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Phunny Phases Of Dating - First Date To Marriage Created & Illustrated by Matthew Inman. As a professional relationship consultant there is only so much that I can bring to the table.
But one of the amazing things about Ex Boyfriend Recovery now is that it’s grown so big that I can bring people in that shore up my weaknesses. So, the colors that I’m going to be recommending that you wear on your first date are Red, Blue, or Black and I’m going to break down each one and tell you the reasons behind that.
So, if your relationship ended in cheating, if you cheated on your ex and you’re trying to get  him back , we recommend that you wear the color Blue.
Thank you so much for making it to the end of this video and if you liked what you saw so far, please subscribe. My name is Chris, and I help millions of women per year improve themselves, and get back with their ex boyfriends to finally have the life they dreamed of. I recently read an article about how colours influence the human mind and how policians use them. Since then my ex and I have been texting every day and we have run into each other around campus and chatted, etc. I am unsure if (1) I should go MIA and not text him for a while and if so how long and (2) how to build romantic attraction before I ask him to hang out in a more personal setting (just me and him). I am actually in the process of rewriting my most popular book, Ex Boyfriend Recovery PRO and in the process of writing it I actually came up with a new overall strategy that you should follow if you want to successfully get your ex boyfriend back.
Now, some of you who are familiar with my work know that I like making graphics to demonstrate things and it just so happens that for this new strategy that I came up with to get an ex back I created an infographic. Of course, since I am rewriting Ex Boyfriend Recovery PRO and I see how much more is getting added to it I feel comfortable diving in to a topic that I have never covered before on this website.
In other words, if you don’t know the basics for getting an ex boyfriend back then this is definitely not the place where you should start. First things first, there is a very specific strategy that I teach to women who want to get an ex back. In fact, I would say that one of the biggest mistakes that I see people making is moving too fast too soon. Therefore, what I am trying to say here is that while this article talks about level 4 exclusively you have to have the first three levels completed before you can implement anything here. Or simply read the in-depth articles on this website to gain a clear understanding of how to navigate levels 1 – 3 before you attempt anything I am about to teach you here.
Before I talk about the three date strategy I think it’s important if I explain the ultimate purpose of going on a date with your ex boyfriend. What is the ultimate goal of any in person interaction with your ex boyfriend according to this graphic? In order for you to say yes to a marriage proposal you will have to know him on a deep level and will have to have at least dated him for a few months.
The idea behind the three dates strategy is that you are starting off slow and then building up attraction very gradually.
No, it takes a few minutes and slowly but surely the water gets hotter until it reaches the point of boiling. A few days ago I recorded a podcast episode where one of the visitors to Ex Boyfriend Recovery asked a pretty simple question. And in that episode I explained the premise of the three dates and how you want to gradually build attraction throughout these three dates. Seriously, Starbucks is known for having a ton of comfortable chairs and couches throughout their locations.
Her ex had contacted her about returning a record that she had left over his house after the no contact rule was completed.
She should tell him to meet her at Starbucks and set a specific time in the middle of the day. So, her showing up early and sitting in Starbucks will force him to come inside, sit down, give her the record and then talk.
Keep him engaged and then just when he starts enjoying her company she needs to end the date prematurely. Well, back in the day there was a Russian soviet scientist who went by the name of Bluma Wulfovna Zeigarnik. It states that people people remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks. In other words, if you sit through an entire date with your ex boyfriend and wait until the conversation fades to end the date he is less likely to remember the entirety of the date when compared to you ending the date prematurely. Well, then perhaps it’s time for me to tell you a little bit about the worst date I have ever been on in my life. And then I would call the pediatricians office to get them to call it in again and they wouldn’t answer.
It got to the point where I got so angry with our pediatrician (we are leaving them) that I drove up there and forced them to call the medicine in, in front of me.
Seriously… any time I would tell her that I had to go she would just keep talking and ignore me. Now, I liked her fine at the beginning of the date and if she had ended it prematurely I may have wanted to see her again but when the date just kept dragging on and on I literally lost any attraction I had towards her. After all, this isn’t meant to be the uber romantic date that we are going to talk about next.
If you actually go back in time to this article you will notice that I actually recommended that you go on a date with a group of people during your medium date. And after a few more years of coaching and advising under my belt I still think this is the smartest thing to do. In my opinion, to convince a man to go on a romantic date with you (which is where the heavy lifting is really going to occur) you are going to have to get him to jump through a few hoops.
A medium date at night revolving around fun can border on romantic depending on the activity. This group will serve as a buffer between him feeling like you are going too fast too soon which is a HUGE problem that the women on this website have.
