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Only it’s been months, or maybe even years now, and that good job still hasn’t come your way.
Freelancers are responsible for finding their own clients, setting their own rates and determining their own hours.
If you’ve decided the pros far outweigh the cons or you or just don’t have any other employment prospects, here’s what you need to do to set yourself up to be a successful freelancer.
Your first step is determining what service you’re going to offer and what rate you’ll charge. In order to keep steady work and a steady flow of money coming in you’re going to need to secure multiple clients. Attend Trade Events – Attend any trade events in your area and network with potential clients.
Spread the Word Through Your Immediate Networks – Tell all of your friends and family of your new plans and have them help spread the word. Cold Pitch Why Can’t I Find a Work at Home Job?Real Ways to EarnWork from home and make money online. Tweet Share4 Pin4 Share5 +13 RedditShares 16You’ve taken the initiative to do things the “right” way. The first type of person is completely turned off and only wishes to work as an employee for someone else. If you feel the need for a steady and highly predictable paycheck freelancing might not be right for you. The most successful freelancers often pair knowledge with passion to come up with an ideal service.

You went to college, got decent grades and planned on getting a job right after graduation. The second type of person hears about freelancing and starts dreaming of high pay and flexible schedules. Start researching to see what the going rate is in the industry you chose and connect with some already successful freelancers to get their advice. But did you know that cashier work you might have done way back when can count as customer service experience? When you start looking at things like that, it opens up a lot of doors that you probably assumed were closed to you.Is your resume as good as it can possibly be?Take a long look at your resume and put yourself in the shoes of the person doing the hiring.
Instead of doing that, pay close attention to what exactly the company is looking for in terms of your skills, etc. Try to make sure your resume showcases that you have what they want and would be capable of doing the job.Are there large gaps in your employment history?I know a lot of people have trouble landing jobs because of long periods of unemployment. There is no way around the fact that this can hurt you, and an employer may not even bother to schedule a phone interview with you after seeing that. That at least counts as doing something.Another thing you can do to make your resume look a little better when you have those gaps is to not be too specific with the dates. For example, if you worked for six months in 2001 but not again until the end of 2002, don’t list the months you worked. You could just put the year next to the job you did instead, and it will just look like you were employed both years.
Some people do fill in the gaps with information on what they were doing while they weren’t working. If you have anything publicly displayed that seems rather unprofessional, get that cleaned up before you apply!And speaking of social media, set yourself up a professional profile on LinkedIn and provide the link somewhere on your resume.

Job leads get posted on those sites all the time and sometimes potential employers also post at those places to get the word out that they are hiring. I learned a great deal of what I know about working from home just from being active on those two boards.Also, keep up with my blog as well as the other sites I recommend here. They list hundreds of work at home job leads from reputable, legitimate companies every day that are scam-free. Unfortunately, there are very few jobs like that out there, and the ones that do exist more or less pay slave wages. If you want to make good money working from home, you have to have the skills that will benefit the employers who can afford to pay well.I created an entire blog post here with online resources you can use to learn some of the skills employers want. And you can list the work you did as experience.Please feel free to share your thoughts below. Do you have any tips that might help another person land a home job when it seems that they can’t?P.
Once again, thank you!Reply Caroline Wright saysNovember 20, 2012 at 11:50 am Thank you for posting this. Anyone who thinks a work at home jobs is just a push of a button to rake in a lot of cash is sadly mistaken. I get that some people intern at the same place term after term, but that’s highly unusual.

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