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One of the most effective ways to get your man to propose is to show him that you would be a good wife, by being a good girlfriend. If you are always nagging and fail to treat him well, he is going to imagine that for the rest of his life. Try and take him on a surprise date now and again or get tickets for him and his friends to a game you know they are dying to see. Warm his towels in the morning in the dryer while he is in the shower and iron his shirts on a day you know he has something big at work. Make sure he knows how you feel by talking about how certain places would be great for a marriage or a honeymoon. Now we are successful and strong and our independence confuses the role men play in the relationship. Even if you have been together for years and he hasn’t gone out to look at rings you must remember not to push. Give him time to mull over the idea after you have introduced it and focus on keeping the relationship healthy and happy rather than pestering him about marriage. In order to fix this, start showing him that you care and want to patch things between you. You need your relationship to be built on a foundation of communication, love, and trust or it won’t be worth the proposal anyway.
If you notice yourself always telling him what to do, what to wear, where to exit, when to get a haircut… then you are setting yourself up for a distant relationship that never ends in marital bliss.
This is not to say that you shouldn’t make him pull his own weight in terms of join decisions or housework, but if you nag him and bring him down he is going to run away. You always hear what men really crave is sex, but even talking dirty to a guy and incredibly great sex isn’t going to get your boyfriend to propose to you. Whether it is a long term relationship that seems to be going nowhere, or you’ve talked it over but no final move has been made there are some tips you can do to push things in the matrimonial direction. It can be meaningful to show him that you know his favorite athletes by name or whether he is ticklish. Next time you go on vacation mention how romantic the location would be for a honeymoon that way he knows it is in the back of your mind. Because of the changing roles in society women are no longer the Damsel in Distress that men were able to rescue, provide for, and care for. It just means you need to let him know that he is needed and you feel as though you belong to him.
Start apologizing when you know you should, listen to him when he is talking, and make an effort to spend intimate time together. You wouldn’t want to spend your life with someone who constantly puts you down and neither would he. Instead, try to address issues like housework in a calm manner and make sure he knows that you appreciate his efforts. If you guys are experiencing a high amount of stress or arguing regularly he may take your hot and cold attitude as a sign that you won’t accept.
You want to spend the rest of your life with him, but he just hasn’t gotten down on one knee yet.
Even after years of dating, he still hasn’t completely committed to you nor given you a ring to symbolize you will always be his one and only.
Knowing how to get him to propose will mean understanding that success is important to all men.
If you’re still waiting for a lifelong commitment, click here to see how you can get your man to offer up a marriage proposal in the shortest timeframe possible. Although this can seem like a heartbreaking and very frustrating situation to find yourself in, don’t get too discouraged. You may feel the need to express your disappointment to your man, and interrogate him about why he hasn’t asked you to marry him yet. You’re definitely not alone as thousands of women face this same scenario every single day.
Expressing your feelings is thinking like a woman and can be counter productive in several ways. If he feels he has already won your heart, then he won’t feel the need to work as hard to keep it.
Women (for the most part) are on a mission to find the man of their dreams, settle down in the perfect home, and chase after cute little rugrats with dinner on the table for their partner every night.
You might feel helpless and stuck, but the good news is there ARE actions you can take that can help you get him to propose sooner rather than later and without forcing him to an ultimatum.