Well, you can’t invite a bunch of your friends because your ex will feel threatened by that. Also, you can’t invite a singular couple that you know because that will scream DOUBLE DATE. Sometimes the smart thing to do is to throw the rules out the window and just see where things take you. As long as you show him a good time and you are having a good time the attraction part will take care of itself, trust me. But at the same time you aren’t going to leave him wanting more if you stick around by his side the entire time while you are at the party. The romantic date is without a doubt the most important date out of all three dates we are talking about on this page because it’s going to be the actual date where you are going to be going in for the kill. No, this is actually done on purpose because it’s supposed to represent a repeat cycle. Now, lets assume that you have made it as far as the romantic date portion of our little funnel.
In a perfect world your ex boyfriend would be willing to get back into a relationship with you again at the end of that romantic date. I want you to go into each and every romantic date with your ex boyfriend with a mindset of getting him back but if it doesn’t happen at the end of the romantic date then I want you to repeat the process over again in a few days. Notice how you put your plans on pause after he hasn’t asked you after the third romantic date?
Common sense dictates that if any man is willing to go on three romantic dates with you that he has some type of feelings for you and by putting the breaks on by pausing you are attempting to shock him into the reality of the situation.
Should You Ask Your Ex Boyfriend To Be In A Relationship With You Again While On A Romantic Date?
As much as I hate to say this I think there really is no right answer when it comes to this. So, rather than give you a lecture about the right’s and wrongs of asking an ex out yourself I am just going to tell you what I know.
FYI: I consulted my wife on this and we both agreed that pausing after a while is the best way to shock a man into doing what you want. Luckily, my weakness is my wife’s strength which is why she did the video you see above.
Of course, if you are too lazy to watch the video allow me to sum up our findings about what kind of clothes to wear on your date. Here at Ex Boyfriend Recovery we recommend that you wear three different colors on a date with your ex. For example, our research taught us that waitresses in France would often wear red because they knew they would get higher tips, as much as 20%.
If wearing a sexy red outfit makes him think about having sex with you won’t that put you in a better position in your effort of getting him back than you were in when you first started?
I can tell you that as a relationship consultant I would rather have a client whose ex wants to sleep with her as opposed to a client whose ex wants nothing to do with her.
Now, where women often find themselves in trouble is when they actually do sleep with their ex.
Advertisers have poured millions of dollars into research on the best color that will make people buy their products.
Especially online where people are often afraid of being a victim of a scam baby blue is used to calm those fears. Anyways, we recommend that you wear blue on a date only if you want your ex boyfriend to trust you more.
Consider this, politicians are often seen in blue because they want you to trust them more. So, wearing blue on a date is ideal for situations where trust was an issue throughout your relationship.
Ok, maybe it doesn’t work to that extreme BUT research has proven that it will make you look skinnier.
So, if you didn’t lose those 15lbs you were meaning to lose during the no contact rule then black is probably the way to go. So maybe if you were looked at as weak in your relationship black is the perfect color for you.
Without a doubt most of the visitors who come to Ex Boyfriend Recovery are from the United States or the United Kingdom!
Therefore, a huge portion of the audience that I have here at Ex Boyfriend Recovery is from around the world.
Using this chart you should be able to pin down exactly where you stand if you are from a different part of the world. Oh, and you can even use this chart if you are from the UK or the US but you are dating someone who may not be from the UK or US originally.
Let’s assume that this girl managed to set up a date with her ex who lives in France. Hmm… aristocracy basically means that you are high class and this is something you definitely want to wear if you want to present a sophisticated vibe. Eh, he could take that as meaning that you want to be free of him forever which is definitely not a vibe that you want him to get from you.
So, according to the chart this woman should wear either red or green if she wants the maximum result. In addition to doing a video on what to wear on a date my wife also did a series on how to wear your hair on a date.
Now, I am going to be the first to admit that I don’t know anything about hair extensions. But let’s pretend that I got 100 men into a room and showed them the picture above of her.
Well, it is my personal belief that most men would prefer the long haired Jennifer Lawrence over the short haired Jennifer Lawrence.
In other words, Google Images is basically saying that 95% of women who are considered beautiful have long hair. Now, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that most advertisers are going to use a long haired woman to appeal to a man because they know that men find them more attractive as opposed to short haired women.
What if I told you that every time your ex boyfriend meets a girl with short hair he immediately thinks about his mom.
