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It’s the time of the month for women, when they feel puffier and their forehead breaks out in zits. Periods happen due to hormones released from the pituitary gland located at the base of your brain called, causing an egg to be released. If you have sex while everything is in place, there is a good chance of falling pregnant (unless you use contraception). It's easy to say what's in your heart or on your mind if you are honest and open about your feelings, which isn't easy for many guys. But even though there are tons of perks to texting your crush, there are also some major downsides. Source: ShutterStockGiving One-Word Answers Few things are worse than the dreaded "K" text message from your crush, especially after you've just sent a long text full of feelings.
Over-Analyzing Every Text Message He SendsI know that text messages can be frustrating and confusing sometimes (like I said, it's hard to read emotions through words alone), but don't act paranoid and start over-analyzing every single thing he says to you. I did i kik message him to much now i think he,s ignoring me because he read all my kik messages but wont reply what should i do i really like him i have never felt like this. Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories! Once you get your period, it means that you are physically capable to become pregnant and have a baby (although it did not necessarily mean you should have yourself pregnant now). At the same time, the lining of your uterus (or womb) is becoming thicker, readying for the egg.
If you don’t have sex, the egg does not get fertilized and the uterus lining starts to break down.
A little line here of appreciation, a little line there about how much he loves her, makes her day like he will never understand. Relationships rely on not only trust and loyalty, but a balance where both partners can be themselves, without forcing make-believe emotions into the equation.
As a shy girl, texting has always been a much easier way to break the ice and get to know the dudes I have crushes on.
A lot of times, there is no deeper meaning to his text - most guys don't play games like that.

I understand if she didn’t reply for four days and then a few days later or the next day, she opens the message and replies because it shows she was most likely busy. The blood and tissue coming this lining goes out through your vagina over the course of a few days—this is your period.
With the following sweet things to say to your girlfriend, you'll learn how to tell her nice things without struggling for words. It is important to work on one's feelings by tapping into emotional pockets like gratitude, appreciation, love, understanding, compromise, and forgiveness.No one expects either partner to go on an emotional overload everyday, but as often as one can, to keep things alive and young. There is much less pressure than speaking on the phone or in person and it just has an easier, more casual vibe. It's fine to make him wait about 20 minutes once in a while, but always making him wait is going to make it seem like you're not interested at all.
I was once talking to this guy who would wait about 5 minutes and then be like, "Uh, hello, lol." No, not LOL.
If you have nothing to add to the conversation except for, "Ugh, so bored at school," just don't. For guys who find it hard to communicate with their girlfriends, it is a commendable quality to seek help from other sources, on how to do this.
That makes it much easier to get confused by what someone is really trying to say and that leaves room for some mishaps.
If you text your crush like crazy, you're going to come off as needy and annoying, even if you're not trying to be. There's nothing weird about answering right away - we all have our phones on us all the time! Of course, there are times when a simple "okay" will do, but don't make one-word responses a habit. If you've noticed that that's what's been happening, stop texting first and make him chase you a little.
That guy I mentioned before used to do this to me all the time - he would be all like, "hey," and then proceed to say absolutely nothing of substance. You'll find that the suggestions on sweet things to say to your girlfriend, will propel you to come up with your own lines, in no time.Sweet Things to Tell a GirlfriendThe key to making these lines sound genuine, is to mean them.

If you're really worried, you can wait about a half hour every once in a while, but don't stress over it so much. I ignored him for a few days, until it was apparent that it wasn't working - so I gave a polite response about not being interested and he left me alone. Don't use these lines to fulfill some kind of sneaky need or get away with something, because eventually she'll catch on.
Yeah, it was awkward and hard, but I felt a lot better afterwards and I think he respected my honesty. If you're going to text him, have some conversation starters ready and when you sense the convo beginning to drag, end it with a quick, "Oops, just got super busy! Don't you ever doubt that.- If I didn't love you, I wouldn't be so incredibly hopeless when you're not around.- Remember that trip we took last spring?
Let me give you a foot massage while you soak in the tub.- I made reservations at this incredible bed and breakfast. You'll love it.- If a hot woman walked up to me, I wouldn't be human if I didn't feel great. You make me want to be better, and to stay that way.- You need to be with someone who lives to make you happy. But behind closed doors, we're weeping for the women we love.- How do you manage to take my breath away every single time I see you?- I'm sorry if my jealousy drives you up the wall. Find it within yourself to say something nice to your girlfriend once in a while, if not all the time. No one expects unrealistic measures, so drop a line now and then to brighten things up for her.

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