But a lot of men are afraid- or should I say petrified- of the thought of marriage, and would rather avoid it altogether.
By understanding how to make a guy fall deeply in love with you, it’s possible to obtain the loving, long-lasting relationship you desire. More often then not, discussing a proposal and wedding all the time will make your man pull away.
Neither partner in any relationship should ever feel so comfortable that they don’t have to put an effort into improving and moving a relationship forward. Before you even think about a future saying ‘I do’ on the altar with your boyfriend, you need to first find if he even wants to get married. It causes stress and the added pressure will cause him to immediately close his mind off to the idea. But also keep in mind that making him feel good is the key to getting him to see you as his future wife. He needs to feel good about the situation and not like he’s drowning in a sea of your resentment.
The good news is technology has made it easier than ever to remind your man how much you admire and respect him in your life.
You need to make sure you know him well enough to be able to spend the rest of your life with him.
Moving Your Man Away From His Comfort Zone Understanding how to get a guy to propose to you will also depend upon your ability to get him to step out of his comfort zone without giving him an ultimatum. Click here to learn how you can text romance into your relationship and turn your man into the Prince Charming who will drop to his knee and pull out a ring. After all, if you find out something you absolutely despise later on in the marriage, it could be grounds for divorce. No one likes an ultimatum, and no one likes to feel like they are being forced into doing something. Sometimes men don’t propose because over time they get comfortable in their relationship. A wedding typically costs a few thousand dollars, and that’s not including the dress, wedding cake, seating, and everything else that goes into your dream wedding.
Are the two of you financially ready for marriage? Lastly, is it a good point in your guys’ lives where you’re ready to take the plunge? If you’re both on the young side, it might be best to wait it out a bit longer to make sure there’s no problems.
Or if someone is planning to move off for college, you might want to wait till after they are done.
In his mind, if everything is good and you both love each other, then why put time and money into a wedding and marriage when there are other things to worry about at the moment (job, finances, etc.)?
Perhaps there was a traumatic event in one of your lives which would halt you from giving 100 percent to the wedding and marriage.
If there isn’t a clear path for the two of you at the moment, wait until there is ‘sunny skies’ before making this type of life changing and time consuming commitment. Think: Are You Pressuring Him?If it’s been several months or years and he still hasn’t gotten down on one knee, you need to ask yourself this important question: are you pressuring him? This is not only scary to him, but is also a big turn off as you may come across as a needy gal.
Don’t talk about your perfect wedding, don’t talk about when you want to get married, and most importantly don’t ask him when he is going to propose.
He wants to be the man and make that huge decision on his own, so don’t pressure him! However, if you do want to say at least one thing about your wedding dreams, let it be something in regards to your dream wedding ring. A lot of men halt their proposals for the simple fact that they don’t know what kind of ring to get their lady.
The next time you two are walking through the mall and you come across a wedding shop, just casually mention which one you think is breathtaking. Think: Are You Dropping Subtle Hints?There’s a difference between saying, “I wish we were married right this instant” and “I wouldn’t mind spending many more fun, exciting, and romantic years together”, just like there’s a difference between “Why haven’t you proposed to me yet” and “What age do you see yourself getting married”. It’s totally OK to drop subtle hints, or mask your pressuring questions with a simple question that doesn’t really give it away.
Subtle hints are the best and it also gives him the confidence to ask for your hand in marriage.
That would be like proposing to his best friend, his mom, or whatever else he may think of you as. This means you need to cut down on the nagging or controlling nature you might have, and let him take the reigns.

Being the woman in the relationship means letting the man be the top dog in most situations. This simply means that he feels he is the strong, protective man he is, and you are there for him no matter what. 6. Act: Do You Make Him a Better Man?At the end of the day, men just want a woman they can come home to every night. You need to make sure that you are that loyal, encouraging gal he’s always dreamed of, but be careful not to go overboard and act as a mother towards him.7.
And when you’ve been with someone for an extended period of time, you might start to get… “comfortable”. Which to me is just a nice way of saying gaining weight, wearing less makeup, and throwing your hair up in a ponytail every chance you get. If you want to keep him intrigued and enticed for many, many years to come, you need to keep things interesting and always look your best.
This doesn’t mean you need to throw on a pair of stilettos and your sexiest red minidress with hair glammed up to next week, this simply means take care of yourself. You are always by his side no matter what, constantly giving him the compliments and encouragement he needs- I mean, you even helped him get that huge promotion at work!
Not to mention you’re both working amazing jobs and it couldn’t be a better time to get married.
What gives? If you’ve been waiting and waiting and still haven’t even heard the word ‘wife’ or ‘marriage’ come up in your man’s vocabulary, it might be time to sit down with your man and have a nice conversation about where you two stand in the relationship.
He could have some evident reason he hasn’t asked you to marry him yet, or he might just be waiting for the perfect time.
If after all this time and conversation you still haven’t tied the knot, it might be time to consider other options. However, I do wish you hear wedding bells in your near future. Married women, what are some tips you could give that helped you get the ring? My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years, have lived together for 5 of them and I’m still waiting for a ring. Marriage is talked about alot and our families bring it up all the time but he says financially he’s not ready to buy a ring and have the wedding I deserve.
Hope my situation and story helps some of you girls to be a little more patient and make sure your both completely ready for a long term commitment.
As you have figured out, understanding and communication go a long way toward making a great relationship. Plus, getting married would not change your life terribly much right now–if you cannot afford a wedding or a ring, you would have to wait for a house and children anyhow. I think that your story is a great example for everyone else who feels stuck in their relationship–and your advice about waiting is great. I do not think that I know of any couple who married within a year of meeting each other who is still together. It takes a lifetime to get to know someone, and I agree with you that more time before marriage is generally better. Thanks for commenting, Brittany!Reply brittnie July 30, 2015 at 5:20 amIve been with my boyfriend for a few months. He ssys he would marry me but he never makes the move the other night he said the idea scares him cuz of his last relationships. Often, people will date for a couple of years before they propose because it helps them to really know the person before they make a commitment.
As he gets to know you better and fall even more in love with you, he will also learn that you are not like any of his past relationships. It is probably a smart decision to hold off on making such a big commitment so quickly–at least you are with someone who thinks all of his actions through. Good luck!Reply web admin June 16, 2015 at 4:51 pmI personally feel the same way about living together.
With so many marriages ending in divorce, I would rather make sure that my relationship is strong enough to last before getting married.
There are plenty of people who disagree about it due to religious beliefs, but at the very least, I think a long engagement is a good idea.

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