Now, I love my own mother (who has short hair) more than anything but there is not ever a universe where I would date someone that reminded me of her. In addition to that I noticed that a lot of women who are older tend to go with shorter hair. 34EBR 045: What To Do When An Ex Boyfriend Becomes Distant1990How To Know If Your Ex Boyfriend Is In A Rebound Relationship. About two weeks ago, (in a moment of weakness) out of the blue I asked him if he wanted to go have a drink or a coffee with me. I told myself that I would leave after 1 drink but we had a great time and he wanted to order a second one. He has been complimenting me a lot the whole evening and finding excuses to touch me all the time.
My feeling for now is that he would really like a FWB thing, but I would rather just be friend with him than going this way. I no longer speak to my male best friend as he recently told me he has feelings for me, and he’s engaged.
Well, today that dream becomes a reality as I have just completed the very first video ever for Ex Boyfriend Recovery and it’s all about getting an ex back.
Ok, I have designed a very simple four step method that almost any woman can use to get her ex back. Hi, my name is Chris Seiter founder of Ex Boyfriend Recovery and today I’m going to teach you my simple 4 step method for getting your ex back. So we just covered step one as the no contact rule but step two is about text messaging or text messages. So, the question now becomes do you wait for your ex to text you during the no contact rule or after the no contact rule before you respond to him or do you actually take initiative and text him. This puts the ball in your court and when you can control things or the more you can control things the better your chances. So when it comes to text messaging or text messages there are really two goals that I want you to accomplish and one of the goals is going to sound a little weird but I’ll talk about that in a second. The first goal is really to build attraction this isn’t anything really revolutionary here. But the second goal is a little strange so bear with me here because I promise it will all tie in and make sense later.
So the first thing that you want to do with the transition text message is have a really good story to tell. When I was dating my wife or before she was my wife she did something to me on the phone that struck me as really strange.
She would wait until we were in the middle of an incredible conversation and then all of a sudden she would just dip out. And she would often times say it was because her phone died or there was a car crash outside that she wanted to go see what it was. And I always had a sneaking suspicion that she was lying or was performing some woman voodoo on me but to her credit… It worked. Imagine if you found the high point of the phone call conversation and you just ended the conversation. Well, it would be him with the feeling of wanting more and eventually the more you repeat this process his attraction for you will build. Well the same principle applies here to getting your ex to ask you to be his girlfriend again. It’s basically a value chain that moves your ex from point A to point B much like I’ve been teaching you throughout this entire process. Put him in a romantic location where he will be more likely to tap into his romantic feelings. What if I go on these three dates and I do everything right but he still hasn’t asked me to be his girlfriend?
I was wondering if my ex has done the mental breakup in advance for months before he was telling how he really felt. I’ve been super proud of myself for not contacting him since he initiated a breakup 6 days ago.
Now that six months have passed, I miss him and wonder if I could’ve handled things better. I think you should give the strategy a shot before giving up assuming you still want him back. We did long distance (over 2,000 miles away) for a whole year, and he dumped me after just 2 months of returning, when we were in the same state, only a few hours away.

Ah you shouldn’t have spoken to him while passing him in the car, that is not the first conversation you should be having.
The man I’m currently talking to lives 3000 miles away, so making dates is near impossible. We were together for over a year and had a few arguments during our time together, but never had a proper fight.
I deactivated my Facebook right when my ex and I broke up, and today re-activated it for the first time.
If you do decide to get him back I would say that you need to not fall off the map after hearing this sad news.
We have been doing these videos for about half a year now and I am ashamed to admit that we haven’t been giving you the best quality that we possibly can. Well, from this point on all of our videos should begin to have a more professional look and feel to them. Alright, today we’re going to be covering the top 5 mistakes that women make when trying to get their ex boyfriends back. One of the things I love to teach women to do on ex boyfriend recovery is trying to get an ex boyfriend back within a plan, within a template.
So, if you haven’t subscribed to our channel or visit our website, now is the time to do so. 46How To Get An Ex Boyfriend Back With Religious Differences187Your Ex Boyfriend Blocked You… What Now? My situation is sort of different as we were just “casually dating” or even borderline friends for 4 months. I am not sure if the no contact rule would apply here since we were not even a couple to begin with. I meant is there any advise on how to make a way back from having after break up sex with your ex boyfriend. I am so confused and upset that i feel like now maybe he was on the verge of thinking we could be an item again, and now I’ve ruined my chances. My ex broke up with me about two weeks ago because he decided he didn’t want to be in a committed relationship. I enjoyed the time we spent together very much but I am not in the right headspace right now to see you again regularly as I don’t want things to get over serious too soon. I had been in a relationship with this guy for 2 months (I no not not very long) however, we had known of eachothwr for years but had both been in relationships etc.
