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After a few weeks of laying low, it sounds like Jennifer is ready to get back in the swing of things. There was one semi-awkward moment in the night though, Jennifer apparently ran into Robert Pattinson. Awkward encounters aside, it sounds like Jennifer and Chris had a really great night together. Arriving at the venue shortly before the event started, the couple held hands as they mingled with the band backstage. A short time later, Perry -- in a black blazer, T-shirt, printed scarf, and black pants -- was escorted to the pit while her beau stayed behind to tune up his guitar.
Earlier in the week, Perry bonded with her beau's father, Richard, at a performance of A Christmas Story in New York City.
Sign Up for the Us Weekly Newsletter!You will receive the latest news and updates on your favorite celebrities! Sorry to LeeSsanga€™s Gary, but Song Ji Hyo had a new boyfriend in a recent episode of SBSa€™ Running Man. On January 19, Song Ji Hyo and Lee Jong Suk were assigned as a secret couple in a high school, where the tension between boys and girls was fierce, forcing them to become the high school Romeo and Juliet during the episode.
Song Ji Hyo and Lee Jong Suk were given missions to pull off lovey dovey actions throughout the episode without the other members knowing in order to keep their relationship a secret. They were told to link arms, lock hands together, put their foreheads together, and do a back hug. Any copying, republication or redistribution of enewsWorld's content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited Without prior permission from enewsWorld.
Quite simply, when a character gives another character a cute or endearing nickname because the two are either as close as True Companions, or the namer is interested romantically in the name. Husky and Medley: "Husky" refers to Medley's initial description of her yuri crush, which included the fact that she owns a Siberian husky. In Bleach, Yachiru is The Nicknamer and insists on giving everyone nicknames, ranging from embarrassing to cute. In Mahou Sensei Negima!, Albireo Imma likes to tease Evangeline by calling her "Kitty" (from one of her middle names: Katherine). In Soul Hunter, Fugen calls Taikoubou, his best friend of many decades, "Bou-chan," or simply "Bo" in the American release by Viz. Genkai from YuYu Hakusho often refers to her student Yusuke as "Dimwit", whether he actually acts like an idiot or when she's moments away from death.
In the anime version of Pokemon, it seems very rare for trainers to nickname their Pokémon, even trainers like Ash who are very close to them.
In the manga adaptation Sparky and Zippo are changed to Chuchino and Charley, respectively. While Okabe of Steins;Gate likes referring to himself as "Kyouma Hououin" (and gives nicknames to his assistants), his childhood friend gives him one that's more to this trope. Thought it starts out as a purposefully Embarrassing Nickname, "Bunny" gradually becomes this in Tiger & Bunny. When Azusa is welcomed with a gift of cat ears and is made to put them on and say "nya", Yui calls her "Azu-nyan". In the Gundam 00 Sidestories, Gundam Meister 874 is given the nickname "Hanayo" by her teammates. Future Card Buddyfight has Qinus Axia, a dragon wizard who starts calling Gao and Drum (who he seems to be attracted to) "Gaowow" and "Drumkins" respectively after Drum saves his life. In Fullmetal Alchemist, Colonel Badass Roy Mustang refers to his hand-selected subordinates by the names of chess pieces. Alphonse Elric calls his elder sibling "Brother" at least as often as he uses his actual name. Harley Quinn calls The Joker "Mistah J" and "Puddin", Batman "Bats" or "B-Man", and Poison Ivy "Red".

