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I started seeing this guy in November, we were acquaintances and reconnected via online dating. At the end of February, we had an honest conversation and discovered that we were both still dating around. That brings me to my other philosophy, “men do what they want.” I’m surprised at how often we can forget commonsense things like that.
I mean you can – and will – come up with excuses and justifications, some of which are partially valid. Your next move is to tell him the truth: you’re looking for a boyfriend, not an occasional texting buddy, dinner companion, and sex partner. Oh, and by the way, don’t have that (or any other serious relationship) conversation via text. I hate spam as much as you do, therefore I will never sell, rent, or give away your email address. If you like the guy, and no one better is around, stay in the NSA relationship but continue to date other men. If you want him to be your bf, you need to have the talk as Evan suggests, but be prepared to be disappointed. I agree with evans golden advice.whenever i tell my spouse that i dont like the way he treats me with disregard or when i start talking seriously about how i demand for him to love me after cheating with so many women, he only says that im annoying.
He has never (for  many years) treated me with kindness, or even complimented me in any way. As a guy, I just don’t agree with the philosophy about expecting the guy to initiate most of the conversation. Pfff…so if a relationship is defined in, say, 3 months, a grown up woman is expected to stay celibate for all of that time?
What struck me when I was reading Darlene’s letter is how two people can look at the same set of facts, and see something totally different, depending on their emotions. Well, if she is still dating other guys then she should just continue to do that, as he hasn’t asked her to be his girlfriend. When I read this I got the feeling they just aren’t that into each other and are just casually dating.

Ateneo Lady Eagles Alyssa Valdez, Amy Ahomiro, Den Lazaro, And Ella De Jesus Answer Random Questions! I’m still going on dates with others because I don’t want to rush into a relationship after how serious and heavy my last relationship was, and he said he hadn’t planned to be in anything serious when he met me and needs time to get there.
We have a lot of fun, we get along great, we support each other, and we still have serious chemistry— but I really only feel this when we’re physically in each other’s presence. And I feel as though my only negative, based on your guidelines for future boyfriends, is that he doesn’t contact me daily. A man who is into you calls, plans dates, keeps in touch in between, commits, and makes you feel valued as a girlfriend.
Do you know how you’re going to react when he says he doesn’t want to be exclusive and likes it the way things are? I was in a similar situation last year, we didn’t have a conversation but I wrote him a letter and then stepped out. If you know that for sure, and you really like the guy, it makes a lot of sense to wait for him to become your boyfriend when he is ready. She describes what is happening between them as if there *is* some sort of relationship already, as if they have feelings and obligations towards one another, as if commitment has already been offered and it’s all down to her to make a decision. Similar interests, serious physical attraction, and good, balanced and honest communication got us through the first month.
I wasn’t going to let him have an easy way out after neglecting me with kids without financial support just so he could be selfishly happy. But if he has made it clear that he is seeing other people, and his actions show that he has only lukewarm interest in you…I feel so sorry for this girl. I look at this and see a casual dating arrangement which, if it were happening in my life, I would barely give any thought or feeling to. However, he only initiates texts or sends emails every couple days and has slowed down on phone calls. Between weeks of solo travel, getting swamped with work, and going through multiple serious personal tragedies and losses, we still found time to go out on legitimate dates and dinners and eventually we became intimate. The day I got back he reached out and said he missed me, but the month flew by and we barely saw each other thanks to our hectic schedules.

I’m busy enough to not be waiting by my phone, but I’m not so self-assured that it doesn’t hurt me.
As a result, women stay in dead-end relationships with men who don’t call them, commit to them, or talk about a future with them. Objectively, it would seem like this guy is not highly motivated to take you off the market and claim you for himself.
Objectively, it would seem like this guy is either not emotionally available to anyone, or that he simply doesn’t like you enough to be his exclusive girlfriend. But if a girl DOES go on date 2 with you, odds are she’s interested, at which point you just keep asking her out if you like her. To be honest, I had already fallen for this guy but I wanted to be with someone who wanted me too.
You may still walk away empty-handed so to speak, but a calm, logical demeanor when you have the talk will gain you his respect, if nothing else. He received my letter, responded kindly, confirmed he wasn’t ready for a relationship and wished me well. Sure she can initiate contact a bit more if she wants to but I don’t think it will change anything. Is it possible that I am taking your advice too far or is he disinterested and unavailable?
The way I see it she has two options – withdraw her feelings and expectations completely and enjoy it for the casual dating arrangement that it is.
Or have a heart to heart conversation with him that will almost certainly end in disappointment.

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