Can I also add that if we were only together 2 months and have been split for a month obviously with this contact everyday, does that month apart fall into the 66 day break a habit?
I have started it today, I attempted last week but failed miserably which makes me think once again I have ruined it!
And if you've arrived at the point where you're going to meet your ex for the first time since splitting apart?
How you handle the ex boyfriend date is just as important as everything you've done to get to this point.
If this is the first time you'll be seeing your exboyfriend again, there are two simple rules: short and casual. Your second goal while on a date with your ex boyfriend is to pique your ex's interest in your own life. Remember that the last time he saw you, you were probably in tears over the break up, or even asking for a second chance at the relationship. Be sure to check out these great tips on seizing back some of the power and control you may have lost during the breakup. More importantly, by telling him to call you next week your ex will get the impression that this week is too busy for you. Now if you're having trouble getting to the point where your ex boyfriend asks you out again, don't worry. When you’re wearing this color Red, it’s going to drive him crazy and he’s going to want you but don’t sleep with him. So, it’s really no surprise that Facebook, Twitter, Linked In are all Blue, –Ex Boyfriend Recovery, because it promotes trust and security. So, we can give more quality videos and next Tuesday I will be doing a tutorial on hair extensions. How To Get Him Back If He Has A Girlfriend899Chase Theory: How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Chase You Again136What Your Ex Boyfriend Says Vs.
At that time, I had just gone out with my ex and his friend as my ex had invited me to join them.
Now, I am not sure what to do: our conversations have gotten to the point where he will reply with single word answers at times and they are not super interesting. I think that is good advice and I will implement the no contact rule and then some jealousy into our conversations. I know from experience that he is likely to ask me why I stopped responding and if I am mad at him or if he said something that made me upset, etc.
He told me he didnt want to be with me anymore last week, I didnt take it very well of course. I was going to wear red and one of the new red tops I got when I revamped my wardrobe is a polo neck, I wearing a polo neck going to be covering up too much?
But if you are going out for drinks in a really nice and classy high end bar setting, maybe something a little sexier would be nice. You definitely want to look sexy but not like your trying to hard so either the lower neckline or legs but not both.
Now, some of the more observant people may have already noticed that the entire strategy is essentially summed up in the infographic above. Basically how to handle every important in person interaction you will be having with your ex boyfriend. What most people tend to do is they jump from level 1 to level 4 essentially skipping over two very important levels. We are going to be positing you to get your ex boyfriend back on every single date you go on.
Now, it’s been a while since you have lasted dated so you are very excited for this blind date. So, the two of them set a date up a week ahead of time so she could get the record back but she was panicking because she didn’t really know how to approach the situation.
You see, men are cowards when it comes to dates and since her date is predicated around her ex returning a record that she owns to her I have a feeling that he would take the cowards way out and just give her the record in the parking lot of Starbucks as opposed to actually sitting down and having a conversation with her after he returned the record. Seriously, I met this girl up at a restaurant at noon and I essentially spent the entire day with her. The idea here is that it creates an un-threatening vibe and opens your ex up to having fun.
If you end the date prematurely and he doesn’t go home when you go home then you run the risk of him meeting another girl at this pool party and falling for her. This will allow you to end the date prematurely without feeling threatened by another woman that may be on the group date with you. You see, one thing that I am really good about when it comes to advising people to get their ex back is the big picture.
In other words, men who would come to the restaurant would see them in red, fantasize about them and tip them well as a result. For example, I had a girl from the United States last week ask one of my assistants what she could do to get her ex boyfriend back if he was overseas in France.
But remember, we want an ex to feel passionate about you and I am not so sure aristocracy is going to do that. Let’s see if I can find something that I think would work on a man to give you a good idea of the proper way to color coordinate. I said to myself that I should try and follow logic and reason consistently for a change instead of panicking at the last moment, and yet I do not trust myself. He took a couple of days to answer, and at some point I felt a little ridiculous and thought that I wouldn’t get an answer ever (lol) but he finally accepted, I was surprised and happy he did!
I knew that the best thing would be to break contact with him for now for the sake of his marriage. It was exactly how I felt and I said that I still care for him but I don’t want to make the same mistakes that we made in the past. I have three recommended time frames that I recommend to people wanting to do the no contact rule.
In fact, I estimate that 80% of the women who come to Ex Boyfriend Recovery and try the no contact rule actually fail. For example, if you are missing your ex boyfriend a lot… Well, your instinct is to text him… or give him a call or something. The more attraction you can build the more you can re-attract your ex the better your chances will be or the more open he will be to taking you back. My now ex-partner has been suffering from depression and some seriously stressful life circumstances for some time now.
