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Cancer men are perfect if you are looking for a sweet, sincere and long-lasting romantic relationship. It takes a special lady to make a Cancer man feel comfortable, but once he does, watch out.
Some Leo characteristics that don't get enough press include their creative, noble and dignified sides.
Creativity - When you combine the moon (Cancer's ruler) and the sun (Leo's ruler) you get a whole lot of creativity. The Homebody and the Socialite - If there was ever a phrase that captured the essence of this pairing, it would have to be this one. The highs:oh yes, a cancer man is beautifully sensitive with an enormous heart which is so attractive for the leo girl.
This special report on the compatibility between the Capricorn and Leo is going to be slightly unusual. You have to understand that the horoscope just looks at general directions, but our choices can throw a spanner in the works and we can end up at a completely different place.
With that said, in terms of general direction, the pairing of a Capricorn woman and a Leo man can lead to very positive things. We’re not just talking about material things like money in the bank, a happy family, or high social status; that’s just gravy. Their main goal in life is to just achieve all these things that all boil down to respectability, and material security. You can criticize this thinking all you want, but the reality is that in general terms, Capricorns think like this. They have a lot of heart, they have a lot of courage and they have a lot of willpower and focus. What happens when you burn a village down because you have so much willpower and so much focus, and then you find out that it was an unjustified burning? In their mind, there is a certain truth or some sort of self-justifying mechanism in their willpower and force of character that basically makes everything right. So what happens when you pair that with the Capricorn woman’s tendency to get down to business? The Leo men, on the other hand, can find the Capricorn woman’s emphasis on materialist trappings like being well-read, being well-educated, and being able to carry yourself in a proper way and be respectable, as something desirable.
With the proper guidance of his Capricorn woman, the Leo man can become a better lover, a better father, a better role model for the community, and yes, a very successful man. The main danger present Capricorn woman and Leo man love compatibility is that they tend to butt heads. Once they are able to resolve these issues, they can grow into each other and enjoy a long term relationship.

I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others.
More:cancer male and leo female love compatibilityleo man aries woman loveleo man and pisces womanleo woman cancer man love matchleo man gemini woman in lovecancer woman leo manleo woman aries manMultiple information in regards to Leo Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility. Although these two astrological signs aren't the most obvious pairing, they have potential to be a great match when they do get together. It's not because he doesn't want to, it's just that he wants to be sure that you reciprocate. That's because typical Leos love the spotlight, and the aforementioned signs inherently understand this characteristic. With this pairing, Leo woman is the center of the universe, and Cancer man plays a supportive, loving role as he orbits around her. Cancer men usually have a running narrative in their heads, and they tend to understand things best through moving images.
Cancers tend to wait and think things through, and they're known for their extreme caution. Even when two sun signs like these are not an obvious pairing, there may still be enough compatibility in other areas of their charts to help them make it through the rough patches. Usually, I don’t begin a love compatibility blog post saying that these two signs are very compatible.
You can tell by the direction and the strength of the waves where people will end up as they swim.
The full meal is a very deep, emotionally rewarding, and personally fulfilling relationship. There are enough ingredients in Capricorn woman and Leo man love compatibility to produce a bumper crop of emotional riches. I’m not talking about the couple having a business of their own; I’m talking about having an eye for what matters financially or socially. They use this as basis from which other things like emotional fulfillment, a rich family life, and spiritual development can be built on. The strength of the Capricorn woman is that she tends to think things through and can lay down a solid plan and can go forward. Both love and insist on being the center of attention, to receive many compliments, to explain how things will take place.
He does not want his feelings hurt, and protecting his heart is extremely important to him. Horoscopes have been around for thousands of years and they are based on human observation and human tendencies.
When a Leo is charging at you, figuratively speaking, it’s a good idea to get out of the way.

In fact, Leos have in themselves enough passion to make really great love partners for their Capricorn partner. Instead of butting heads, both partners would do well to understand the nature of Leo boldness and understand the nature of Capricorn female coldness. The only way is for one of them to give ground, but this is a very long process.Neither one of them wants to admit defeat - you may already know that it's either win or lose for a Leo and that he is used to winning by nature.
This means that the two of them have a very real possibility of making their dreams come true together. Such a relationship will be interesting and turbulent, even fun at times, but only for those standing in the sidelines.They can be happy if they manage to mutually submit to each other and soften their power-hungry natures at least a little bit. If someone even hints at criticizing friends or family members, you can believe that Leo will be there to defend them!
Basically, anything that allows the two of you to be creatively involved will do the trick. If this happens, they will have a relatively serene relationship, which for Leos would be a real accomplishment. The lows:I loved (and still do) my cancer man, and really fell for his incredible personality, huge heart and humour as well as his sex appeal!
They will argue like any other couple about things they don't like in the other person, without realizing that they are the same.If they submit to each other, they can end up being happy - love will definitely keep them moving forward, but they must not allow ego and the desire for authority and winning to ruin their relationship.
But for me he wasn't great in the bedroom although I did notice that that he did want to please and was quite attentive (needs to be taught maybe). When it comes to flirting and cheating, you may find them flirting with others, even when they are both out together somewhere. There is nothing worrisome about this - Leo must prove to himself that he can do it, and when both of them are like this - there is actually no problem present.Only a Leo can understand another Leo, that a flirt means nothing more than a flirt.
This is their method of fueling their self-esteem, of having some fun and reminding themselves that they can still impress someone else (not that they ever had any doubts).If they manage to fall in love with each other, this may create a truly strong connection. It will be filled with many compromises and hardships, but it is love that will keep it moving forward. I pulled away as I did not get the level of love that I needed the "take control" essence that I so craved.Still waiting for him to realised what his missed and come back to get me back.

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