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When it comes to relationships and social media, how far have you’ve gone to check up on your significant other? Another person hardly checked any of these but looked through favorites on Twitter and went through his phone.
Another woman explained that  she went through his favorites on Twitter, followed his ex on social media and went through his phone because she knew in the beginning he wasn’t completely over his ex and was keeping tabs on how he felt about her.
One person actually didn’t check anything on this list, but did his Facebook to look at his history to see if she should pursue him or watch out.
One woman through her boyfriend’s best friends list on Snapchat, creeped through his ex on social media. Several seasons of "Top Chef" have aired on Bravo, but none shined a spotlight on Chicago - in positive and negative light - like its ninth season (aired 2011-2012) did. In that season, much of it filmed in Texas, six out of 16 contestants were chefs in Chicago restaurants. After that season, those six chefs returned to their Chicago restaurants with the added distinction of being reality television celebrities. What's new: Richie Farina said his life has been "turned upside down" since "Top Chef," and he probably meant that in the good sense. In his own words: "I became a nationally recognized figure, which was different at first, but now I'm used to it. What's new: When it was announced last November that Spiaggia would be closing for half a year to undergo renovations, Sarah Grueneberg - "Top Chef" runner-up - thought it'd be the ideal time to step away.
In his own words: "I'm still working the same hours as in a kitchen, but it's a different kind of excitement. What's new: After leaving Aria at the Fairmont Chicago Hotel, Beverly Kim attempted to scale luxury Korean in Logan Square at the Michelin-starred Bonsoiree. In her own words: "The most phenomenal thing that's happened since 'Top Chef' is getting recognition from my own family. What's new: Of the six Chicago chefs, Heather Terhune has held the steadiest career A? she's remained executive chef at River North's Sable Kitchen & Bar, which turns 4 this month. In her own words: "Being on 'Top Chef,' I learned so much about myself and my cooking style.
In his own words: "I was sick of going on the CTA, and people tapping me on my shoulder while I had headphones on asking if I was the guy from TV.

I interviewed a handful of people, 13 people to be exact, to find out just how far they’ve gone.
She explained, “I was really trusting of both her exes because I refuse to go out with someone who I don’t trust 100%.” She explained that she went through one of her ex’s phone and Facebook messages due to a personal reason her ex was going through, but never suspected him of cheating.
High tension, bullying and clique mentality were the narrative threads, and a Chicago chef was in contention up until the final minutes of the show - when Sarah Grueneberg of Spiaggia took second place behind winner Paul Qui. Two years later, the glimmer of stardom has faded, but all six are still involved in the food world. A sous chef at Moto at the time of the show, Farina now leads the kitchen - its Executive Chef - and the Fulton Market restaurant has earned one Michelin star for two years running.
Lots of financial opportunities have come along, and my career as a chef has been springboarded by at least five years. She's wanted to open her own Italian restaurant for a while, and with financial backing in place, she's now looking for the right space with an eye to open this winter.
Four months after the "Top Chef" finale, he left his high-profile position at Moto to join an upstart San Francisco-area company called Hampton Creek Foods as its culinary director of innovation. Within months, that experiment failed, and soon Kim received an unexpected call from Kendall College about teaching its culinary students. He was completing an internship with Rick Bayless when he was plucked to run his own kitchen. He was five hours away at school, so that was upsetting so she would end up finding things to argue about because she was upset about the whole situation. She also went through his phone checked his phone when he was sleeping but only after he cheated. We have been through the ringer searching for answers here, at one point chasing a lead for days only to find out it was one of his teammate’s wives. I was on the show for only two full episodes, but made a big enough impact on people that I still get recognized two years after the fact.
But she's doing so in sunny Florida, where she's currently menu consulting for a mom 'n' pop restaurant near Naples. But being in southwest Florida now, there aren't a lot of (contestants from the show), so you go to the market and it's like being on 'Top Chef' all over again. The company is a combination tech startup and sustainable foods research group financially backed by Bill Gates, and Jones' first project involved reinventing mayonnaise.

Kim, an alumna of the school, agreed to teach one quarter - and ended up staying for much of 2013. Even at Aria, my parents were telling me, 'You sure you don't want to go back to school?' I've always been the financial weak link of my family - we have chiropractors and news anchors. Now, with the restaurant cruising along, Terhune said she's taking more time off to explore the world and bring back ideas to her kitchen. On the other hand, one woman followed her intuition and found out her boyfriend was going to cheat on her. In particular: How to make mayonnaise taste like mayonnaise without using battery cage eggs? But her focus has always been to open her own restaurant, and she will do so this spring in Avondale: A collaboration called Parachute with her chef husband, John Clark.
But now, my parents feel like, 'Yeah, our daughter's going to be fine.' As far as getting recognized, things have fizzled down after two years. He appeared on "Top Chef," eventually sold his share of Chilam Balam, and had a high-profile position fall through. It makes you wonder: should you follow your gut and find out the truth even if it is invading someone else’s privacy, or is ignorance bliss? I really hated how before the show, people would say, 'You're a great chef,' and after the show, they'd only say things like, 'You're funny on TV.' As a chef, that messes with your ego and stomps on your emotions. A lot of cooks don't know how to do it - braising, charcuterie, frenching a rack of lamb - and it's a bit scary. We can find a better way." Jones and his team found a yellow split pea grown in Canada that acts like an emulsifier, and now their "Just Mayo" is sold in 48 states, including Whole Foods in Illinois.
Are you a doctor or a nurse?' It's always a doctor or a nurse; I don't know if it's the Asian stereotype.
Every morning, I make a pot of coffee, smoke my medical weed and look out at the beautiful Sonoma Valley.

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