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Louis van Gaal insists the club is bigger than him as he prepares Manchester United for the FA Cup final.
The Red Devils take on Crystal Palace in the decider of the prestigious cup competition at Wembley on Saturday and van Gaal has made it quite clear that rumours regarding his future at the club pail into insignificance when there is silverware on the line.
Speculation that van Gaal will be sacked and replaced by Jose Mourinho if United fail to win the FA Cup are rife but the Dutchman is not bothered by all the ongoing talk as he strives to bring a trophy back to Old Trafford. Villa submitted their application to the Premier League late last night, pushing the deal through just before the transfer window closed at 11pm. The 25-year-old midfielder is clearly surplus to requirements at Old Trafford, and a permanent move to either Villa or Everton was rumoured yesterday. However, contract talks broke down and the move will have to be a temporary one for now, but it is believed Villa will look to make the move permanent at the end of the season. Cleverley’s form has seen him derided by Red Devils fans, who have taken to Twitter to express their relief at the departure.
Cleverley, who has made thirteen England appearances, missed out on Roy Hodgson’s squad for the World Cup, as well as the squad for the forthcoming games against Norway and Switzerland. He will be looking to rediscover his form and play more first-team football at Villa Park, under the guidance of Paul Lambert and ex-United midfielder Roy Keane.
After the break they played with far great energy and could easily have won the game, yet to some extent the damage was done. While United picked up a point from the 0-0 draw, long-standing issues reared their ugly heads again as the home side failed to test City goalkeeper Joe Hart until the 82nd minute. The lack of imposing football might not worry Van Gaal, who went on to explain that he’d told his players he was proud of them for backing up the midweek trip to Moscow in the Champions League with a fighting display in the high-octane environment of a local derby.
But United fans are not quite as forgiving, and there have to be question marks raised within the boardroom too. There is clearly no danger of attendances dropping any time soon such is United’s popularity, but the vibe around Old Trafford is changing rapidly all the same. It was a feeling perhaps exacerbated after the break as Van Gaal’s side belatedly began to press higher and show greater urgency in their football. For the first 20 minutes of the second half they were dominant, forcing Manuel Pellegrini to reluctantly reinforce his troops defensively.
With the higher tempo and increased threat, supporters were left wondering why their team couldn’t have played that way from the start.
The regular sight of Bastian Schweinsteiger, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling dwelling on the ball in their own half is not what United fans have grown used to over the years. It was a similar story against Liverpool at Old Trafford, and even against struggling Sunderland the Red Devils took a long time to force the issue. But if they don’t start playing a more refreshing brand of football, then the manager will only avoid the sack by winning trophies.
During the latter years of Sir Alex Ferguson’s reign it was inferred that Jose Mourinho would not be a candidate for the Manchester United job due to his reluctance to play an attractive brand of football. Clearly, the David Moyes experiment changed the goalposts, with the sheen of invincibility having very quickly disappeared from the Theatre of Dreams. Van Gaal was brought in to the club for his ability to win rather than his insistence on playing good football. This style of play would not have been acceptable immediately post-Ferguson, and United are putting up with it for now because they believe it may be a necessary evil in returning a winning culture to the club.
Much is being made of his continued acceptance of Wayne Rooney's lengthy dip in form, with United fans heard noting after the game on Sunday that the England skipper would have been dropped weeks ago had he turned in such performances under Ferguson.

