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Richard Sherman the NFL’ corner back currently a player with the Seattle Seahawks is having the best time of his football career, as usual here at FabWags we all about the beautiful ladies dating or married to this amazing athletes, so we wonder who is Richard Sherman’s girlfriend at this moment? 25-year-old Richard Sherman from Compton, California, graduated from Dominguez High School in Compton and then attended at Stanford where he played as a wide receiver and graduated with a degree in communications in 2010. The Seattle Seahawks selected Sherman  in the 5th round in the 2011 NFL Draft, from day until today Sherman has giving  many reason to keep our attention on him, not just because he has done  incredible thing on the field but also for his numerous controversies off the field. From repeating taunting Tom Brady, to his nicknaming Optimus Prime and sending a shut down message to Calvin Johnson who is known by his nickname Megatron. Sherman might have been criticized by many people outside Seattle, because at the Seahawks’ home, he is the KING!!
As when we talk about Seattle we also include his pretty girlfriend from Seattle the one and lovely Ashley Lillian, who congratulate Sherman on Twitter after that epic win against the 49Ers. 25-year-old Ashley Lillian Moss from Redmond, Washington, is the daughter of Raymond Moss, 52, and Stephanie Moss (nee.

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Tamika Fuller is the name of the baby-mama with whom Rapper and actor Ludacris has engaged in a legal battle concerning the amount of  cash he gives Fuller in child support for their newborn daughter, according to Tamika is not enough considering the amount he makes a year. According  to TMZ Tamika Fuller and her lawyer demand for Ludacris to pay her more than $$1700 he agreed on his child support obligations, but Tameka said he can easily pay more that stingy amount, specially since he made up to $80 mil between 2006 and 2012.
Ludacris is already a father of his beautiful girl Karma Bridges, his second daughter Cai Bella Bridges with Tamika Fuller was born on December 9th, 2013. About Ludacris’ baby-mama there isn’t really much information, she is from Atlanta, her birthday is on September 11th, she went Springstowne Middle School in California and then  attended at Benjamin E. Tamika who is already the proud momma of a beautiful girl has three siblings, her sister Alia and brother Frank are both Army veterans, her other sister is Franda. Tamika is close friends with Sheree Buchanan the ex-wife of the  former Falcons player Ray Buchanan.

Last March he told Skip Bayless at the ESPN First take that he was going to crush him because he was an ignorant, pompous, egotistical cretin and got into a nasty Twitter feud with Darrelle Davis, Tent Williams, Joe Haden and Roddy White.
Fuller also wants for Ludacris to pay her lawyer so she can hire an attorney to take this matter into court. Luda’s longtime girlfriend turned fiancee Eudoxie, is said to be upset about the whole baby-mama thing, but has decided to stay by her man.

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