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My inbox has strained under the weight of request to make Country Girl the Chivette of the Week. I love a night out with my girls but there's just something about waking up at four in the morning to call in a turkey that puts a smile on my face every time.
Most girls call me a redneck, and honestly I do enjoy a good country song, driving on the back roads in a truck, or riding tearin' up a trail on a dirt bike but I really am a sight more than that. I started sending my pictures into theCHIVE because I wanted to do something a little different I suppose, and to show chivers that it's good to be true to yourself. Old RnB always, and I love finding ill mixes on Soundcloud with disco, electronic, hiphop and soul all mixed together. I like movies and shows for all the filmic elements, how it’s shot, acted and produced.
If you do something consistently and do it YOUR way, people will start to understand your work, appreciate it and believe in it.
Michael lives in Austin, Texas with his equally talented artist girlfriend, Leigh Patterson, and the two are a powerful creative force. I grew up until age 10 in San Diego before moving to Texas, so Southern California really feels like my true home. Being on the coast, taking photos, playing music, skating, surfing, cooking and reading good books in a constant 75ºF in the sun. After following her work for some time, I was compelled to discover more about her because without her knowing it, she has helped to inspire and foster my approach to working more thoughtfully and with greater consideration. Into my kitchen for a pour over coffee with goat milk, but when I have the chance I visit The Mill for coffee with an almond butter coated slice of toast. Brian Eno is a standard for me, something I can always return to, and the latest album from my boyfriend, Jon Porras (Light Divide). I’d like to see reindeer on the beaches of Norway or eat new types of fish in Portugal.
I think I’m still in the infancy of my career, the turning point for me was joining the editorial team at Remodelista in 2011. The level of creative energy, talent and fearlessness she has for doing what she loves inspires me to keep pushing myself.
A friend introduced me to a film director when I was needing a summer job in graduate school.
In true social networking form, I don’t quite remember the first time I discovered Joanna Williams but, like all great innovative people you come across, I was instantly hooked on following her creative endeavours. My morning ritual when I am home and not traveling for work is to stop by Casbah Cafe on the way to my studio.

I worked for a trend forecasting company for 3 years and when I left I started doing trend consulting for brands on a freelance basis.
Since then, Country Girl has popped up on theCHIVE's grid a few times but not nearly enough for the Chivers. I was inspired by all the Chivettes who came before me and encouraged by the Chivers who are always so kind (nearly impossible to find on the internet).
Being on set - all the preparation and people that go into it, seeing it come together.
He has been an inspiration for my own pursuit of doing meaningful work in both my personal and professional life.
There is such honesty and sincerity in how he captures a moment that it becomes truly therapeutic to look at.
Doing anything freelance is quite scary, especially if you like having things planned out in advance. I’m always catching up on the New Yorker and I like to take my time with each page of the Gentlewoman. I come from a varied background and didn’t study traditional journalism, but I knew what I wanted to do and spent time going after it.
I used to live there so I was familiar with the area, but the experience of meeting people I had admired for years (through their respective online presences) was truly life changing.
This past summer, I got to connect with her online and since then, being exposed to her work has had more meaning to me than I ever expected. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Rose Pure-Castile Soap, Weleda Wild Rose Day Cream, Weleda Wild Rose Oil, Strange Invisible Dimanche pure perfume and NARS Heat Wave for a night on the town. One of my first projects for him was researching locations around the world for something that could play as God’s house. It opened my eyes to a creative culture that really resonated and a way of life that I loved. Joseph Juhasz, a remarkable Hungarian professor I had in college who taught design from a psychological perspective. She has a knack for putting together amazing outfits and her keen eye for finding and curating beautiful things from around the world is covetable, to say the least. I started to get really disillusioned by the whole thing - seeing the same thing over and over and trying to keep up - and that’s when I decided to start my own business outside of trend forecasting.
The first time we connected, I was doing social media for MavenSay and Rachael was working for Gin Lane - a creative digital agency. Her fearless pursuit for diverse projects has landed her numerous collaborative and solo projects including running her own gallery and storefront -Humans NYC.

I'd love to travel the world one day, although I know my heart will always remain in the country. For artists I like Big Sean, Wiz Kalifa, The Weeknd, Sage the Gemini, Kendrick Lamar, Wale, FKA Twigs, Dej Loaf. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel a fair bit in my life and I always gain a new-found love, admiration and respect for humanity, nature as well as re-realizing how much I love my own town after being gone for a while.
I have way too many blogs on my rss feed but recently I’ve been staring hard at look books. Whether it’s consciously or unconsciously - her photo gems read like a body of art work and is a nice glimpse into her professional work as Managing Editor at Remodelista. It’s important to me to stay challenged and continue to self educate as much as I can.
We got along really well, and he offered me a full time position at his production company. He taught an understanding of the human condition through film, literature and photography.
She is pure California boho chic and her fashion, art and cultural aesthetic is the ultimate inspiration. I see the same people every morning picking up tier caffeine and there’s something about it that me feel cozy and calm. I feel as long as you are true to what you love about the work, if you do it diligently and if you’re kind to people then things will be ok. Creating something stable that I believe in and makes a positive contribution to the world - something beautiful that I love so much that it isn’t work - was a big part of that shift.
After taking his first year lecture, I worked with him for four years as a teaching assistant, leading recitations but also printing and archiving the thousands of photographs he’s taken over the last 50 years. I spent hours in the darkroom figuring out the story he was trying to tell with each image and then through trial and error would try to find the best way to print each one to tell that story. I have very dry skin in the fall and winter and this really makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated.

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