How he deals with Rooney in the coming weeks could be telling, but the bigger picture remains key. Manchester United fans are the type of people who would gladly accept a longer timetable for success if they were being entertained in the meantime.
A look at Manchester United wages shows little room for actual transfers, just a lot of rumors. Besides a transfer of Ron Vlaar -- which is possible, particularly if Aston Villa wants some money instead of letting him go on a free transfer at the end of the season -- the rest of the players are surely needed by their respective clubs and would be too expensive for Manchester United to acquire. Financially, there are four things for the club to consider when looking at transfer spending moving forward: UEFA's Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations and then Premier League's home grown talent rule, wage uplift rule, and break-even rule.
Manchester United revenue is expected to drop ?40 million to ?50 million just from missing out on the Champions League this season. With both break-even rules measured over a three year period -- Manchester United has been profitable the past two years -- basically any spending during this transfer window won't affect either break-even test for next year.
Homegrown talent  The next rule teams need to keep in mind for transfers and squad composition is the homegrown talent rule, which requires teams to have 8 "homegrown" players in order to have a full 25-man roster of players over the age of 21.
Wage uplift  The Premier League's wage uplift rule is the one area that may impact the team during this transfer window.
The wage uplift rule was started as part of the Premier League's "short term cost control" -- it compares the total player wages ending in each season against the benchmark year. Or wages can be higher than the rule if the increase is funded by the club's "own revenue," which includes essentially all revenue besides Premier League TV money and includes profit from player sales. The mistake I've seen a few analysts make is to simply pull wages from the annual report, but that number includes all the wages and social security costs for the club's 800-plus employees and 2,300 temporary staff, in addition to the 49 players on the first team squad.
With the player wage increase estimated at ?10 million to ?17 million and "own revenue" up only ?14 million to ?24 million, that leaves little room for a major signing, unless there is also an accompanying sale or player loan. Manchester United transfers going forwardWhile the January transfer window is limited, things look good for this summer, regardless of whether the club makes the Champions League or not. 1 great stock to buy for 2015 and beyond2015 is shaping up to be another great year for stocks. Polishing the silverware at Britaina€™s most successful football club must at times feel like painting the Forth Bridge. Here, the prestigious (European Super Cups) rubs shoulders with the distinctive (a blue lion from FC Lyon) and the historic (a 1908 Division 1 Winnersa€™ medal; Uniteda€™s first league title.
3XL only available for Mens Crew Neck T-shirts in Black, Navy, White, Red, Royal Blue, Sports Grey, Orange. United are only two points behind City at the top of the Premier League and have what appears to be a favourable run of fixtures ahead.
Results like Sunday’s show that Van Gaal has not quite found the winning formula just yet, and with every such game that passes his rigid style of play remains a huge factor. While UEFA FFP regulations don't apply this season, assuming Manchester United qualifies for European play in 2015, this season's decisions will matter. You can read more about Manchester United transfers, financial fair play, and the break-even tests in my upcoming article. Without getting into all the details, Manchester United is well above that threshold with 11 qualifying players, so the roster is unaffected.
While fans are hoping for a big money signing announcement, this seems unlikely under the wage uplift rule unless another player is transferred out at the same time. The 2012 to 2013 season currently serves as the benchmark, and the rule applies to the seasons ending in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

With the team not making the Champions League, I expect "own revenue" including profit from player sales to be around ?315 million to ?325 million for this season.
It is remarkable that Manchester United's own revenue is up despite the approximate ?50 million hit the club is taking from not making the Champions League.
At the end of last season, Manchester United added 16 coaching, 13 commercial, 22 media, and 78 other staff for a total of 126 new employees compared to the 2012-2013 season. The ?75 million a year Adidas deal will provide a big boost to revenue starting next season, and the club will surely add more sponsors to increase revenue between then and now.
But if you want to make sure that 2015 is your best investing year ever, you need to know where to start.
Manchester United have held aloft 19 league trophies, 11 FA cups and three league cups over their 130-year history a€“ not to mention three European Cups.
Naturally, much of the silverware dates from 1968 and 1999, two of the cluba€™s most successful years, but all ages and areas are represented. 2nd and the rumor mill in full swing, it's a good time to look at how the various FA and UEFA rules on spending and costs could affect the club. However, the steady increase in revenue from sponsorships, which should rise nearly 25% this season to ?170 million as a result of the notable $70 (?46) million a year Chevy kit sponsorship, means the club will be close to breakeven this season.
So Manchester United's player wages are allowed to be ?14 million to ?24 million above the 2012 to 2013 level. This shows how exceptional the organization is when it comes to generating commercial and sponsorship revenue. Using the club guidance for wages and assuming the employee numbers are unchanged, we can back out the social security costs and some other small costs, so my estimate of wages and salaries is ?175 million to ?182 million for the 2014 to 2015 season. In the meantime, Ed Woodward and the Glazers have invested the club's finances well over the past eight years, and they should continue to do so going forward. That's why The Motley Fool's chief investment officer just published a brand-new research report that reveals his top stock for the year ahead. Sadly, you dona€™t get to keep them all a€“ some upstarts from across town have nabbed the FA cup, for starters a€“ but the Old Trafford Museum houses replicas of Uniteda€™s most significant wins, along with dozens of other medals, trophies and commemorative items.
FA Cup Winnersa€™ Medal, 1909 (2), 1963 (2), 1977, 1983 (2), 1985 (2), 1990, 1994, 1996, 2004, FA Cup Runners-Up Medal 1957, 1995, 2005, 200749.
Making some basic assumptions, my analysis shows Manchester United doesn't have much room to maneuver in this transfer window. We Fools may not all hold the same opinions, but we all believe that considering a diverse range of insights makes us better investors. It is very disappointing not to make it, but we've got to pull ourselves together for the game on Saturday. European Club World Cup Winnersa€™ Medal 1991 (2), European Super Cup Winnersa€™ Medal (2)10.
But certainly after that [Euro 2016], for next season, that [midfield] is probably where I see myself playing. Central League Winnersa€™ Medal 1921, Reserve League North Winnersa€™ Medal 2002, 2005, 200657. Manchester Cup Medal, 1910, 1920, 1924, 1927, 1937, 1939, Manchester Cup Runners-Up Medal 1905, 193368.

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