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This week we heard Jessica Simpson’s parents are divorcing, some said it was because Jose Simpson came out as gay and that he has a 20 something boytoy, but Tina Simpson said there is no third person and an affair is not the reason of their divorce however she did not said anything about Joe not being gay. Which according to this 21 something model Bryce Chandler Hill, Joe Simpson is so- gay and he is the boytoy Joe has been having an affair with for the past year. Ashlee and Jessica Simpson’s 52-year-old mother Tina filed for divorce last month citing “discord or conflict of personalities” which translate to heterosexual personality + homosexual personality= disaster.
Joe who denied being gay has been married and allegedly not so straight for 34-years, according to the National Enquirer, Joe finally came out of the closet two months ago during a family gathering, boy! We are talking about 21-year-old Bryce Chandler Hill born on November 11, 1990 born in Bakersfield, California to Bryan Hill and Stephanie McDonel Hill. An American footballer who used to play for Leeds United has announced he is gay and retiring from the sport aged just 25. MLS PLAYERS TWEET THEIR SUPPORT FOR ROBBIE ROGERS A host of MLS players and international teammates have voiced their encouragement about Rogers' decision. Justin Fashanu (football) pictured right - The first - and so far only - top-flight player to publicly admit his homosexuality.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Padula who is a Communications Specialist at A+E Networks used to be a member of SoCal Social Club, a networking organization for the LGBT community in the L.A. His face might not be very familiar to you but for sure we’ve all heard his voice at least once.

According to his LinkedIn page, Padula has worked in the past for Lifetime Television, Balliamos Dance Studio, Envision Entertainment & Jack Grossbart Productions. The former dance instructor is originally from Bossier City, Louisiana, where he attended Airline High School. On his Instagram there are a few pictures of him and his adorable niece and nephew hanging out at the beach or the Aquarium. Miller who will star next in the new Lifetime reality series “Abby’s Studio Rescue,” might not now a thing!
When he met Joe, he knew what a good job he had done in managing Jessica and Ashlee’s careers and wanted a piece of the pie himself.
Bryce  claims he worked from January, 2011 until this January at Tantrum Apparels LLC and after that until  this august he was a Director of Marketing and Sales at Tantrum Apparels LLC in L.A. Footballer Justin Fashanu was the first and only English player to publicly announce he was homosexual. According to Radaronline info and shocking photos, Michael  has been very active in Los Angeles’ gay community in recent years!
He attended Louisiana State University in Shreveport for his Mass Communications degree and also is a graduate from Northwestern State University. Overall he seems like a decent, fun, talented fellow; is not a crime to be gay, is not like the dude is a convicted felon! Bryce has been bragging about hooking up with Joe for a while now,” a source close to Hill revealed.

After admitting he was gay, Fashanu struggled to reignite an already stuttering career, and retired in 1997, blaming his downfall on prejudice in the English game. The couple who is actually in their way to the altar, might be facing trouble in paradise already!
We also found a couple of “weird” photos of the 33-year-old laying around on his Facebook page, that just makes you wonder! Rogers, who represented his country 18 times, including at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, also told how he kept his sexuality a secret even from his friends and family. He committed suicide in May 1998 aged 37.Greg Louganis (diving) - The American won a silver medal at the 1976 Olympic Games and followed that with a brace of golds in 1984 and 1988.
Louganis' autobiography, released in 1995, detailed his rise to global prominence and subsequent decision to come out as a homosexual living with HIV.Martina Navratilova (tennis) - The Czech-born nine-time Wimbledon champion came out publicly as gay in 1981, a short time after she was granted US citizenship.
The 6ft 10in star used his autobiography, Man In The Middle, to make public his sexuality.Gareth Thomas (rugby union) - Thomas, who was Wales' most-capped player and a former British and Irish Lions captain, publicly announced he was gay in December 2009 at the age of 35. Davies told British newspaper The Sun: 'I'm comfortable with who I am - and happy to say who I am in public.

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