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After seven months of living in the remote rainforest of Costa Rica, I was in need of a city escape. Don’t get me wrong – I’m really enjoying the opportunity to live in Central America, learn about a new culture and use my Spanish. Lucky for me, just when I felt I needed a break from the damp jungle, I had planned to go back to the states for my sister’s graduation from the University of Maryland. Even luckier for me, two of my favorite travel buddies and I were able to arrange a Girlfriend Getaway to New York City that coincided with my visit home.
I also made some pretty amazing friends while living in Madrid, and am fortunate to say that, though we may be spread across the globe, we are still good friends today. Our Girlfriend Getaway to New York City was crashed part of the time by a man – Paul, another former English teacher in Spain. We let him join us because, if we were to label ourselves as characters from Sex and the City he would easily be Miranda due to his fashion sense.
Check back on Something In Her Ramblings this Wednesday for the first post in this series, or sign up for my email list to get posts sent directly to your inbox. Funny Joe Biden Making Fake Bigfoot Prints Joe thought he'd have some fun but it turned out to be a bad choice. Funny Bigfoot the Dutch Secret Weapon Member reactions: Looks like an alien attack on the ship with a big foot on itExcellent. This just in: Inspired by the recent spotting of Bigfoot tracks, Animal Planet announced the return of FINDING BIGFOOT, with an order of 10 episodes where the search for the Sasquatch continues into the next chapter.
One of the dominating news of the last days was a claim of Bigfoot discovery by the three self-proclaimed Bigfoot hunters. Funny Bigfoot Show evidence in favor (footprints, photos) or against bigfoot (hoax photos - men wearing Bigfoot suit, etc.). Kick off the day with a Champagne brunch at Pastis, hit the sales at Diane von Furstenberg down the street and then indulge in a DIY spa day in your spacious room at The Standard, which has been drawing socialites like moths to the flame since its opening in 2009.
Recreate the famous literary Algonquin Round Table with your book club girlfriends at this well-groomed spot, the oldest operating hotel in New York City having opened in 1902. Discover more of top places to see and things to do while in New York City with our Best of New York series.
Police are said to have checked out the scene and found no-one of her description, or anyone in connection with Mario. However, their problems started again once the pair returned and despite being photographed at a Hampton's event on July 20, just four days later, according to People, the star threw her husband out upon hearing he had remained in contact with the 32-year-old woman.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. I spent the year living in Spain and got to travel my brains out, visiting 25 countries and reaching many of my travel wish list goals such as climbing the Eiffel Tower, touching the African continent for the first time and exploring the scenic fjords of Norway. We met at a lunch during our teaching orientation and bonded over a ridiculous plate of asparagus I was served in lieu of pork. We spent many hours exploring cafes in the city and working on our prospective blogs and writing assignments. I'm Lauren Salisbury, a Los Angeles based travel blogger who has ventured to 43 countries and counting. Some examples are: show support either in favor of Bigfoot existence, or show possible ways how the Bigfoot hoax may be made.
Size 12 primate-like footprints have been documented in the area, and long thick strands of hair have been tested by scientists, who concluded that they did not belong to any of the known creatures inside the reserve. With a second season scheduled for early 2012, the network is committed to looking for the Bigfoot until it's found and has plans to explore reported sightings throughout the United States, including Utah, New Mexico, Indiana, Pennsylvania and upstate New York.

