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My blog will show you how to start your business with free advertising sources, and to then build your business with the profits.
Post to 50 And More Social Media Sites, including Instant Blog Subscribers, Facebook and Twitter. While you get a lot with a free email account, such as those from Gmail or Microsoft, you’re plagued with adverts and you get less choice over your email name.
Once you pay for your email, you’ll not longer get swamped with adverts as you do with Google and Microsoft accounts. Next, if you were using the free email that comes with your ISP, you can’t change provider without losing your account.
There’s also the option for Google Apps, which is a paid-for version of the free Gmail services.
Before we show you how to configure your accounts, there’s one important configuration consideration: should you use IMAP or POP3? IMAP requires more storage space, as you’re not constantly clearing the server, but it’s the much better choice if you’ve got multiple devices that you want to get email on, plus all of your messages are safe in the cloud. We’re using 1&1’s standard mail hosting for this walkthrough, although configuration steps are similar with other accounts, too. If you want a bit more from your email account, including more storage space and the ability to synchronise contacts and calendars, you need to step up to a business account. If you don’t have Outlook, then you’ve got an alternative way of connecting using CalDAV and CardDAV to access your contacts and calendar, while email is delivered by IMAP.
We’ve used Fasthosts’ Exchange service for this guide, although the configuration will be similar for other hosting companies’ Exchanger services. If you want to add your email account to your smartphone, Android and iOS devices both support Exchange auto-configuration, which means that you just need to add an Exchange account, enter your email address and password, and everything will be pulled in automatically. You may have noticed that some people have their own vanity URL for shortened links—something that uniquely identifies content as coming from them.
In order to get started, you'll need to make sure you actually own the vanity URL you would like to use.
Remember that our goal with vanity URLs is to create short links that are shared on social networks, so having a long domain name will limit the number of free characters you have left over to comment on the link. Now that we’ve come up with a usable short version of our domain, we need to actually purchase it.
While there are many different link shortening services available, most of them either don’t let you configure your own vanity URL, or they have a limited network of compatible apps.
While you’re logged into your account, click the account menu in the top right of the interface and navigate to Settings. After you put your new short domain in, you’ll have to flip back to your domain registrar—the company you just bought the new domain from—and access their DNS settings for the domain.
It can take up to 48 hours (in rare cases) for your new DNS information to propagate around the whole internet, so don’t expect everything to start working immediately. It's not a waste time though—you can prepare to use our new system while everything sorts itself out in the background! Now that you’re operational, you can consider the many different ways of creating shortened links. On your Mac, you’ll find a number of apps designed to help you create and share short URLs easily, including Short Menu and Shrinkr. Having downloaded the app, you’ll be presented with a quick explanation of how Short Menu works, but you have a bit of setup to do before you can start using your vanity URL shortener with it.
Third-party applications make use of an API key to grant access to your account, so you need to retrieve yours in order to log in.
Right at the bottom, you’ll find the Legacy API Key section—click the link to show it, and copy the long string of characters. With Short Menu launched and running, click the menubar icon and use the dropdown gear menu to access the app’s Preferences. One of Short Menu’s greatest advantages is that it offers multiple ways of shortening. Now press your desired key combination and, assuming it isn’t already in use, Short Menu will assign it and you can start using it immediately! Auto Short works similarly, but shaves one extra step off the process—it will run a background process that continually checks your clipboard for links, shortening them automatically if it finds one. PopClip is a fantastic utility, and its expandable nature makes it one of the most flexible tools available for Mac. Now, whenever you highlight a link, PopClip will appear with a new lightning bolt icon that automatically sends the URL to Short Menu for processing, giving you a perfect shortened vanity URL to use. Besides the native menubar options, you’ve got a wealth of other possible ways to use your new vanity URL shortener. This handy little tool lives in your bookmark bar and automatically shortens links with one click, without making you leave the page. Many desktop Twitter clients allow you to set up Bit.ly shortening from their settings, including Tweetbot, Seesmic, and Tweetdeck. If you like to schedule your posts, or simply distribute them to multiple networks simultaneously, then a tool like Buffer comes in very handy. You can integrate the Bitly plugin to automatically shorten new post links, and even share them to your networks if you like.

