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Mr Lewis admits the bust-up has left a a€?nasty tastea€™ but insists he got what he deserves as he located most of the hoard. Splitting the pot: The 840 coins are thought to have been buried by the Iceni tribe, whose Queen Boadicea led a revolt against the occupying Romans in AD 61The coins will be bought by Colchester and Ipswich Museum Service, which has launched a fundraising drive. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. After hunting for buried treasure for three decades a€“ and not finding a great deal a€“ even the most diligent of us might have given up.But not Reg Mead and Richard Miles. They are thought to be from the first century BC and were found buried 3ft deep under a hedge in a farmera€™s field on Jersey.
And there the coins a€“ packed in clay and weighing a ton a€“ have remained undisturbed until last week.
The previous record find was in 1935 at La Marquanderie in Jersey when more than 11,000 were discovered.
Mr Mahrer added that the coins, which are called staters and quarter staters, weigh as much as a 50p piece. Gaul - which covered modern day France and parts of surrounding countries - finally fell to the Romans in 51 BC.

Julius Caesar observed that armies from Britannia were often to be fighting in alliance with tribes from Gaul against his men. Porridge, beer and bread made from rye and barley were commonly eaten and drunk from vessels made of horn.
Classical texts mention that both Celtic men and women had long hair, with the men sporting beards or moustaches. Children may have occupied their free time by practising their skill at the slingshot - a common Iron Age weapon.
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The two amateur metal detectors kept up their search of the same area throughout the decades and have finally struck gold a€“ or rather silver.They have unearthed the largest hoard of Celtic coins ever found. Codes are global, which mean that they can be activated in all countries – no matter where are you from.

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