I find out through Facebook that he’s going on salsa lessons with another girl and on surf trips. We knew each other from church for a long time and I didn’t know but he actually turned out to be a closeted atheist.
We have meet up 3 times after the NC period and for the last month we talked nearly daily (he initiates texting too), even if it’s just a line or 2 for that day.
I don’t even consider those dates, just like friendly hang outs and all initiated by me.
We were supposed to spend the weekend together and instead he came to my house in tears and broke up with me.
I finally sent him a text saying he broke our trust completely and I was moving on, goodbye, and started no contact the next day, on October 26th. This text will show him that your hanging out with friends and possibly a guy friend because it’s a guy type of movie.
The only thing I said was his name, and I did not talk at all when we turned around and pulled over. I restarted it since I messaged my ex about a week after he broke up with me, however I wasn’t clingy or begging him to take be back. Do you think you could write an article on how to get your ex back if you already messed up and begged for him back?
Particularly the most common mistakes that I see women making when trying to get their ex boyfriends back. Apparently a woman was arrested for texting and calling her ex boyfriend in total of 77,000 times. Aright, so what I’d like to do is cover the top 5 mistakes that women tend to make when trying to get their ex boyfriends back. Now, you don’t have to stick to that plan a hundred percent of the time because getting an ex boyfriend back is kind of a complex process.
Therefore, if you are needy towards your ex boyfriend, he’s less likely to find you attractive. A lot of interesting relationships, and the one that always sticks to my mind is, a woman who came to ex boyfriend recovery and she wanted her ex boyfriend back more than anything. He and I started to text almost on a daily basis and met up only a few times as we were both busy and long distance.
He is currently working in hard labour with long hours and having serious financial difficulties. So I am wondering if his reasoning is a valid one or he wasn’t really interested even to begin with? I think I have done enough initiating towards the end here (and looking quite desparate) so I am not sure if I should be the one contacting if he is to not contact for 30 days or more.
He laid out his long term study plan until next spring – that is when the course is finished. My boyfriend of over a year broke up with me to work on himself and he doesn’t see a future with us. As were were chatting via text, he invited me out to eat and I told him sure, and was really excited to see him.
It all happened beginning of last month and we had spoken up until last week when I decided to start minimal contact because we just kept arguing. Whilst arranging the meeting he (in no context with sex) said he was really looking forward seeing me (as we haven’t seen each other in a month). I’ve noticed that all the other comments have been answered exactly a day afterwards so I would really appreciate it if my comment could be answered as well. He wanted to move on but after our break up we are still in touch and sometimes he goes like he still likes me and sometimes he says he don’t and want to move on. So we finally went on a date in December and hit it off immediately, it was amazing, everything I had ever wanted and he wanted it just as much. There was silence for around 5 days then I see some of his family had done the dreaded delete and block from Facebook, so I asked him why as I hadn’t practically did anything nasty to him since the break etc, he said to not take it personally etc, we then started speaking about us and as usuaky he closed off and started ignoring me again. I’m Chris’ wife and he’s asked me to do some videos for you and I’m really excited to spend the day with you, to talk to you about what to wear.
Whatever you do, do not sleep with him because you’re going to get stuck in that friends with benefits zone and you won’t be able to get out of it.
And you know what, if you didn’t lose all the weight you wanted to lose during your 30 day no contact, you can wear Black.
There is a such thing as being to sexy and it will make it look like your trying to hard so I think your polo would be perfect for a coffee date. It’s just that I am not exactly the most feminine when it comes to design so when I was redesigning the site I wanted something that spoke to women more and a blue look like this would do that I felt. It was hard to schedule something because we are both quite busy, but we agreed last week for a drink yesterday.
I hope that he can forgive me for the mistakes I made for not seeing it sooner but the reason I broke up with him was because he was secretive, there was no trust, he was cold towards me yet warm towards all of his female friends (who he met in secret, and lied to my face about). That I still want a future with him, but only if he’s willing to try to be more honest and open with me. How should I tackle this type of situation & how should I behave so that I could get in control? He told me there was absolutely no chance so I tried the no contact rule but I keep failing at it because I want to talk to him because I miss him so bad. About two months he asked for a break because we were constantly fighting however we really never took a break from eachother we still saw eachother every other day, texted eachother everyday up until Halloween. Then I begged him to think about it- we talked regularly for the next week, and then after nine days he called and said he still felt the same and that we should break up.
For example if he looks like a particular actor say hey I was over a friends house watching “The Borne Supremacy” and Matt Damon reminded me of you! Turns out the guy was cheating on me with his ex and is now engaged to her (while still overseas) but good for him. We were talking about meeting for a few weeks, saying how attracted we were to eachother, and how we wanted to be together.
