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1.Britta is traveling in an area of Finland that was once Sweden, so many of the people speak Swedish. 1.What did Britta do to make sure the cab driver would drive them back to the hotel after bringing Elsa to the hospital?
9.If a person does something wrong, does it make everything all right to say a€?Ia€™m sorrya€??

6.When Mama came home after Elsaa€™s death, how did she try to console herself and her children? 8.Although Britta didna€™t understand everything the doctor said, she was able to communicate fairly well. 4.The doctor obviously recognizes Britta, and even though he cana€™t come down to steerage, what does he do for her?

5.Why was Britta upset when she realized that Johan didna€™t have to go through the slow line she did?

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