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I’m not exactly in the business of telling you what you want to hear, or what might be the most politically correct. The next unpopular thing I’m about to say is that getting your ex back is a very gendered thing in terms of how you should do it, and it totally depends on the situation the two of you are at. I’m first going to knock out scenarios 3 and 4 because you should not be a homewrecker.
Find ways to show up in his life - social media pictures, show up at the same place he will be (with a date), check in casually to see how he’s doing.
If you broke up with her, you have to do a really good job of convincing her that you will never do that again, and that you are a stupid, stupid idiot. In a perfect world, we would be able to just contact our ex and have a mature conversation in order to get back together, whether we’re male or female. In order to get your ex to come back to you, you have to be sure that you have the right opening move to get them to open up to you. But doing so, you create a distance between you two and you establish that you don’t want to have the label “friends”.
Remember in all of this, you control your fate and you are in control on how you react to situations. Be present, be warm, and most of all, be hot - but make it seem as if you’re living your life happily without him and he will be curious.

She’s not going to get back together with you just so you can dump her again three months down the road. Trust is a really hard thing to rebuild - it's like trying to glue a broken mirror back together.
Now, this may seem like an obvious answer, but you have to take time to decide if your ex is the right person for you. To get your ex to be interested in you again, you have to NOT be always available to their beckon call. So to avoid the dreaded friend zone, you must adhere to the no-contact rule for the first few weeks.
When it comes to making up with your ex, you need to have some time pass for each of you to find value or rekindle an appreciation for one another. So, its absolutely possible for your ex to come back to you, but only when you have given yourself enough time to grow on your own. If you’ve decided you really want this lady back, you have to go for her at full force. Then do all of the sweet things, and by sweet things I mean pull out all the old-fashioned stops.
We live in a highly irrational, emotional human world with weird, unspoken rules that happen to work really well.

That means, you should keep you conversations short to 30 seconds if they happen to call you.
After he’s interested, then you can work on what went wrong in the relationship and have a discussion. And it also means that you should NOT be calling them day and night during the breakup phase. Yes, my friend, you need to be in a casual non-threatening environment that you happen to stumble across one another. You don’t make it that apparent that you want him back, because that will drive him away. This means that you don’t lose sleep over seeing them or overly obsess the who, what where of meeting them. A good rule of thumb is about 4-6 weeks to settle in your new label as single and you should have started purging your old habit and replace them with new positive ones.

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