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Destiny, for all its faults, is a game that inspires a steadfast commitment in many of its players — perhaps none of whom are more dedicated than this man. LAN Fiesta used an off-day to grind his Titan up to level 25, earning six Strange Coins along the way. So LAN Fiesta and his friend headed to their local Taco Bueno next, where the employees contributed a free plate of nachos to his quest. After last week’s “Gjalla-day,” Xur has some mighty big shoes to fill in the world of Destiny.
But rain or shine, and sometimes without a primary weapon, Xur must return to The Tower (or the Reef) and bring with him a new selection of exotic wares for Destiny players to buy. This week, Xur can be found in the Eastern wing of the Tower, next to the three class Vanguards. For armor, Xur has some solid options in the Mask of the Third Man for Hunters and the Starfire Protocol for Warlocks.
With the news that only some Destiny exotics will receive attack power upgrades in The Taken King expansion, players are more skeptical than ever about which weapons they do and do not buy.
The good news is that once players do buy the exotic, they will have a blueprint of it in the new exotic weapon terminal. Bungie definitely cannot be called lazy when it comes to delivering significant updates to Destiny. Bungie also changed the vendors a bit to allow players to buy the materials needed to upgrade things by using Vanguard and Crucible Marks.

Bunneh3000 is still awaiting more areas or missions or something to warrant his epic return to Guardianship though. A gamer since the days of Texas Instruments PCs with cartidges, I embody the 'casual' gamer moniker. For months, gamers had been begging the Agent of the Nine to sell Gjallarhorn, the exotic rocket launcher all players covet for its top tier power, and most shocked when he finally did. After spawning into the Tower, simply head forward and follow the path all the way down until entering the room with the large table.
The Mask of the Third Man is particularly useful for those PvP players who use Bladedancer, as it decreases the super energy used while the ability is active. In fact, Xur has only sold the Thunderlord a few times before, so it might be best to grab it now before the new Taken King exotics enter the mix. So, once The Taken King comes out, players can dismantle the weapon to clear vault space, and then re-buy it if need be.
Over the past few months they’ve dropped a number of updates that have altered the balance of the game quite a bit.
To be some of the most powerful weapons in the game, Destiny has decided to shake things up even more and significantly increase the effectiveness of these gems. This should provide even more reason to grind things out in missions to hunt for materials and then be able to buy more if you didn’t harvest quite enough from your adventures.
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Needless to say, if Xur wanted to take a break from Destiny for a week or two, few would blame him.
For our part Thunderlord is the king of heavy machine guns, and will work in tons of PvE and PvP situations. In essence, if a weapon sounds intriguing, it might be better to buy it now and hold on to it just to see if the gun improves in The Taken King.
Most of the updates typically handled exploits that players were using to defeat bosses in various Strike or Raid missions. There was even one early on that fixed the frequency of loot engrams and the rarity of the equipment that each color would provide.
Bungie has decided to increase the base damage of each weapon and even change the method of upgrading them as well. It would be great if you subscribed to our RSS feed or signed up for email updates to get more goodness.
Apparently this is in anticipation of the upcoming Dark Below expansion that arrives on December 9th. Instead of using various resources as the other weapons would to upgrade, the exotics now require an exotic shard.

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