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Diablo Cody kicked 2008 off with a bang by winning the Oscar for her Juno screenplay, and things have only gotten better and better as the months have progressed. This article is sponsored in part by Chivas.You may not like getting ready for a formal event, but as you grow up they happen more and more often. Your buddied might be impressed by how much alcohol you can hold or how colorfully you can swear, but those qualities definitely won't win you many points with her parents. Brooke’s childhood was spent within the confines of a comfortable, middle-class environment, and it was there that Brooke -- better known as Diablo Cody -- first began to cultivate her lifelong interest in subjects of a decidedly esoteric nature. Graduations, weddings, galas or whatever they might be, require a little more than just your usual maintenance.

Getting drunk is the worst thing you could do, and the temptation will be there if the situation makes you nervous. Diablo Cody was also enlisted by no less than Steven Spielberg to pen a new sitcom for Showtime entitled The United States of Tara, the program revolves around a wife and mother who must deal with her various personalities. Diablo Cody’s rebellious streak took hold while she was in her early teens, as she found herself rejecting many of the movies, books, and television shows her schoolyard peers had so willingly embraced.
Control your drinking, or if you're worried about overdoing it (or her parents don't drink), just skip it altogether. And, as if that weren’t enough, Diablo Cody -- in addition to taking on the role of columnist for Entertainment Weekly -- has agreed to pen a follow-up to her first non-fiction effort with a book revolving around her astounding leap from small-town stripper to beloved Hollywood screenwriter.

The script ultimately landed in the hands of Thank You For Smoking filmmaker Jason Reitman, who found himself charmed by Diablo Cody’s undeniably distinctive voice and agreed to direct the film almost instantly. Rising star Ellen Page was cast in the central role, and, along with costars such as Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman and Olivia Thirlby, the movie began rolling in early 2007 with a planned Fall release date.

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