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I sometimes wish we never have to argue but then I think that’s part of the stuff that great marriages are made of.
If you see a couple who claim they have never disagreed before , someone is lying or they are just playing married couple and are not that into each other .. It is okay to disagree in marriage but when all is said and done, do we come out of it loving our spouse more or despising him. Whether you’ve been married for ten days or ten years, loving your husband well is always a learning process.
You are the best hubby in this world, I can’t describe, how I feel for you, I know I love you lots, and it is so true, Please stay forever this way, My love for you will never change, Come what may!
Ronke  was born in Lagos, Nigeria to wonderful parents who were business owners for as long as she remembers. After college, she moved to the United States in pursuit of her own American Dream but nothing had prepared her for the reality of living half way across the world. Her desire to succeed as a home business owner led her to work with mentors who  helped to draw out the strength and passion in her to follow her dreams with every ounce of confidence there is.

I can’t even remember right now, but whatever it was, we both felt strongly about it. I know that when you are involved in a heated discussion with your spouse, the last thing you want to keep saying is, how much you love him, right?
Her methods teaches women how to get past the confusion of dating and getting to the place where they really have fulfilling relationships and marriage. Growing up as the youngest of four children – the only girl amidst three brothers- she grew up with a healthy dose of self-esteem and confidence.
Having being through moments of uncertainty, doubt and not fitting in herself, she is able to bring compassion and understanding to the table when she speaks to others. I was getting weary of stating my position and I just wanted him to agree with me and be done with the argument. No man is the same, so every wife has to adapt her actions to fit the needs of her husband.
You simply feel that need to state, explain and argue what you believe and get irritated or hurt when he doesn’t agree.

Her passion is to help women of all ages unleash this beauty so they can go live the lives they've been called to live.
It’s a strange thing to do but I have found out that it helps to break the ice when you just let down your guard and be vulnerable. It’s never really just about what is being discussed, it is about how we feel when we engage in an argument with our spouse.
But then after a few more minutes, he would say those words again and I found out that with time , I lower my defenses and my heart just warms with love for him even if I’m still mad at him.

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