t get out of a situation, we should always be wary of what’s happening around us.

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