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1) Any character from comics, films, TV, literature, video games and general fantasy can be called to battle.
2) No original full teams can work on the same new teams (like Fantastic Four, Avengers, Justice League etc). 5) You can give alternative character options below each team that didn't make your final cut. Cons: Can be destroyed, wants to be good and not fight, may sacrifice itself to defend children and be of no further use on the battlefield. Pros: More powerful and useful in an all out war as a ring wielder than any other Green Lantern in the corp. Cons: May take a time out mid-battle to tell kids not to do drugs and respect their parents. Cons: Can be killed, can break down emotionally, can lose battle focus when allies need help. Your melee forces are kicking ass on the battlefield and they need some serious back up from armed troops who can cut down the advancing enemies with their gun skills and alternate hand to hand capabilities. Pros: Bringing his whole arsenal and his unique abilities to use them on the battlefield Master Chief would be a formidable grunt in a firefight, strong, agile, accurate, vigilant, great sniper, protective shields, would be the driver of the Warthog vehicle that brings the allies into battle. Cons: Can be killed easily if caught in the open or overpowered by bigger creature, not at his best when on his own, better at distance fighting than melee. Cons: Mechanical so can be destroyed with heavy weaponry or by super powered being, probably wouldn't take orders from humans, noisy. The battle might be had-fought on the ground but what about letting all those flying monsters and alien spaceships fly by overhead? Cons: Vulnerable to any form of Kryptonite (not likely the enemy will have any!), can become unfocused if civilians are in danger, tries to do too much at times, will falter if the team suffers any losses, not willing to kill. Cons: Mechanical so can be destroyed with heavy weaponry or by super powered being, cocky, noisy. Cons: Still only human, can be killed, uses up his own strength when casting spells so could tire out if overwhelmed. Pros: Not a witch by the standard definition - A mutant with the power to manipulate the law of probability through "hex" and chaos energy, the ability to change reality, change outcomes of battles, able to reverse or alter spells, make people vanish from existence, fire energy bolts, a true force to be reckoned with if she has complete control. Cons: Has to be able to speak to be able to cast her spells (words are said in reverse), weak as a human, quite easily overwhelmed, not as powerful as Doctor Strange on any level.

Cons: A penchant for cats and girlfriend Liz causes him to lose focus and his fighting ability from time to time, probably can be killed by something big enough! Cons: Can be killed if lives run out, has an annoying fairy shouting in his ear sometimes which could distract him, only really fights if a Princess is in danger. So you've got everyone out there battling on every front possible and the destruction and chaos is overwhelming. Pros: Leader of the super-hero mutant team The X-Men, unfathomable telepathic abilities, able to talk to the entire army through telepathy at the same time or individually, able to crush the enemies minds if need be, combined with Cerebro can reach the entire planet and every mind left on it (if there were any left apart from you and your army).
Cons: Mostly evil, dictator, power hungry, would want to take over what's left of the world once the battle is over.
Pros: Force manipulation allowing strong telekinesis as well as future foresight, remote viewing, mind control, telepathy, superior knowledge and experience, tactician, battle hardened general.
Pros: Has defeated hundreds of alien armies and races, won almost every battle he's ever been in across space and time, was feared throughout the galaxy, always comes up with a plan, can build something amazing out of absolutely nothing, sonic screwdriver is handy in almost every situation, great tactician and puzzle solver. So that's it, the battle is coming to an end and the last remaining forces, both ground and airborne are headed towards you and you have one last line of defence between the enemy and you. Cons: Not always the bravest superhero, can be easily defeated in both small and large forms, anger issues, sometimes doesn't listen to or obey orders.
Cons: Can be beaten by higher strength level adversary, still only a teenager so not at full mental or physical potential, confidence issue. Cons: Can be killed (has been numerous times), brash, doesn't always do what he's told to, doesn't hold back when told to, sometimes the best and worst member of a team. Annnnnnnnnd finally, who would I choose as my personal bodyguard, the one person that would stand by me through thick and thin, who would not only protect with me with their life (I am a feeble human in all of this you know!) but would also choose to replenish the human race with me?
You have to hold the line and defend for as long as possible or defeat the entire force completely. They must be devastating and literally be able to kill in the hundreds, if not thousands, in the first few minutes! Captain Marvel has the wisdom of Solomon , the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus,the courage of Achilles, the speed of Mercury. You need brute force ultra-destructive melee foot soldiers able to annihilate whole crowds with hand to hand combat and hand-held weapons. Needs to lead, not follow, vulnerable to team deaths affecting The Force and weakening him.

Exploring The Life Of Jesus - January 15, 2016View all Making Spiritual New Year’s Resolutions - December 15, 2013 A Biblical Model For Thanksgiving - November 27, 2013 Bible Verses About Children - November 13, 2013 Bible Verses About Satan – Satan Is Real - October 29, 2013 What Is Worship? With my vast geek  knowledge-base my brain concocted a team so freakin' awesome, and varied, that I had to put this into a post. You have a device (a random McGuffin of some sort for this specific purpose) which allows you to call upon any character your mind can muster along with their respective powers, vehicles, weapons, steeds etc, but you can only have 40 characters max (5 on each of the 8 teams outlined below). Able to take on massive foes and multiple enemies due to super-strength, almost unbeatable, awesome lightning bolt power move, able to fly and move at super-speed.
Supernatural beings like demons and monsters are forcing their way through the lines and are immune to standard weapons and tactics! Who has the brains to figure out the next move from the secure bunker, to create the winning scenario or build the necessary equipment that will win your battles? OK so she's Kryptonian and we may not be compatible, but I'm not going to tell her that if you're not! Extremely proficient in all forms of magic, spells, incantations, massive offensive and defensive capabilities, energy blasts, portals, barriers etc.
All my choices seemed to have stemmed from the various figures and collectables I have in my own room here where I'm now typing this, so I had a good selection to go by!
It’s also one of the hardest.Finding the discipline to sit down and prepare the work, battling with a strong willed child who has special learning needs, and making time for my preschooler require daily focus. And that’s to say nothing of the cooking, housework, blogging, and work responsibilities that pull me in all different directions.Some days, it’s too much. Thank You for taking care of every little detail of my life — homeschooling, homemaking, working, and mothering.
I know I can’t pour into my children unless I myself am filled up, so help me to find space and time for myself.Lord, I know that all things are possible in You. She has blogged at Feels Like Home since 2007, where she helps women to live more fully in every moment (even the ones that suck).

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