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Throughout Rihanna's career, she has been featured in Glamour Magazine as star of their cover and editorial spread three times -- the most recent in their November 2013 Issue.
On the cover of Rihanna's issue of Glamour Magazine, she wore a White Top along Sequined Stretch Leggings that were both featured in Dolce & Gabbana's Fall 2011 Collection. In this photo from the spread, Rihanna posed in a dress from one of her favorite designers -- Riccardo Tisci. For this look in the shoot, Rihanna wore a blue floral number from Vionnet's Fall 2011 Collection. Rihanna finished off this look with Christian Louboutin's Fall 2011 "Chalumo" Caged Platform Pumps. In this photo, Rihanna sports a jumpsuit that was a product of Yves Saint Laurent's Fall 2011 Collection. In another photo from the spread pictured above, Rihanna wore a dress from Miu Miu's Fall 2011 Collection. In this last photo, Rihanna wore a striking red bodysuit and pants designed by Michael Kors for his Fall 2011 Collection.
At the outset of this post, we mentioned that Rihanna has been on the cover of Glamour not two times, but three.
We are a Rihanna fan site dedicated to keeping you up-to-date daily on Rihanna's style, media and more. Rihanna Overdose is dedicated to keeping you in the know when it comes to Rihanna’s career and fashion. In some every shocking and surprising news, the legendary musician Prince has died at just 57 years old. Chrissy Teigen and hubby and musician John Legend are ecstatic over the birth of their daughter Luna Simone Stephens. In some very shocking news, Janet Jackson announced Wednesday morning that she is expecting her first child.
Every Thursday night, Black Twitter comes alive when Scandal comes on, as they watch the interactions between Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald.
While women want a man like Fitz, they don’t really want a man like Fitz to prove this fact! So far in season three, Fitz’s wife Mellie has appeared to give up on trying to save her marriage and settled with just maintaining the appearance of a happy union.

Fitz likes to pop up at Liv’s apartment by surprise and unannounced (during booty call times). Mellie went straight psycho girlfriend during episode 3:10, when she started playing phone tricks. Or like Liv, home alone with a bottle of wine, staring at your side chick phone waiting for your married lover to call or knock on your door unannounced. In light of her brand new cover story, in this week's installment of Vintage RiRi, we will give you the complete recap behind her September 2011 spread in Glamour Magazine. Rihanna's leggings retailed at $429.00 and featured an elasticized waistband with a zipper in the back. By way of jewelry, Rihanna wore her own personal bangles and a Crystal & Pearl bracelet designed by Stephen Russell. As creative director behind Givenchy, he has played a major role in several looks Rihanna has worn throughout the years, including custom designs made exclusively for her.
The dresses within this collection are knitted from ribbons of silk, organza, wool, and suede. This collection featured both black and white sleeveless chiffon jumpsuits with halter-necks. This $5,930 Embellished Cutout Crepe Dress features a plunging V-neck, padded shoulders and three-quarter length sleeves. So now that you have the details on her recent 2013 shoot, as well as her 2011 shoot, you may be wondering about her 2009 shoot. PERFECT EYES YOU HAVE SHOWING HER WORK THE SOCIAL MEDIA ~ VENDORS~ CLOTHES MAKERS~ AND STADIUM STAFF INTO A FRENZY . We pride ourselves on being an efficient and positive outlet for fans and the like to get detailed information. Liv thought her man killed her mother and while she tried to leave him, she still gave him the cookies.
The writers are the bomb and Fitz will say and do some really romantic stuff for his side piece. Kerry Washington sparkles at The Weinstein Company's 2013 Golden Globe Awards After Party.
Kerry Washington is as sweet as bubblegum for The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and SAG-AFTRA Red Carpet.

If you have not yet caught up on what she wore for her newest shoot with Glamour, visit our post (here) for all of the details. For this collection in particular, the designers behind Dolce & Gabbana made a return to the masculine-feminine mix, that appeared to be a favorite among the collections featured in Milan during that time.
Ricardo is notorious for putting together signature prints and this yellow skirt and sweater was no exception. The actress, who’ll turn 19 next month looks absolutely beautiful on the March 2013 issue of Glamour magazine, just stunning. When they both didn’t answer she stormed out, because she knew her man was up to no good. In reality, none of this is really happening and if it is, it should never be tolerated if you want a healthy relationship. These photos were taken by renowned photographer, Ellen Von Unwerth -- who also shot Rihanna's Rated R Album photo spread among several others. The soft, purple floral motif featured on both pieces works excellently with the rest of the graphic details in this look. Visit our extensive Rated R Fashion Recap post (here) to get the details on her cover and spread in Glamour's December 2009 issue, along with many, many more photoshoots and events that took place during the Rated R Era.
During her interview with the magazine Fanning talks her beauty and style transformation, if she’d consider becoming a fashion designer one day and close relationship with younger sister Elle Fanning. A man who cheats will never give you 100 percent as long as you’re willing to accept settling for less. Women might say that they want a man like Fitz, but try to off their mom and find out what happens. If a woman is willing to let me sneak out late at night to see my other girlfriend, send her my way. With this collection, they re-appear in large and small -- even in three dimensions for some of the looks.

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