Now that you have your very own custom link shortener up and running, you can share those links without fear of them looking generic. Don’t forget to log in to your Bit.ly account every now and then to keep an eye on the statistics so you know which of your shares is performing best! Marius MasalarMarius Masalar is a digital adventurer, working as a composer, writer, and photographer.
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That’s a better use experience overall and makes sending and receiving email a lot less invasive. Once you’ve signed up for your own email address, you can switch ISP as many times as you like, keeping the same email address. With an entry-level account, you’ll get a basic webmail interface, a few gigabytes of storage and the ability to connect mail clients and your mobile devices.
This gives you a much more user-friendly web interface, the option to use full Outlook with your account, plus better calendar sharing and appointment scheduling.
It gets you more storage and no adverts, but we haven’t covered it here, as you have to make some fairly complicated changes to your domain to get it working, it’s relatively expensive and it’s quite hard to configure.
When you connect to your account via POP3, the messages are downloaded from the server and, usually, deleted from it.
Note that Exchange accounts work like IMAP accounts: it’s a slightly different protocol, but the basic configuration is the same. It’s easiest to register to the domain through the company that will provide the email service, as there’s no additional configuration required.
When you log in to your account, you need to click the selection to create an email account. You just need to enter a new standard mail account and use the information in the table below.
We’re using 1&d1’s Business account here, although you’ll get similar features from other people. The procedure is very similar to creating a basic account, as above: select the option to create an account, then choose Business and fill out the form to create your account. In Android or iOS, you just have to add a new account to the phone, choosing Exchange as the type.
Once you’ve logged in you’ll need to click the link to create an email account, then you should choose Exchange 2013.
Click Email, Manage Email Packages and then click the Email button next to your domain name.
For PC's eM Client is a good choice; if you’ve got a Mac you can use the built-in Mail or get Outlook.
Now, everything you do on one device (desktop, web or mobile) will be synchronised between all of your devices. Creating and using a vanity URL shortener can be a valuable asset to your brand, and it’s easier than you may have thought! There are many places on the internet you can go to search for a domain name, but Domai.nr is designed to help you find clever alternatives, short versions, and variations, which makes it perfect for our uses.
Once you’re there, flip over to the Advanced tab and look for the Custom Short Domain heading. This step varies from registrar to registrar, but all of them have extensive documentation to help you. Normally, you should be up and running within a few hours, but this can vary depending on your registrar. Both will allow you to log in via Bit.ly and use your new vanity URL, but Short Menu has the added advantage of providing a PopClip extension. Visit your Bit.ly account settings page and go back to the Advanced tab we were on earlier.
Quick Short allows you to set up a system-wide shortcut to process the link you have copied to your clipboard.
Any link in your clipboard will be shortened, and the result will replace the long version in your clipboard so you can paste it wherever you like. From Preferences, hop over to the Auto Short tab and click the button to activate the service if you prefer to work this way. Set up Bitly integration once and have it work with new links no matter where you Buffer them from! This gets you a completely custom email address and lets you expand to add more users or family members, as you want.
It means no more endlessly typing in usernames only to find that they’ve already been taken, as you do with the free services. That means that if, for example, you download your email using your laptop, when you connect from your smartphone you won’t get the same messages. For example, read an email on your laptop and your smartphone will change to show that the message has been viewed; delete an email on one device or via webmail and it’s gone on everything. The web interface is a little basic, but you’ll see icons across the top of the screen for email, calendar, contacts, a to-do list and more.
Note that some email clients let you add the account, but only let you adjust the required port number afterwards, so don’t worry if you initially get an error.
If you’re using a PC and you want to sychronise your calendar as well as your contacts, you have a couple of options.
You’ll then be able to choose how many email accounts you want to create (it gets cheaper, per account, the more you create), and if you want to download the latest version of Outlook (an additional ?1.49 a month). Die tatsA¤chliche Versandzeit kann in EinzelfA¤llen, insbesondere zu Spitzenzeiten, abweichen. If you’re running a business, it also looks a lot more professional to have a dedicated email address than it does to be using a free one. These typically cost a little more and give you the ability to synchronise your calendar and contacts with your online account, too.

Click on Email and you’ll see that the layout closely resembles that of a desktop email application. This time around, you’ll notice that the web interface is a lot cleaner and more modern than with the basic account.