Jason has called Dick "Dickie Bird" in canon, sometimes affectionately and sometimes mockingly.
In her early days in the X-Men, when she still was a young teenager, Kitty had a few such nicknames, for instance Storm called her "Kitten", Nightcrawler "Kätzchen" ('Kitten' in German), Wolverine "Pun'kin", or sometimes "Half-Pint". Wolverine, "Wolvie" to many of his friends, is also known for addressing Charles Xavier as "Charley" and "Chuck" (to the latter's annoyance) Jean Grey as "Jeannie" or "Red", though he's not he only one to use that, and Cyclops as "Cyke", depending on his current mood and opinion of him. New Gods: The Happily Married Scott Free and Big Barda do this a lot, with Barda's primary nickname for Scott being that he is her "Little Man".
Superman: Lois Lane has been known to call Clark Kent "Smallville", initially as a form of derision, later as a term of endearment. Spider-Man: Mary Jane's use of "Tiger" to refer to Peter is somewhere between this and Verbal Tic. Mockingbird often calls her former husband Hawkeye by the name "Sport" when the two are currently together, which originally started off as a general term of endearment for any guy she was working with. Dirty Sympathy: Klavier refers to Apollo as "Schatzelein" ("Treasure"), although he has issues with being called with endearments himself.
In A Voice Among the Strangers, Jessica earns three of these before she manages to communicate her real name to the Equestrians: Ebony dubs her "Legend", in reference to some legends of creatures that gave emotions (their food) freely to Changelings, just as Jessica had done to her. In Code: Half Demon, we have Odd calling Aelita "Princess", thus combining this trope with In-Series Nickname.
Wings To Fly has various characters using nicknames like "Boss" or "Skipper" for Lucrezia Noin, based on her well-known dislike of her first name. The Translation in Blood has Hannah Shepard* not our Shepard, her mother call Councilor Sparatus "bird", while he calls her "pyjak". In the Mork and Mindy fanfic Mork And Mindys Twenty Fifth Anniversary, Mearth and Beth call each other "earthhead" and "spaceboy". Charlotte Blanc of the Attack on Titan fic The French Mistake is interchangeably referred to as "Char," "Lottie," and "Charlie" by her friends and family. In The Matrix fanfic Bringing Me To Life there are three characters with affectionate nicknames, the romantic kind: Smith's given the nickname "Ice-eyes" because of his eye-color that Neo loves. In Reality Checks Nyxverse, Night Light (her grandfather), Shining Armor (her uncle), and Ink Spot (her eventual stepfather) all take to calling Nyx "Nyxy Sticks".
In Nightmares, Edward Elric takes to calling his lover, Rowan Mustang, Nightmare as a reference to both her name and his wet dreams about her. Strange Times Are Upon Us: Brokosh once privately calls Ba'wov "chaparoy'li'", which translates from Klingonese as "my little songbird". In the Dragon Age: Origins fanfic Shadow And Rose, Oghren grows to think of the Warden like his daughter. In the Elemental Chess Trilogy, after Riza Hawkeye gets married, the men of her old military unit are slightly stumped as to what to call her, since they don't feel it's appropriate to continue calling her Hawkeye. From Come find me, Again, in chapter 8, we have Ryuuko calls her older sister, Satsuki, "Bihbi". In the Legend of Korra fanfic Book Five: Legends the young girl Fumiko is often shortened to just Miko, which highlights her being an Expy of the same name character from Transformers Prime. In the Devil May Cry fanfic Frail Equilibrium Dante takes to calling a particular character "Twig" on account of her slight build. In Breakfast at Tiffany's, Holly first calls Paul "Fred" after her brother, whom Paul reminds her of. In Hard Eight, Clementine calls Sydney "captain", because, as she explains, he looks like a captain on a ship.
While Mayer, 35, chatted up Keith Richards and Ron Wood, his pop star girlfriend smiled and laughed adoringly, a witness tells Us. Backstage, she chatted happily with the cast -- many of whom are children -- while Mayer hung back and watched. Song JI Hyo and Lee Jong Suk managed to complete every mission except for the back hug, resulting in them getting caught by the end of the show.

While definitely an Embarrassing Nickname, you can definitely tell it's much, much more about affection as their relationship develops.
It turns out he's genuinely close-knit to his Executives, considering them True Companions and his true family. Finland also uses one for Sweden, which was translated as "Su-san" in early scanlations but changed to "Sve" in later scanlations. Oikawa refers to Iwaizumi as 'Iwa-chan.' The latter puts up with it because it's a childhood nickname, but he doesn't seem to like it very much. Makoto's nickname (Mako-chan) may also count, but she actually asked Shuuichi to call her that. Nyarko-san refers to Mahiro as "Hiro-kun"; this is just one of several cute little affectations that makes it hard to believe she's his mother rather than an older sister. This becomes important later when Ui tries to sub in for a sick Yui and fools her peers for a little while.
It's made up of the first syllable of each number in her name: Hachi (8), Nana (7), and Yon (4). When he broke off their teen romance after the Secret Wars, he made a point of calling her "Kitty". Scott actually accepts this nickname whole-heartedly, and even refers to himself as such when talking with her sometimes, especially whenever they're being lovey-dovey. On the one hand, she has used it to refer to other guys in the past and it was part of her early Totally Radical persona. He got this nickname from his college days when he met his first love, Colin, and he was the first to call him "Paulie".
In an amusing contrast of military cultures, she doesn't actually know what "Skipper" means the first time she hears it.
Ranma alone is Red-chan, Ra-chan, Ma-chan, as well as the less affectionate Shadow Witch, and eponymous fist of the moon. W." for John Winchester after the man saved his life as a kid in part 3 - Hunting and Saving and Neo's calling his honorary uncle "Mr. The end note explains that Satsuki used to refer to herself "Big sister" or, more commonly, "Bigbig" when speaking to then baby Ryuuko but the aforementioned couldn't articulate that well so it came out as "Bihbi" and stuck, calling her that even as a teenager.
It starts as a sarcastic nickname but as the series progresses and their relationship improves, it takes a more affectionate tone. This becomes especially clear when Naruto still refers to him (when thinking of him affectionately) that way after he is killed.
Case in point: resident Bishounen Yuki Sohma gets saddled with "Yun-Yun," which he points out is a ridiculous nickname since it's longer than his real name. Additionally, Tohru's friends have nicknames for each other, and Hanajima gives one to Akito, to show that they're starting to become friends. Later when they resumed their romance during Joss Whedon's run on Astonishing X-Men, he resumed calling her "Katya". On the other, it becomes associated with Peter exclusively pretty quickly and only she is allowed to call him that. In that line, we get Ryuuko who's referred to as either "Ryuu" "Munro", and, by Mankanshokus, "Maigo", although the latter is because they didn't know her name.
Plus, they kind of got the approval from Chris’ ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow, so why not take this relationship public? Later on, he nicknames another member of the student council, "Chibisuke." This doesn't go over well either.
Plus, you’ll learn all about Jennifer’s awkward encounter with Robert Pattinson!

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