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The point–  to show our children, that healthy men and women, who excel at their game, come in all different shapes and sizes. I think a lot of ads are trying to incorporate different body types as opposed to the photoshopped model. What a GREAT way to show impressionable teenage girls that WE are all equal and we ALL are ALLOWED to participate. A teenage girl was savagely attacked by her own German Shepherd after the puppy ‘suddenly flipped’, tearing off part of her face.
Iona Manson from Birmingham, needed two hours of facial reconstruction surgery and more than 50 stitches after the mauling, which tore a chunk out of her nose. And the 13-year-old, who had raised Fidden since he was nine days old, is still mystified why her 13-month-old pet suddenly attacked her.
Remarkably plastic surgeons managed to piece together Iona’s face and today the teenager has barely a scratch to remind of her of the terrifying attack. But her mother Mhairi Manson, 39, said she was still struggling to sleep after witnessing the ferocious incident. Luckily her father, Scott Manson, an army trainee nurse who previously served 18-and-a-half years as a tank commander, was in the living room and heard the dog growl and Iona scream during the attack.
Mrs Manson said they also adopted his brother, Bracken, who has never behaved aggressively. I suspect the little girl was playing with the dog by putting her face down by the food dish when the dog was eating.
Owners of dogs need to understand how they think and make sure they always recognise the human as the leader of the pack.
Actually they can like the dog that attacked me, he had the equivelent of down syndrome in dogs.
You were very brave Iona, and far more intelligent than the fools who are criticising you or making assumptions. Karma is a bitch at the end of the day, and anyone who HURTS a dog will get their due at some point. Image Details 14,504 views (6 from today) Uploaded Aug 02, 2010 at 05:12PM EDT Origin Entry You Just Activated My Trap Card!
Source Beavis and ButtheadThis is pretty awesome and will score you major points with any Beavis and Butthead fan out there. SourceThe Dancing Girls EmojiThis is one of my absolute favorite Emojis, so I obviously love this costume idea. Source Sophia Grace and RosieWho wouldn't want to dress up as Ellen's two adorable little prodigies, Sophia Grace and Rosie?

Source Queen Frostine and Princess Lolly from Candy LandThis is one of the most original ideas I've seen so far for this Halloween. Source Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy StoryToy Story characters are always a cute option, and what's better than Buzz and Woody for best friends? Source Blair and Serena from Gossip GirlThe trick to successfully pull off a Blair and Serena costume set is that one of you should be blonde and one should be a brunette. Source Ketchup and MustardDo any two condiments go together better than ketchip and mustard? Source The White Swan and Black SwanI've seen this around a few times, but I like it a lot, so I wanted to add it in anyway.
Source Patrick and Spongebob Patrick and Spongebob are the best of friends, so obviously they make for a perfect BFF Halloween costume. For any other Marvel lovers out there, my friend and I are going as Captain America and the Winter Soldier for Halloween this year. Lisa Wade pictorial from the website Sociological Images this week, I thought it was quite an interesting topic of discussion.
What impressed most people was how well a few girls stood out and took over the show.What impressed me the most was there were short girls,tall girls,skinny girls,heavier girls.pretty girls and girls that were not blessed with natural beauty,girls that danced like ballerinas, and girls that really couldnt keep up to the music! Not just these olympians, but through healthy foods, regular exercise and a well balanced life.
They all look great to me even though they’re all clearly different shapes and sizes.
I remember Dad telling me to sit up so that he could see my face and then the next thing I can recall is being in the back of the ambulance and looking out of the window. People should understand that some dogs, like most people, have personal zones and they do not like people or even other dogs in their face. Make your Tigger costume with black felt or marker, yellow material, and an orange jumpsuit or onesie - or just buy orange leggings and an orange shirt if a one-piece item is too hard to find.
The shirts shouldn't be too difficult to find, but you can always iron the labels on yourself i you need to. Get yourself Ellen shirts, pink pants, elaborate tutus, princess crowns, Converse sneakers and microphones.
I dressed up as Cher last year, and it was a big hit, but I know it would have been better if I had a Dionne by my side.
This is pretty self-explanatory - one of you can be the white ballerina swan, and one can be the black one. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Little Manhattan club tagged: little manhattan gabe rosemary telesco karate first love divorce.

I agree it’s a good exercise to show your kids (especially girls) that there is no one beautiful body type. At first, the idea was cute and original, but it has now evolved into a generic costume you’re guaranteed to see at least once every year. If you want to do a fun costume with your bestie, get creative and do something more surprising that everyone will love – or at least borrow from these ideas found on Pinterest. You can make these ears or find them in a Disney store For Piglet, you just need pink pants and a pink and white striped shirt, plus pig ears. If you and your BFF go for these costumes, I can bet no one else will be dressed the same as you two. The costumes are easy enough: white pants or shorts with an orange or brown shirt and some faux fur. For Blair, make sure you wear a preppy looking dress with pearls and a headband, and scowl all night look. Do a little crafting to make sure you look like you just came from space, and add platform flip-flops. One of you can dress up in a deer costume with the word "OH" somewhere on you, and one you can be a cow with angel wings and a halo. You can put together your Mermaid Man costume with a yellow top, black shorts, green tights, and green gloves. So please stopp the commenting because this story has been so twisted its unreal to its Biased to comment on it unless you know me or the real story. I also love how these girls poufed their hair up as much as possible - it makes the costumes that much better! You'll definitely need to get crafty to make these look good, but the result will be worth it. Wear knee socks, black Mary-Jane flats and hair clips, and make sure your eyes look dead all night. Sadly, most owners are generally inexperienced and are unable to actually communicate with their dog using language that they understand.
Make sure your bestie is nearby all night so you two can strike this pose whenever it's necessary. For Buzz, you can wear a neon green crop top over a white tank top with purple leggings and a purple tutu.

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