LDR’s are tough to begin with but with being deployed that makes it even harder but it sounds like it worked out for the best. How can I show him I’m thriving if he doesn’t want to see anything involving me?
I didn’t find your website until a week after the breakup, and by then I had already made a bunch of huge mistakes. Turns out the fix to make it have that super white feel was as simple as editing it post shoot in an editing software. Check it out!Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes? I see a lot of situations everyday on ex boyfriend recovery and one of the situations that keeps popping up even now is, women who go a little crazy when it comes to texting and calling their ex boyfriends.
He basically said that he doesn’t have enough time to be committed to another person and that he will go back to being a lonesome guy.
About a year and a half later he put me in a dangerous situation and I left but he stayed so I broke up with him.
The other recent comments probably has previous comments too, so when filtered their latest comments were answered as well..
So we became inseparable, then he went away for a weekend & for some reasons some insecurities I had from a previous relationship crept in and I thought he had been up to stuff I really had no reason to think, anyway I tried to find out some stuff he found out and broke up with me.
I don’t know if you’ve noticed but, we’ve been watching the debates lately.  A lot of the politicians are either wearing Red or Blue. I mean I can’t guarantee that he’s going to trust you a hundred percent but like I said the politicians, they wear Blue to get people to trust them and it works. Infiniti does it, Nike, Adidas, a lot of the sports because they want to really show that powerfulness.
I am hoping to ask him to go out sometime over the next month or two and would like to build some romantic attraction first.

I did the begging for about a day, that didnt go very well obviously, but he insisted that we could still be friends so I tried to pretend like I was okay with that for about a day before I found this site, then I started my no contact. You arrive at the restaurant where the blind date is supposed to go down and are greeted by a very handsome man.
He first broke up with me 3 years ago, but we lived together and were in constant contact with each other. He answered me then engaged a conversation, I cut it short but he made me feel like we could talk again. When i confronted to him about it (before entering NC) he admitted saying such maybe because i was like that and thus lead me to NC.
In 5 days my brother, who studies at the same university as my ex and knows my ex very well, will have a performance at uni and I know my ex and his family will be there to watch. He has not contacted me since the brake up, except for when I messaged him (and then started the NC over). Nevertheless, I have found that having a plan when it comes to getting your ex boyfriend back, raises your chances exponentially.
I’ve been trying to find a way to put it for women to make them understand how annoying this is and I thought what better way to explain this than having a bunch of gnats fly around your head.
Well, a week passes and you go along this blind date and you meet this guy for the first time.
Well, to me, I kept telling her, this is a pointless situation and you should probably move on but she just went havoc. He also opened up about being hurt in a past relationship from 4 years back and having childhood pains when his parents got divorced. However, he texted me right after saying on second thought he is low on cash from partying the other night. After two weeks of No Contact, I caved and called him and even though we argued for a minute, he started a conversation like the ones we used to have with me.
I can see that you have made lots of effort and that you are a really sensitive and nice person. 2 month of begging I decide to start NC rule for 30 days, in this period my ex never call or text me. Then I started to text him, it took a while but we finally met up and then we started hanging out regularly for two months. A few months later we were randomly on the same bus that ended up getting in an accident and we watched a man die on the side of the road. Well today is the second day of my NC, and yesterday he viewed my snapchat story and tagged me in something on facebook, and today I went to an event to see a friend and he just so happened to be there too – I was totally unaware about that. More than a year ago he was finally ready and wanted me back and then I broke up with him in a bad way. Recently I had heard from my friends that he is angry at me for some reasons where I wasn’t bothered to ask in detailed. It is possible that he no longer thinks of me romantically anymore, but how can I change this? Instead of loving eachother we started to both lose some feelings for one another because of the stress of trying to make something work out of nothing.
I initiated our first meet up and then the last 2 were so that he could help me with some retirement funds. I don’t know if this still counts as him breaking no contact since he probably felt obliged to send it, to make himself feel less guilty or something.
Make your conversations super exciting but tell him you have to get off the phone (tell him before he tells you.) Meet up with him for a date but end the date first. But we noticed there was a contestant on there, Lace,  and she was really desperate and needy towards the bachelor when she was trying to win his affection. She just kept trying to get her ex boyfriend back and pretty soon, it got to the point where her ex boyfriend had to file a restraining order against her. I was not happy obviously because I felt he was leading me on and it’s rude to make a plan and then ditch. I am not looking for a serious relationship at the moment but don’t want to lead you on or leave you hoping I will be able to be what you deserve and are looking for.
