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Going through the process to make this decision for an old or sick dog is a long and painful experience. A little over a year ago I wrote to you to ask for your opinion and some ideas on my German Shepherd who who slowly losing the use of his legs and muscles. I know I will stop crying eventually but right now my heart is breaking and my 28 year old parrot keeps calling for his dog and making barking sounds to get the dog to come running. So, again, thank you, it just helped put my mind at ease that others had gone through the same process I was going through.
Anxiety: Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. I was forced to make the hardest decision I have ever been faced with, that was to put my best friend (Nickie) to sleep. I took this poem along with several very nice photos of Nickie and had them matted and framed.

We started my baby with swims and slow walks, some raw diet, he would never switch the whole way at his age, and just being happy with the time we had left. Without your suggestions we would not have had Coastie for those extra months and all of those extra laughs and security. He has had various medical issues over the years - he has benign tumors all over him and we would have them removed each year during extensive and expensive surgeries. He messes in the house at least once a day - which I know upsets him as much as it upsets me. At the time I had written to you the vets said we would have 3 months at most but it was not until yesterday we had to have him put to sleep.
That dog was better than any Glock and I can not imagine being alone here without him to trip over and watch his antics with the cats and the bird. A few years ago we stopped putting him through that since we worried about his heart and going under anesthesia.

Last night I gave him a bath after one of his messes and noticed how thin he really was - sometimes hard to notice under all the fur.
I am thinking about asking her if we can make prints to offer people who lave lost their pet. I called the emergency vet, who called my regular vet at she arrived in less than 15 min to ease him out at home in his own bed.
It wasn't fair to him to keep him alive when I knew he was probably in a great deal of pain.

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