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Looking for work after being released from prison may seem like a daunting task, but employers that hire ex-offenders do exist.
Since an employer can be held legally responsible for the actions of its employees, a business may be reluctant to have someone on staff who has been previously convicted of an offense. Being convicted of a violent offense means that an offender will have a more difficult time getting hired, since many people believe that past behavior indicates how a person will act in the future. The person who has served his or her sentence needs support to get integrated back into a 'normal' life and finding legitimate, paying work can help. An ex-offender who is able to support him or herself legally is less likely to commit crimes to get money.
Employers can benefit from incentive programs offered by the federal government when they hire someone with a criminal record. The Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) provides a tax credit for employers that hire ex-offenders, as well as other people considered disadvantaged.
The incentive for employers comes as a tax credit of up to 40 percent of the first $6,000.00 paid to the new employee during the first year of employment. These types of employers typically hire workers for positions that don't require a lot of personal contact with customers. Service industries are the least likely to be interested in hiring a person with a criminal record, possibly due to concerns about the ex-offender's ability to interact in a positive way with customers. If you are asked about a prior record on an application form or during an interview, disclose what you were convicted for. Diane Latiker, founder of Kids off the Block, discuss the dire situation of gun violence in her community during the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference (CBC ALC). For anyone who works in policy, social justice and politics, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference (CBCF ALC), which wrapped up this past weekend, is a must-attend event to gather ideas to take back to your respective communities, gain life-long networks that broaden your cause, and reenergize you to continue community work.

Malik Yoba, actor and social activist, and Philip Agnew, founder of The Dream Defenders, on a panel during the CBC ALC. Sheila Ford, CEO of Mission to Mobilization, wears a prison jumpsuit to stand up for the rights of inmates and ex-offenders. I always get great story ideas and educational nuggets from CBCF ALC, but this year seemed especially engaging. The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference ended this year with a bang through powerful words from President Barack Obama.
Now that the legislative conference has ended, my question for you is, what’s tugging at your heart? Getting a former convict back in the work force quickly benefits that individual and Society as a whole. After being convicted of a felony, a person will be barred from getting hired for certain types of work. An employer is legally barred from discriminating against someone with a criminal record for a minor offense. The employer may hire you anyway, and you can be fired for lying during the hiring process if you are found out after the fact.
After a certain amount of time has passed, if you get a pardon, you will be able to have your record wiped clean and you are not under any legal obligation to reveal an offense for which you have been pardoned. Don’t get me wrong, I like to party like the rest of them, but I think there should be a balance. He spoke of Robert Avery, who at 15, hitchhiked from Alabama to the March on Washington in 1963 with two other friends.
The company may have concerns that by hiring this applicant, it is exposing itself to problems with stealing, poor customer relations skills, or an inability to behave according to rules set out by the employer.

Ex-offenders who lack experience or job skills can often get work with one of these types of employers, since they may be willing to train new workers. This legal protection does not extend to someone convicted of murder, sexual assault, or other violent offenses. With unemployment in the black community still at record levels, with black males constantly getting gunned down by someone who looks like them or by the police, with an unjust criminal justice system that is set up to put more minorities in prison, and with the unequal education system that is leaving black children behind their white counterparts—need I go on—swirling wine and cognac while handing out business cards can no longer cut it. The same black scholars, leaders and social activists talk about the same issues year after year, and with all of the discussions and breakout sessions, it seems like these disparities aren’t getting better. We cannot be the generation that spent our time talking about solutions; we must also do the work.
He was in attendance, along with about five others as part of the National Guest worker Alliance, to let the leaders in attendance know about the cruel and unlawful conditions he have endured while working for a company in the U.S.
When they made it to Washington, DC, the experience impacted Avery so much that he became a public servant, spending three decades on Gadsden, Ala.’s City Council. Because if we don’t, our generation will be seen as the one what cared more about happy hours, speaking engagements and networking than actually changing the world. All of the tools that we need to reverse the education, socio-economic, environmental, social and health inequalities are laid out every year during the CBC ALC.
This year’s conference had more than 70 sessions ranging from issues on poverty, homeownership, wealth building, youth violence, educating black boys, the diaspora, environmental justice, access to health care, etc. Through the expert panelists, the attendees are given the blueprint to create change, but they can’t do the work for us, that’s our job.

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