After 30 days I start to contact him, he told me that he want to be friend with me and I agree.
Needless to say we got back together and in January of 07 we moved into an apartment together.
He was and is understandably angry as he says he cannot trust I will not be sneaky again and I lied to him etc, obviously I can understand these but I have been sincere in my 1000s of apologys so I don’t see what more I can do. I mean we have Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George Bush wearing Blue, we have Kate Middleton. So, say you cheated on your ex and you want to be trustworthy, you can wear blue and black together.
It’s all about health and wellness and you know of course we have the red as the passion and excitement and that’s what we want to really push for on that first date. Realised on the next day it was totally not what I wanted and he said the only thing he could give me was to go on at least 3 months of no contact so he could try and recover.
He contacted me after returning from his vacation, but I was hurt by his distance and did not respond.
We agreed we could be friends and start over and see what happens from there but I truly believe we need the NC time period however I’m scared of losing him completely. Then, a week ago, I was with my mom and sister in the city where he lives and passed him on the street, and I yelled his name from the car window (gut reaction, slightly embarrassing I know, it all happened in slow motion). Always have a good time, since you two are in the military I’m assuming you both like excitement. The fourth mistake is moving too fast and finally the fifth mistake is trying to get an ex boyfriend back in a pretty helpless situation. You’re walking down the street one day, when all of a sudden a bunch of gnats fly around your head and no matter how many times you swat at the gnats to make them go away, they don’t. The point I’m trying to make here is you shouldn’t waste your time trying to get your ex boyfriend in a pointless situation, a situation where you really have no hope. I answered yes and we texted for a few days until one day he was quite late in getting back to me. Everything was pretty smooth until last summer when while out driving with his mom her and I got in an argument and I was yelling at her.
If he does not change, then either continue doing your own thing or just decide to move on. Now what should I do, I think If i use No contact rule on him then he will think i have moved on and he will continue dating that girl from his office. I’ve done research on how the color Red affects people and in the Olympics, judges awarded more points to the teams that were wearing Red. The Blue on the other hand is to help to get people to trust, to trust and the security of it.
I did not give him that as I was panicked and missed him and we stayed in touch, with him regaining some hope, acting like a boyfriend (including sex) but only in private.
I love him but I myself need some time to understand my feelings fully, do you truly believe that a NC period between us will help clear up any conflicting feelings and help us recover from a very broken relationship? The last time we meet I kissed him on the cheek goodbye and was SO embarrassed I nearly fainted. Now, this bags an interesting question, what kind of chance do you have in your particular situation?
But most of the time I keep talk about the past which he don’t like or begging him back again. My ex is sick and decided last month to move two hours away to be near family and for treatment. The boyfriend went days without talking to me then said he wouldn’t talk to me til I apologized to his mom. We can’t force somebody to change, if they change because of us, that is still their decision.
I started the fight, I pushed him to the edge, and I recognize it was my fault and apologized profusely. Every politician has worn blue at least a few times because they want to become trustworthy. So, if you guys were fighting all the time because you were overwhelming to him, black implies that you are independent. Now I dont know if I should break the NC to talk to him personally about him deleting me because he IS the type of person who HATES being ignored, more than anything, and he is very stubborn so I am scared that this might just be working against me, I need help. Then last November, I started asking about us and got frustrated about him not being able to want me back, to which he reacted terribly. There is my b-day coming up in 10 days and am inviting some friends to a bar, thought I might try and invite him, but have no idea how that is gonna look + he will probably say no anyway as those would only be my friends that know him or have heard about us.
Now the last thing you want to do is be desperate, needy and annoying to your ex boyfriend because I guarantee you, if you’re desperate and needy to a point that’s crazy, he’s going to find you annoying and trying to get him back, it’s not going to work if you’re approaching this from a position of weakness. A few hours later he called back saying that he was drunk at a buddy’s house and had slept over. I love this guy a lot and I have feeling that he have not get over me yet and still love me because he was so emotional whenever he saw me. I knew I needed to apologize but wanted to do it on my terms not because he was forcing me to. So, have standards, so you know when enough is enough and others won’t take advantage of you and the right people will stay. Now my question is based on all of the above, is there any point in implementing the NC rule now as he has said he never wants to sort this all out or do I still have a shot? If you ever look at the debates they’re either wearing red or blue because red is powerful and blue is trustworthy. As a result he said he totally needed a break to try and forget the bad things i’d done, to forget me too and only then would we maybe try and give something a shot again.
On the other hand, if you have a plan, well it’s going to raise your chances exponentially.
