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I will hopefully have my credit card (outstanding balance to date ?2,395 at 0% APR) paid off in a couple of months’ time, which will leave me with my personal loan of roughly ?8,000 to pay off. My plan is to (a) renegotiate my interest rate with my current bank or consolidate my existing loan by taking out a loan with a much lower interest rate from a different bank and (b) reduce the term of my loan.
Experian uses a scale of 0 to 999 to score you and the higher your score is the better chance you stand at getting any new credit. As a side note, there are three main credit reference agencies and they have different scoring systems in place. I’ve never actually found out my credit score but maybe I will if there is a 30-day free trial!
I’m excited to hear about your debt renegotiation because that is a pretty horrible rate to be paying on the loan. When I consolidated my credit cards onto one personal loan, my interest rate was 11.65% because of various reasons but one of them was my credit score was just barely good LOL.
I don’t think my credit score was ever bad so I’m not sure why I got such a bad interest rate! Well, it seems that different credit score agencies use different scale, so I wonder what my credit score would be with Equifax! I am really looking forward to my bright financial future, I just know I’m on the right track and despite the fact it takes some willpower to keep at it and continue paying off debt (not that I have a choice really), this is something I know I will benefit from in the long run!
Psst – it’s not your actual age that matters on your credit score, it is the age of your credit!
Experian is the biggest credit reference agency in the UK, followed by Equifax then Callcredit. At the time of writing this, the average Experian credit rating is 783, a good one is 881, and an excellent rating is 961+. Your Experian credit score is a guide for lenders, and is purely based on the content of your Experian credit report, which details your recent borrowing history to try to work out if you can handle more debt.
The Experian Credit Score can change depending on how the contents of your Experian Credit Report change.
Most lenders would regard this score as moderate risk and would expect only a small proportion of people in this category to experience serious problems with repaying credit.
Most lenders would view this score as low risk and would expect few people in this category to experience serious problems with repaying credit. Most lenders would regard this score as very low risk and would expect very few people in this category to experience serious problems with repaying credit. You access this through the Credit Expert pay monthly service, which now unlimited free access to your credit score. The Experian Credit Score runs from 0-999 and is an indication of how a lender would see you based on the information provided in your Experian Credit Report. You should get most credit cards, loans and mortgages but the very best deals may reject you.
You might be accepted for credit cards, loans and mortgages but they may have higher interest rates. Youa€™re more likely to be rejected for most credit cards, loans and mortgages that are available.

There are many things that affect your score and once youa€™ve signed up youa€™ll receive personalised tips on how to manage and improve it. We'll also give you tips to help you raise your score a€“ from simple things like checking all your details are correct and registering to vote, to staying within your credit limits and making no more than two credit applications every 6 months. Monitoring your score regularly can help you spot when changes on your credit report have had an effect on your creditworthiness.
Checking your report is the first major step in taking control of your financial situation. It details your personal credit history, including mortgages, credit cards, mobile phone contracts and more. When you apply for financial products, lenders will normally check your credit report and use the information, along with their own policies and information on your application, to assess whether you are likely to repay what you owe on time.
Experian CreditExpert puts you in the driving seat, allowing you to check that your report is accurate and reflects your current circumstances.
Receive alerts by text message or email when there are certain changes to your Experian Credit Report or if we find your personal details anywhere online. I have been in full-time employment for nearly 10 years now which is a blessing when you constantly carry a balance on a credit card. I am currently paying an extortionate interest rate on my loan of 15,9% APR and frankly speaking, I do not enjoy throwing away around ?115 in interest charges every month! Since this is something I am planning to do fairly soon, I decided it was time to check what my credit score was. Overall, my credit score is high enough to get approved for new credit and qualify for a variety of competitive credit offers as most lenders view my score as low risk. I have decided to check my credit score again in a couple of months’ time, but use Equifax instead (I used my free trial with them less than 12 months ago which means I am not eligible for another free trial before December this year, I think).
So yes, age does matter, but no one is counting your birthdays ?? But your age CAN still play a role in your score, as the younger you are the more likely your credit report is also young!
They each summarise your credit file into a score that highlights the risk that they think you represent to lenders right now.
You could have an Experian Credit Score of 999, but still be rejected for a credit application, on the basis of having too low a salary to meet the repayment obligations. Wea€™ll highlight any positive or negative factors affecting your score, so you can quickly and easily see what is helping and what might be holding you back.
As a higher score is usually seen as lower risk, it pays to make sure you have the highest credit score possible.
Experian Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (firm reference number 009743). The more you know about how your report works, and how lenders and others use it, the easier it is to understand and improve your credit status. Your report contains information that helps lenders to decide whether or not to accept your application. This helps them decide whether to offer you the product and which terms to set, such as interest rates.
Prospective landlords and employers may see elements of your report, so it can also affect your chances of renting a home and getting a job.

Monitoring your credit report is one of the best forms of protection against identity fraud allowing you to see potential anomalies. I have been diligently paying my creditors, but taking a couple of months off in between jobs or a year off to go travelling was never an option. I am sure you all know what a credit score is, but if not, a credit score is a number usually between 0 and 999 (depending on a credit reference agency you are using) that reflects your financial history that lenders use to decide if you can afford to manage any new borrowings.
I don’t think I want to pay to find out my credit score as I can use Noddle for free for as long as I like to get an idea of what my credit score is.
It’s getting better now that I have a credit card and am paying it in full every month.
The correct usage of a credit card (pay off in full every month) would definitely help get a higher credit score! Although to be fair anyone who writes about personal finance, pays off debt and grows savings is bound to have a good or even excellent credit score, so anyone can be a target regardless of whether they publish their credit score or not! I hope you’re successful in negotiating a lower rate, so your repayment efforts will yield better, quicker results. Each operate independently, use their own systems to create the score, and they are completely and utterly different.
But, and it's a big BUT - having a geat credit score does give you the best possible chance getting the loan and a good APR to boot. Experian Ltd is registered in England and Wales with registered office at The Sir John Peace Building, Experian Way, NG2 Business Park, Nottingham, NG80 1ZZ. Your report is also a helpful tool for you to use to keep track of your accounts in one place and watch out for fraudulent activity. I guess 10 years of living from paycheck to paycheck and having no savings of any kind has finally got too much for me. I took advantage of a free 30-day trial and signed up with Experian to gain access to my credit report and my credit score. From what I gathered, they score you according to your financial history for the past 6 years (this is what they keep on file, all data that is older gets deleted), therefore, your age shouldn’t really matter? I can say I am more or less happy with my score, but would prefer to be in the “excellent” box!
So what I’m doing now is using one credit card with a very low limit and paying it off in full at the end of every month!
Free trial period starts on registration - further ID verification may be required to access full service which may take up to 5 days. The web monitoring feature and its alerts within CreditExpert is not FCA regulated activity.

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