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If you only want to role-play with one other person, or only with certain people, then you can do so here (any genre). Rex frowned in worry as the younger girl doubled over in pain, her palm growing a fiery color. That was the first thing that popped in Holliday's head when the sun was baking her skin, her chestnut brown hair sprawled all over the blanket she had, which the length had rested on her shoulders. Which ones looked like wisps, the ones that looked like they were made of pillow feathers, ones that looked like dragons, or at least, she hoped that was what they could look like. Her hand although, had begun to burn, glow with a yellow tint instead of the regular clear glow. All her life her mother had been running; yet she was so clueless as to why she was running. Ever since she was born, hermother and her have been on the run,always keeping her a secret. Leaves and wigs stuck to her hair as it appeared she rolled over on the grass, having nobody there to guard her from the messy hair days. Most of the barn consisted of fire wood for the winter months and a few bales of hay here and there. Her feet were on the edge of a cliff, the wind kissing her face as she knew she had to climb off the rock and down into the forest, where a stream was nearby. Her mouth was limp and her teeth tightened together in the pain, her other hand gripping her wrist as her back slouched, wondering why it had begun to burn, when never in her life it had.
The only animals they currently residing on their farm are a few laying hens and two geese.
Quickly, the boy stumbled to his feet and raises his hands in the air as he noticed her bow. Holli tried to recall the memories and the facts she had told her, that there were only 2 left, what 2? Holli always wondered why she had this scar on her hand ever since she was born, but shehad an idea. Her small back arched her body up so she was sitting upright, her fragile hands combing lightly through her hair so that it was not constantly in her face. And now that there are now dragons left to roam the earth, there is nothing left to smile about, nothing left to hope for, the only thing there is to expect is death, pain, and loss. Her mother had told her very many stories of creatures called dragons,that a girl was destined to save them with someone else.

Holliday had begun having really bad dreams in the past few days ever since her mother passed, which choked her up every time she thought about it. The questions swarming in her head made her want to vomit, remembering something about the era being reborn, about when the 2 met, the time was so close people could taste it, that the time of great sorrow had officially ended. Her mind knew theconsequences, the one most harsh of death, that people who had the power to do sowere looking for her, everyday, knowing the era of the dragon riders was near now that they failed to capture the correct kids. She didn't know why though, she was a mother, but she was more if a protector than anything else. Sometimes she liked to fantasize how high dragons riders could go, what tricks they could do, how big their dragons were, what color. This era was told to live on for decades and decades until the word of the dragons was no longer to surface the earth, that the world will never even hear of the word. One day, she was in a village where her mother and her weretrying to receive horses to travel away from the land faster, and someone who has been working for the government has noticed her hand, and her mother. However, there has been told of a prophecy that a group of children will be the birth of the new era, the time of the dragon riders. The entire land hadbowed down to Holliday, yet her mother had not told her the entire story, that sheand some other kids were the last dragon ridersalive. Holli stood up, wearing tight leggings followed by fur boots, armor on her arms and her hips, followed by a bow in her backpack and pulling her hair in a braid so that it did not get in the way of her destination. Now, with new excitement, she began to climb down, a high velocity in her steps as her braid flew behind her, new energy being spread throughout her body.
By the time they were done celebrating, the governments men had gotten there, burningthe village to the ground, her mother involvedin the massacre.
Holli wore small patches of leather around her fingers, just to grasp and gold things tighter, but she looked like a small warrior, she assumed.
When Holli got to the stream, she saw the shiny skin of some fish, some rainbow trouts, some bass, even some goldfish.
The government heard of this rumor, and was determined to hush it, any new children born with the sign of the dragons were to be killed.
Her hand cupped soft dirt, and a small vision appeared for what used to be there, and how it had gotten to that spot. His mind was overflowing with possibilities and his sudden intrigue impelled him to move closer to the girl.
But with the 2 of them, their mothers knew of their destiny, and had fled the city before the daily check was to flood through the city. Taking her bow and arrow out, she aimed one of her small arrows with brightly colored feathers at the lake, her eyes keen on looking for a perfect place to strike.

Any of the children that are destined to rule the world there are a group of kids that are the cure to the era and bring back the age of the dragon riders. Now Holli lives in the forest, at 8 years old, with nothing to support her but herknowledge. Now, everyone was taught that they were long dead, but Rex had a deep suspicion that this wasn't the case. Her pink little lips were closed in determination, her fingers ready to release the arrow, until - snap, her head immediately looked up, sheathing the arrow and the bow in a different direction, right in the middle of a boy's forehead, her eyes looked straight at him.
Do you know what it means?"Rex glanced down at his palm as a sudden overwhelming desire to move north overcame him.
What was going to happen to her?She just knows the only thing she can do is keep going.Holliday's personality is extremely different fromany other child in the past or the future. Dragons were all that consumed her dreams now, the only things that popped up with her gift, and the only creatures she had a desire to meet. In his free time, the blonde boy sketched pictures of what he believed this mythical beasts looked like. Holliday knew there were people still looking for her, and no way would she let her guard down as something as little as hunger. She knows more than average, speaking in riddles, as if she has the knowledge of the most wisest manin the land.
The boy seemed to be a little older than her, but he was drawing something in the dirt, it looked like - she couldn't see the sketch from where she was standing, but his twig broke. She knows everything about the forestwithout the constant lecturing of her mother, shecan hunt and look at the forest as a goddess would. With this new discovery, he easily lost all thought of his chores back home, or what his father would say to him arriving home late, gravel still to be shoveled. He decided to take a break from his chore and go relax by his favorite spot; a stream located in a tranquil meadow about a quarter mile from his farm.
Her scar lights up whenever she gets close enough to hear 50miles away, see through the sky and if she climbs enough, she can see miles and miles through the forest. And neverhas she tasted what the idea of fun was, she just knows what she knows, and she never makes sense. It will be engraved on their palms." the chatter made Holli want to puke, because it was all a memory, she has heard these facts before, but where?

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