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This is a photo album of a wild 48 hours circling the globe, getting drunk, getting high, seducing gorgeous women, and destroying civilization. I almost forgot why I was there, but then I saw my imprisoned colleague, Gunther Hermann, behind me.
Later that day, I encountered Agent Anna Navarre, who was eager to kill Lebedev aboard a parked 747 jet aircraft.
Later that evening I tranquilized everyone in the 20th Street Warehouse so I could broadcast a message to the NSF. I rode the subway, and evaded capture by Agent Navarre and Gunther Hermann at the Battery Park subway station.
When we got there, she made it explode, and watched the pretty sparks, and became unconscious due to excessive excitement. I set up an impenetrable mass of trash cans to anticipate Stanton Dowd's arrival at the destroyed foundation of Osgood & Sons. Speak with the Gray leader and receive two goals: free the captive Gray and revive JC Denton.
Follow the tunnel and receive a new goal from Billie: view a holocomm message from her in tent 04. Send your spy drone into the next room to knock out both Templars and the security camera with a single blast. The security computer on the east wall can control two cameras and the military bot outside. Continue to this tunnel marked, "Site X." Send in your spy drone to disable the flame turret ahead. Use the excavation site keycode to unlock the door to the next area, where you'll find Paladins wearing power assault armor.
Rummage through this busted trunk to find two ammo clips, a medkit, an EMP grenade, an energy cell, and two journal entries from the VersaLife expedition.
This time a biomod canister can be found above ground, along with another Versalife expedition log.
Take down the spiderbots with your spy drone, and remain cloaked while your biotox attack drone knocks Billie unconscious. I've just brought down a Templar with my boltcaster, then destroyed this spiderbot with a pistol. Also downstairs is this unlocked room, with the holocomm visible here, plus a VersaLife datacube claiming success on making meaner greasels, 50 credits, 2 ammo clips, and a multitool on the closet floor.

Head downstairs and Tracer Tong tells you that the generator is in the northeast corner of the complex.
The generator is a short distance to the northeast of the cell, guarded by two very nasty greasels. To the northwest of the cell is this ladder, leading to a locked trunk holding two ammo clips, a spiderbomb and a glass destabilizer. Follow the corridors further west then south to battle three Templars, one of whom is seen here flaming a security camera and turret. Talk to him repeatedly to learn more about the history of the Grays and their relationship with the Dentons. Also on these shelves is a medkit, an ammo clip, a multitool, a phosphorous flare and binoculars. The locked trunk visible on the left holds a medkit, a standard biomod canister, and a datacube revealing that the canister is intended for Billie.
The soldiers will drop a flamethrower and an SMG, plus an ammo clip and concussion grenades.
Talk to Ava Johnson through this holocomm unit and receive yet another goal: meet her at her helicopter to return to Cairo. You can take them out with your spy drone, or shoot the conveniently-placed explosives crates. It was Saman who had Chicago destroyed, and he threatens to destroy more cities unless you help him. As you enter the area, Tracer Tong advises that you need to power up the beacon with a generator in the B wing's lower level. You'll find a multitool, a medkit, two ammo clips, a concussion grenade, and an SMG up here. You'll find 25 credits, 2 phosphorous flares, an ammo clip, a medkit, and a holocomm from Dr.
Downstairs in this room you'll find a repairbot, two lockers with a medkit, two concussion grenades and an energy cell, a holocomm unit and datacube with some background, a riot prod, phosphorous flares, and a multitool. The door ahead and to the left has a medbot, an energy cell, two ammo clips, a locked trunk with two medkits, and a holocomm with some background - plus an exceptionally nasty greasel. A locked room to his left holds a medkit, a scrambler prox mine, a concussion prox mine and two multitools.
In addition to the datacube on this table, the lockers on the left hold, left-to-right, three ammo clips, an ammo clip and a datacube indicating the Templars have found JC's base, a spiderbomb and a scrambler grenade.

There's a repair bot here, so your spy drone has all the power it needs -- that's my preference. Among the debris is an EMP grenade, an energy cell, ammo, two medkits and two journal entries from the VersaLife expedition.
You'll notice in this shot that Billie will curiously attack the turrets if she's hit by their splash damage.
Choose option (2) and JC will continue to explain his plan to merge humanity with the Helios AI into a single consciousness. You'll find an ammo clip, a stun prod, and a security computer that controls this flame turret. Defeat these two greasels, then either destabilize the glass at (1), pick the keypad just left, or follow the pipes to the vent at (2).
Elsewhere in this room are two energy cells, a medkit, and a locked trunk with a refire rate weapon mod and two concussion grenades. Inside the structure is a sniper rifle, a locked trunk with two ammo clips, an energy cell, binoculars, and a security computer which controls the rocket turret. The locked trunk on the right holds an ammo clip, an EMP prox mine, and a noisemaker grenade. Note that knocking the power-armored Paladins unconscious results in their self-destruction. Behind the door on the right is some beer; the other is an alternate entrance through another air vent.
Behind the locked door at (3) is a datacube which hints at a black market biomod canister, a holocomm with some background, two ammo clips, a multitool, binoculars and an energy cell.
Pacifists who have accepted the challenge to avoid the spy drone on power-armored Paladins can walk among them undetected with the cloak. In my mind they are killing themselves -- but if you want an extra challenge, ditch the spy drone tactic on the power-armored Paladins from here on.

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