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Cancer doesn't like to be late, and since being good at organizing his time, he rarely does. Scorpio hates being late, and won't tolerate when others are, especially when he invites them over for dinner.
Before going to work or running his errands, he will have his usual cup of coffee, water the flowers or do whatever makes him happy. The only situation when that happens is when he's distracted; then he forgets to do, or to bring something important. Although it can happen that he doesn't manage to get somewhere on time, on an important meeting or so, it can't be ignored.

Given that he does everything at the last moment, he handles the responsibilities just fine. He will be ready an hour before, shuffle nervously around until he departs, and in the meantime, rush everyone else. His attitude is that work won't go anywhere, so he manages to complete everything in his usual slow pace.
The true reason of his disharmony with real time probably lies in his need to do several things at the same time, so they have to fail somewhere. And while digging in the closet, he is trying to figure out how to break through the traffic jam and why he has to go out anyway.

It is not a problem for him to be late for work because he bumped into an acquaintance who told him the newest gossip about a mutual friend, or goes to a bar during working hours. Even if he starts getting ready on time, he will surely be late because even all time in the world is not enough for Libra to dress up and get somewhere on time.

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