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If you have been lucky enough to get the numbers of several girls and text them casually, congrats. Texting a good night message is a little bit sweet, a little bit flirty and a little bit romantic. Now, this one needs to be used in the right way and when you are secure in the beginning of a relationship. When you phrase it in such a way like, “I bet you didn’t know this and state the fact, it opens up an avenue for discussion and conversation. This uses a bit of poetry and shows you have a side that is caring and one capable of being a deeper thinker.
You are talking to them more often and suddenly something makes you decide you want to text them at night. It gets the point across of what you are saying without leaving her to guess at what your true meaning was or if there are ulterior motives. Using it on the first day you text her might show you are a bit needy.  You don’t want to appear needy, pathetic, clingy or desperate so only use this when you have been bantering on texts and can trust her to know your funny side.

And you want to converse with her, so keep it up as long as she replies.  Creates interaction between you and a shared bond that no one else will know about.
Once you are more practiced with reading girls and sending texts you won’t have any problems at all in the future at knowing what to do. It also shows you care because it is bed time and you want them to be rested and get a good night’s sleep.
Don’t send it on a day when she is irritated or annoyed with others as it might turn her wrath towards you. It could also open up the discussion on an emotional level where you connect even more, especially if she was thinking the same thing. If there have been too many clingy messages sent by you, then do not send a good night message.
It won’t spike an emotional response from her, but it might trigger a reaction that you have the boyfriend skills needed to take care of her in the future because you do care about her well-being.
Keep it light and use this on a day when you have really connected and are in tune with each other.

Send her a text with a little quip with a fact or throw out a question that will get you more information. This is my way of telling you goodnight.’ She might wonder at it, smile at it, laugh over it – but she will be thinking about you.
Send a good night message to reaffirm you are thinking of them or have been throughout the day and would like to continue on with a developing relationship. Even though it is stupid you could forget the day and laugh and connect to each other through it.
It might also help gauge if she will turn to you in a bad or stressful situation and ask for your guidance – showing she recognizes you are caring, a leader and dominant when it comes to taking charge.

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