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On the stacks at Vital Vittles, students can find a range of useful medicinal products to help them survive college life. On one shelf, you can see pregnancy tests and even lubricant on sale, yet condoms and any other type of contraception are nowhere to be found. The main difference students think about when comparing these two student groups is the right to life versus right to choose abortion argument. The high level of student demand not only poses a logistical problem because the group is not financially supported by the university and therefore reliant on donations.
A large amount of attention has been devoted to pushing for sexual health reform, as many are frustrated that an elite university such as Georgetown has such restrictive policies. In Trojan Brand Condoms’ 2014 Sexual Health Report Card, Georgetown ranked 93 out of 140 college campuses (THE HOYA, GU Ranks Low in Sexual Health, Feb.
Emily Lett (COL ’17), from Spotsylvania, Va., did not fully understand Georgetown’s policy on contraception until a few weeks into her freshman year, as there was little effort on the University’s part to reach out and engage students on these subject. While she personally was not affected by the policy, having already organized a prescription to be on the pill and already aware of how to get condoms off campus, the ban on selling contraception on campus still frustrates her. Joe Smith* (SFS ’17), who admits that he has unprotected sex fairly frequently, explains that if the girl is on the pill, they will tend to mutually choose to not use condoms. Smith also explained that when it comes to deciding who should provide the contraception, he believes responsibility should be equally divided.
Lett first started taking birth control pills when she was 15 to deal with acne, a popular reason for women to take the medication. Although she knew that the change in pill would affect her mood and have such side effects, Lett was still surprised by the extent her personality changed for those months. The pill however, cannot protect against sexually transmitted infections, one of the most serious dangers of unprotected sex. Evans explains that a false sense of invincibility contributed to her decision to have unprotected sex, but recognizes the danger of such a mentality, especially when neither individual has been tested or even talked about getting tested. Lett pointed out the importance of having the conversation with any sexual partner about protection and to find out about any time of STIs.

Why did no one consider asking Vita Saxa or any other group (perhaps one of the many Catholic organizations) about their stance on the “contraception on campus” issue?
SFS Dean Joel Hellman (not pictured) met with MP Suresh Prabhu (left) and MP Piyush Goyal (right) when he visited India for the launch of Georgetown’s India Initiative in Dec.
Panelists discussed the political future of Latin America at a student-organized conference in the HFSC on Friday.
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (CAS ’57) delivered a guest lecture for 360 first-year law students in the Hart Auditorium at the Georgetown University Law Center’s McDonough Hall on Monday. Junior forward Grace Damaska scored the goal that tied the game and forced overtime in Georgetown’s loss to Hofstra in the first round of the NCAA tournament.
Senior forward Brandon Allen was awarded the Big East tournament’s Most Outstanding Offensive Player honor following the Hoyas’ 2-1 victory over Creighton in the championship match. Senior center and co-captain Bradley Hayes scored a career-high 19 points and grabbed a career-high 12 rebounds in Georgetown’s loss to Radford. Senior guard D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera, who has been Georgetown’s leading scorer for the past two seasons, scored 15 points in Saturday’s loss.
Junior forward Alex Muyl scored the game-winning goal in overtime to give Georgetown its first Big East title in program history. The Georgetown University French Cultural Association organized a vigil in front of the John Carroll statue in Healy Circle on Monday evening. Students, faculty and staff gather in Dahlgren Quadrangle for an interfaith reflection following attacks in Baghdad, Beirut and Paris. The Eiffel Tower casts a shadow over Paris on Sunday, less than 48 hours after the Friday attack. Senior center and co-captain Bradley Hayes led Georgetown with 16 points and eight rebounds. 20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant.
Whether it’s cough drops or NyQuil, the independent, student-run Students of Georgetown Inc.

This is because it is part of The Corp’s lease agreement — no type of contraception can be sold on the site. In fact, reproductive rights represent one of the most widely reported and discussed issues on campus.
H*yas for Choice has gained a reputation for its pro-choice protests over the years, but it has worked equally to provide students with contraceptives as well, as seen by its tabling tactics.
We distributed around 10,000 condoms last semester,” H*yas for Choice President Abby Grace (SFS ’16) said. Let’s just say that’s reasonable, but they don’t let The Corp or [Wisemiller’s] sell contraception. She is not on the pill mainly because she cannot get it on campus and cannot easily find the information here to understand how to get it. Some take the time to be tested at a local clinic before each new partner, while others are willing to have unprotected sex regardless. Over the summer, Lett experienced immense emotional mood swings as a result of the change in her hormone balance. Are there no dissenting voices, or is it just that The Hoya wants to promote a certain agenda? No one can miss the tense tabling in Red Square with “Vita Saxa” and “H*yas for Choice” sitting across from one another, the first displaying pamphlets with pictures of a child’s handprint, and the other with a bowl of condoms that students can take for free. H*yas for Choice is leading the fight to get the university to allow contraception to be sold on campus. While this rank puts it above all other Catholic universities, its often self-imposed limits create problems for students coming from communities where formal sexual education is minimal and the topic is barely discussed within the family.
Last summer, Lett decided to change the type of pill she’d been prescribed as a result of her severe cramps.

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