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With the annual Dance Eisteddfod coming up, I needed to replenish my supply of small LED flashlights. Dealextreme is not usually a malware site—there might be a temporary problem with it (perhaps it was recently infected). Despite the much cheaper price on these generic models from Dealextreme, I would hesitate to recommend buying such a blatant rip-off of a specific, well-designed product.

Dealextreme - cool gadgets at the right price - dx free, Online shopping for cool gadgets at the right price.
It’s usually a good place to pick up cheap generic cables (for example, super cheap HDMI cables). If you can afford it, please support the original manufacturer, who had to invest in the original R&D, instead!
It's been awhile since I've reviewed a phone from HTC, so I was excited to see what their latest flagship device offered.

This affiliate program describes how the affiliate will be paid by promoting products or services affiliator. I’ve given them to friends, put them in geocaches, put them in gadget bags, in cars, all over the place.

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