Outlook’s not required, as the web interface does everything, but it's a good option if you want the best desktop support.
Cleverly, any other email accounts you’ve added to your domain are automatically appear in the Global Address List.
With so many URLs flooding into our timelines, it can be difficult to make yours stand out. With this simple program and our support, you can own your own business, set your own prices and focus on sales, while we provide and ship your products, create and manage your business website content and even supply your personalized print marketing materials. Here, we’ll show you what the various options are, how you go about setting them up and what the benefits are over a free service. Outlook can’t talk to the 1&1 servers directly, but this bit of software does some clever automatic conversion for you. Choose how you want to pay (monthly or yearly) and then click Continue when you’re ready to go. If you invite them to a meeting or want to send them an email, their addresses will be auto-completed. Click Add account and Outlook will go away, find the all of the correct server settings and automatically configure itself. You can also choose to enable anti-spam and anti-virus to keep your inbox clutter-free, and if the account can be upgraded to a Business account.
If you’re only going to use the web interface, then you can use the calendar and contacts section; if you want to use a desktop client, then we don’t recommend this as there’s no way to sync them to your computer.
Repeat the above instructions exactly, except select Add a CardDAV account to synchronise your contacts.
You can now email, get all of your calendars and manage your contacts through your desktop client. You may want to leave this option selected so that you can take advantage of the additional Business features at a later date. Now when you start the Calendar or Contacts apps, you'll see everything pulled in from your internet account.
As business gets underway, the full technical and service support of our company and an assigned Wishihadthat representative are at your service. You choose all or any of the product departments (shown in the navigation to the right) that best suit your business needs and goals. As shown, your site will include many links and images including catalogs, pricing guides and order forms in .pdf format.
Business cardsWe can design and haveA business cards personalized with your business name, web and contact information.A  Cards are provided at our cost - 1,000 cards minimum. Your pricing, however, is completely at your discretion, providing you understand you'll need to cover your underlying wholesale cost. A You own your business and you determine what you will sell these items for a€“ whether at wholesale cost to a friend or at 100% mark-up (or more) to a customer. Item-by-item wholesale price lists will always be available to you via concealed (hidden from the public) links on your own business website after it is set up.A A  Just how good are our initial wholesale rates? While wholesale rates may vary for some products, the discounts listed below are typical of the steep price reductions we offer wholesalers on products in each category. Wishihadthat would prepare and crate the statue at no additioanl charge, and shipping rates might vary from $200 (West Coast) to $600 (East Coast). Some of our retailers report purchasing solid marble statues wholesale from us for just $3,000 and reselling them for $15,000. Whatever retail rates your market supports, your wholesale cost on these products is 40% off our list retail pricing, plus shipping.A Wholesale Pricing for Wooden Fireplaces, Executive Furnishings, Ceiling Tiles, etc. A WEBSITE YOU OWN, CONTENT YOU LEASEWith our service, you own your own website, but we do the workA The rapid set-up and ongoing maintenance of a personalized business website in your business name is a crucial component of Wishihadthata€™s Independent Retailer Support Program packages outlined above.
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The a€?stocka€? content-controlled pages are not subject to change other than by Wishihadthat, but we can add additional pages (including pages featuring products from other sources) at your request, provided you supply the content to us and it is inoffensive. You will assume all responsibility for annual hosting fees as well as handling any and all future maintenance services and fees.A  Failure to pay annual renewal lease or the $100 conversion fee will forfeit both the content and domain name to Wishihadthat, Inc. A We at Wishihadthat hope to provide such great value and quality in our unique products and powerful support services a€“ and to see you selling so successfully a€“ that you will renewA this synergistic program relationship for years to come. A In case youa€™re not familiar with the term, a€?drop shippinga€? is the shipping of a product directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler to the customer without requiring the retailer to carry any inventory. A We will drop ship your orders using a a€?blinda€? shipping method a€“ as far as your customer is concerned the product comes from your company.
We can ship directly to your customer, including any literature you send us to enclose with your orders.
A Laptop Showroom?By the way, while ita€™s certainly not a requirement, a laptop computer will turn your website into a portable, virtual showroom for potential customers wherever you go.
Your pricing, however, is completely at your discretion, providing you understand you'll need to cover your underlying wholesale cost.

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