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Mae govannen!:) I'm Laura (INFP, HSP, Hufflepuff), feminist, vegan, artist, archaeologist, historical linguist, and here you'll find all of my beloved fandoms, my art, and whatever I find interesting. When I finally arrived on location there was the whole vast area of the studios before me (at the culibus mundi ;)) and no one else to be seen. Anyways, I saw three young women at a short distance and thinking that they were staff, I decided that I might as well ask them whether they had seen a group of girls.
When I sat down, I was still so much agitated, I could hardly swallow down half of my supper (a badly crushed croissant); and I had to get up soon again, because I began to freeze badly (should have brought that thicker jacket!) and therefore started to jump and hop on the spot. Well, this is the part in the movies we all love, because it’s the turning point to the happy end.

My train was (as trains always are) delayed and since I went in several circles around the main station in a wonderful lack of orientation, I began to fear that I would be too late. And lo and behold, it really happened exactly then that a car was slowly creeping out of the gates and one of the girls suddenly became very anxious. I’m pleased to say that everyone behaved very decent and we left him enough space to breathe. The feeling of loneliness that came over me I can’t describe, but the whole experience is actually undescribable, so what am I doing here anyway? Some three hours later the spirit was getting low and when two girls inquired whether someone had announced our presence to Tom, the reply that no, no one had and that he was already gone, fell hard upon us.

My knees shook very badly but I was very pleasently surprised by myself too, because most of the time I get extremely nervous about the smallest things and I was worried sick about me not being able to utter a single syllable. As it was, I stepped forth to get a photo as third or fourth and even had the nerve to ask him whether he could sign my Loki-shirt.

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