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If, for example, you cheated on him, I must say to you now, you have small chances of getting him back. If breakup was somehow peaceful and no one was hurt, you actually have chance to get him back.
Lock yourself in a room and eat a bucket of cherry flavored ice cream while watching 24 hour movie marathon with Matthew McConaughey and cry your soul out. If breakup occurred some time ago and you didn’t hear from him for some time, you first want to get informed.
There is nothing wrong with casual hook up with your ex, but that way you could ruin your chance for a long term relationship.
For example, you can start with asking him how are things in his life, what he’s doing and general things about his life. After you talked for sometime about random stuff, you should have general feeling about where things stand between you two.

If you see that things are going pretty well, you can get a little more aggressive and say that it would be nice to have some new special moments together. Now when things are going well and you had a good time remembering moments you had, you can tell him that you had a nice time seeing him again and that you would like to see him again. If you broke up recently, take your time and find something to do, to take your mind of it. If you see that there isn’t any chance for you two getting back together, just move on. If you have any specific question or want to share your breakup story, write it down in comments! I know that’s hard but you are the one who wants your ex boyfriend back, so you need to make the first step. Because doing those things will only push him further away and your chance to get him back will be near to zero.

It is important because if breakup is fresh, best thing you can do is to give him a little space.
It is simple and causal, and a good place where you can really talk without being interrupted. If he feels cornered and bombarded with your constant pushing, he will back away and you will lose your chance!
At first he will act like he don’t want to hear about it, but trust me, he is expecting you to apologize.
Also, you two could have few drinks, one thing can lead to another, and tomorrow you may end up regretting your decision!

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