Some examples are: show support either in favor of Bigfoot existence, or show possible ways how the Bigfoot hoax was made.
Supposedly they found and dragged the 500-pound Bigfoot body from the woods in Georgia into an undisclosed location where they've put the body into a large freezer. A rose-petal massage with views of Central Park, a starry night toasted with a magnum of Champagne or, perhaps, after-dark socializing at Brooklyn’s hottest rooftop hotel bar.
True, you’ll pay through the nose for your room and treatments at the hotel’s 14,500-square-foot spa, but how often do sweeping Hudson River vistas come with an indulgent Asian-accented spa menu, and did we mention the 75-foot indoor pool?
Owned by the dashing hotelier Andrew Balazs, the hotel towers over the Meatpacking District, putting you (and your girlfriends) within strolling distance of New York City’s trendy clubs like Revel, high-end shops like Jeffrey and many, many restaurants. But one of the lessons this country has taught me is that I belong in a city, where I’m in the center of action and surrounded by people, buildings and businesses to stimulate my senses. To the chagrin of Emily (make that everyone), she coined the term cashy-cash during one of our many how can I afford to live in Madrid, travel and eat at the same time conversations.
Tragically, I do not have a picture of it, but I can promise it rivaled this overall and coat ensemble that Miranda failed to rock in season two.
He’s actually like Miranda mostly because he is an excellent listener and has a huge heart. Having lived abroad in Australia, Spain and the Costa Rican rainforest, Something In Her Ramblings is my space to share stories, resources and travel tips with fellow women solo travelers. Good luck."Awesome turn of source pics to make the Marvelous Big foot amazing job really like it all the best for the trophyGot reviled to public is terribly shown in His anger with the Freaky Lifetime Battery Backed-up laptop I like the details in the fur and expression. There's a new quest to fine Bigfoot (aka Yeti) in China, by the 38 intentional scientists, following the footprints the creature left.
The group organized the press conference last Friday, but refused to show the Bigfoot body, only distributed some blurry pictures and provided the Bigfoot DNA samples for investigation.
The Big Apple is geared for girlfriend getaways, with a wide selection of hotels that offer everything from high-end pampering to literary-themed entertainment to bachelorette naughties. Pampering treatments such as Thai yoga massage and vitamin-infusion facials are all here, but if you really want to break the bank, try the all-day Mandarin Oriental Escape — which includes multiple services and a bento box lunch for an eye-popping $1,410. The Algonquin recently launched the Simon & Schuster Suite, which is perfect for book lovers.
For your girlfriend getaway, opt for the one-bedroom apartments (as the larger rooms are called), which have an open-plan living room that’s perfect for late-night wine-sipping. I also benefit from living within walking distance to Dunkin’ Donuts (or anywhere that sells iced coffee for that matter).
She also always manages to find a way to convince whatever bar we are out at to blast Timber by Ke$ha so we can dance.
Despite our constant budgeting in Spain, during one of our writing sessions she somehow managed to rack up a 16 euro bill on coffee, orange juice and croissants. Experience this fabulous cities with my friends, I fell deeply in love with the illustrious magic and energy of America’s most populous city. Funny.Crazy idea to leave bigfoot foot prints Biden tried hard to give some proofsThe king of slapstick strikes again. Molecular biologists at the University of Minnesota studied the DNA samples and declared them to be just human and opossum DNA.
Don’t miss out on your chance to follow in the stiletto footsteps of the Sex and the City gals, hitting the shops, sipping Cosmopolitans and finding your own Mr. Top off the posh indoor adventure with cocktails in the lobby lounge, gazing out at views of Central Park from the floor-to-ceiling windows. The Hotel Giraffe in the Flatiron neighborhood is one of those hotels (excuse the cliche) that feels like a home — a lavish, fully staffed home with lots of tasty nibbles.

The spacious suite has shelves lined with books, including classics like A Farewell to Arms. Now she has her own on-site store: Eloise at the Plaza, which is stocked with everything from dolls to barrettes. As well, the hotel has a wonderfully diverse events calendar, with everything from concerts by a chamber music group that celebrates women composers to cabaret and comedy. The handsome hotel, with airy, loft-style rooms, has become such a fixture in trendy Williamsburg in Brooklyn that it’s now hard to imagine one without the other.
Next year he is going to medical school and is going to become one of the best pediatricians ever. I’m still smitten, and it brings me joy to write and reflect on my trip as the rain pours down in Central Costa Rica. The spacious, glass-walled bathrooms are perfect for relaxing, and many also have views, so you can soak in a bubble bath and gaze out at the skyline. Grown-up girls are equally catered to, and the Plaza features everything you need for an indulgent weekend, including swank suites, afternoon tea and scones at the elegant Palm Court, blowouts and pedicures at the Warren-Tricomi Salon and wine and grape treatments at the Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa.
For a perfect outing with the girls, start out the morning with a croissant and the city’s best hot chocolate at City Bakery (3 W.
The hotel is ideal for a lively weekend, from the small-batch booze in the minibar to after-dark socializing at the rooftop bar to strolling the shores of the East River. Have dinner at the restaurant Asiate; its three-course menu includes post-spa day choices such as strawberry gazpacho with smoked lobster, branzino and a dessert. The inviting, light-filled lobby, with a baby grand piano in its center, is a good indication of what awaits further within: impeccable rooms done up with velveteen chairs and French doors for a modern European vibe.
The hotel straddles the High Line park, which itself hosts all sorts of fun group events, like star-gazing with local astrologers and walking tours with park gardeners. Come evening, raise your glasses at the Champagne Bar, with a decadent side order of ink-black caviar. You can also get in touch with your inner hipster by sampling frothy brews at Brooklyn Brewery, shopping at artisan boutiques on Bedford Avenue and testing your bowling skills at Brooklyn Bowl. This contest was a tough call from the start.Dang, You got a lot of miles out of a couple of pics. Here, guests receive advance copies of soon-to-be-released books from a Simon & Schuster imprint.
You’ll find everything you need for a gourmet picnic lunch at the Whole Foods Market within the Time Warner Center. The Algonquin is just a few blocks away from Times Square and the Theater District, so you can take in a Broadway show or five. In between, refuel over juicy burgers at Shake Shack at nearby Madison Square Park, a block away. The hotel itself hosts a wide array of entertainment, from readings by new authors to tinkling jazz concerts. The hotel also has packages for a group of gals traveling together, like the Suite Escape, which includes a suite with separate living room and Prosecco and chocolates upon arrival.
Beyond the expected Prosecco, chocolate covered strawberries and rose petals, it includes a guide on eloping, recommended sites for elopement ceremonies, how to get quickly get a marriage license and more.

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