So I saw him last week, we hung out like usual and he kept saying how he wants me to visit him after he moves and of course I agreed.
Well he left to her house and although we were in contact I didn’t see him for 20 days when he randomly walked through the door. I feel like I have pushed him so much no amount of silence is going to erase those bad memories of this past month and make him miss me?
Waitresses in France wear red lipstick or red clothing because they receive the biggest tips that way, as much as 20%.
I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we also used Blue for the website and also for the logo. I did manage the 3 months of no contact, wanted to grant him that, and then reached out early in April. I need your advise and will i’m too late for doing 2nd time NC rule after messy everything?
But then he moved this weekend and I sent him a text Saturday about good luck with moving… No response. Obviously I blew up his phone the first few days but now I am following the no contact rule. We really want you to trust us and it’s also Chris favorite color so, it’s a win-win.Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes? He did respond that he was thinking of meeting me at the end of April, which I took for a positive sign, in line with his earlier statements that he only needed some time and that he was approaching this differently than me, meaning he wanted the time apart to recover..
Well in this analogy, you’re the gnat and you’re ex boyfriend is trying to swat to get you away. There’s a process to getting your ex back and if you move too fast, too soon, you’re going to shoot yourself in the foot and ruin any chance you’ll have of getting him back. That gives you an in depth report on what kind of chance you have in your particular situation.
I came home and things were going great, I was going to counseling for communication issues. I feel like he just needs time away as we live together and I am home literally all of the time. I did get panicked last week and reached out to him first to say I was going away for the weekend and so we wouldn’t be able to meet and was free Tuesday. At points he was so kinda to me, and then at others he was kinda mean, or wouldn’t sit near me.
We had both been seeing other people but I told him that I really wanted us to work it out.. Since he was almost always the one to initiate texts, I was quite shocked and texted him a few days later.
I just saw him 3 days ago and we had a really nice time together, laughing and joking and everything was fine.
Last month (February) was very stressful, we both got sick with the flu, he started a new school program, I tore tendons in my ankle, the list goes on.
So, you can forget all that old stuff, all the fights and all the issues that you had in the past and start your relationship fresh. There then was a week or so where he started to tell these stupid lies and I kept catching him in them. We have gotten in maybe 5 of these huge fights over the past three years (all due to me, circling around my period, I have PMDD) and each time we are okay the next day.
So there were days where we were barely talking and I just got fed up and said you have to apologize so we can move on. He hugged me first, then we spent some 2 hrs together, I thought it was nice if awkward at first..
He picked up but I am not sure if he picked up knowing it was me or not since I called from my work phone.
I understood but I was unsure as I didn’t want to move the kids from their schools etc etc but I never said anything at the time.
Certainly not the apology I thought I deserved and not at all like the apology him and his mom got from me but whatever.
He said when I was leaving we were on the same page about pursuing a relationship and that we were worth it. He said over the phone that he wasn’t sure about this exclusive relationship anymore and that he was not where he wants to be in life. He came home and went in the room, the door had always been unlocked the days previously when we weren’t talking so when I tried to go in there a few hours later to talk and found it locked I was confused and started knocking and when he didn’t answer and then started yelling at me I was furious! Why was he hiding from me then starting another fight when I thought we just got over the other issue and I was trying to forgive him and make up?
He is NOT a guy who thinks about his feelings, he is very stubborn and hides feelings easily.
If he is doing that he lied to my face last week when he said he wanted me to stay a part of his life. A few more days later he came over said he was taking some things but never did because we ended up hanging out like it was a normal day so I ask are you coming home? So I stupidly got back in touch with the person I had been seeing previously and that weekend he was at mine.. We generally have a fantastic relationship, get along great, spend tons of time together, etc.
This went on for a couple weeks where he was coming over, getting along and wouldn’t stay or give me an answer so we went to counseling where the counselor suggested I have an anger management issue, which now I totally realize, accept and Im trying to work on. At the next appointment the ex basically said he wants to be alone, always wanted to be alone in the first place and pretty much had the counselor break up with me for him after that but says he wants to be friends.
So now his stuff is moved out, he isn’t alone because he is going between two crowded houses of his moms or uncles and Im searching for a roommate.
Yesterday though he comes over and we are getting along fine and for the first time he showed actual emotion by starting to cry but again said he wants to be friends.
This morning he texted me from work talking about what he had for breakfast but I didn’t answer because I want to start the no contact rules in hopes of reconciliation and getting back together eventually.
I got back in touch with him hoping to work things out again after all, it had been a misunderstanding… But he had already started seeing someone new. Does this new women sound like a rebound or does it seem like too much has gone on for it to be salvaged??

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