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A 23-year-old woman has been jailed after she beat her former boyfriend with his own prosthetic leg in a dispute over custody of their son.Jadian Faye-Marie Hatfield sent her former lover a text saying she was going to put him 'six feet under'. She then pulled out a 12-gauge shotgun from her car and threatened to kill the 25-year-old if he did not let her leave with their child. After a confrontation with Brandon Fleming, 25, over their two-year-old son she is alleged to have pulled off his prosthetic leg and started beating him with it. It’s my favorite song of the summer, the All-American Rejects singing Gives You Hell. Revenge can be sweet indeed, and I believe that everyone’s emotional toolkit should include an effective strategy for getting even.Why do we seek revenge when we have been hurt?

We want the person who has left us brokenhearted to regret their stupidity and beg to come back to us. Although I was the dumper, my ex had tons of girls going after him within a week of my breaking up with him. I think you can feel fabulous about yourself, and make someone who has hurt you feel badly about losing you at the same time. I’m not talking about turning into a crazy face with his friends, causing property damage or making yourself a total nuisance.
Even if they feel badly, they enjoy the power of having the ability to devastate another human being by withdrawing their love.

He is grinding up on someone on the dance floor, all the while making eye contact with you. You must continue your own way, and see where your path will lead you next.If you do all of these things, what you will find is that you have given yourself a gift. The best revenge is coming out stronger and better than before, knowing that you deserve more than someone who could, or would, hurt you in that way.By living well you have made him irrelevant.

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