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If you want to find out the death date of your family members, then here you will get sufficient information. You can go to your local library and look at old newspaper obituaries to find out when someone died. Some websites also provide the relevant information regarding the death date of your beloved ones.
Additional ResourcesHere is a few quick and easy ways for you to get almost any type of information on anyone. Teach them the truth, and let them sort thru the cobwebs of liberalism that have infested their minds.
I was driving with an expired driving license and was pulled over in the state of Illinois. I had applied for H1B visa extension and I did not get approval notice until last day of expiration. The police officer told me that as I was driving with an expired driving license, if I was in my own state(state where my license was issued), then my license would have been taken away and I would have been taken to jail(worst case scenario) and then someone should come and bail me out.
What I knew was, I had an expired driving license from USA and I knew that I cannot really fly anywhere because at airport they might ask me for valid ID. If you know that other state does give extension of driving license with your kind of situation, you may consider options to get license from that state. This is the last option, do not drive and take taxi…I know it can be hard, imagine it is a criminal offense if you get caught. To summarize, I got this citation because of the dumb reason that “ I did not know ( I assumed I would be ok to drive with expired driving license, but it was not true)  and  I was too lazy to inquire about my options before expiration ( I did not call DMV and ask for my options)” .
I had a bad experience with speeding too, read my speeding mistake experience: Why NOT to Drive over speed limit in US ?
My visa stamping is only for 10 months and when i went for the driving test i was not allowed to take the test because as per IL (Rockford) licence will be issued only if the stamping is for 1 year! As soon as you realized your Driver License is going to expire and you don’t see a sign of extension approval. I am having the similar situation now where my h1 extension is in the process and my Driver license is expiring on 1 march 2015. I found myself in the exact same situation and I can speak for how this handled for H1B holders in the state of NC.
Called employer’s legal specialist and HR Manager, requested for I797C (receipt of filing extension) and Employer letter (stating you work for them since _ to present and H1B Extn is filed). It would only make sense if this is a standard guideline followed by all states across US when it comes Driver’s license for visa holders. The reason cited my them is that I have a out of state license and should have come atleast 60 days before my visa was going to expire. My California DL expired on Oct 21st 2013 as per I-94, before expiration I tried renewal at two DMV (Fremont and Hayward) offices with following documents. Both of the offices insisted on approval notice with date mentioned on it, didn’t renew license.
If you driving license is still not expired, I will suggest you talk to Manager or Supervisor at DMV and see if that helps.
I received my H1B extension approval last month, we submitted RFE, this time filed in Premium category. I heard recently USCIS started SAVE program, that means even your H1B is approved, DMV needs to verify the immigration status with USCIS.

As my OPT is expiring early next week along with my Driving License, and my H1B case is still pending for approval. There is a little complication here, I work for employer A right now on my OPT and employer B has filed my H1b which is still pending. Hey I was having similar case, I am living in MN, in my letter from DMV, it was written that I can provide a receipt of H1 extension letter, I have provided the same, I got my Driver’s license extension for next 60 days. I am not sure if this rule differs from state to state but I am glad that I can drive during my H1 extension period. If they are not ready to replace it, then only option is to upgrade extension to PP so that you can get it early and then go to DMV. Did you get any notification from DMV, see that letter what evidences it requires for the status check, if it says the receipt of H1 extension, you can have it from your employer.
Generally, people are interested in death records of their family members for the purpose of genealogy research. After reaching a particular website you can search the death records by entering the vital information like first name, last name and probable location of death etc. If you have some idea about the place where your family member had died then the local newspaper can be the best option.
View our Top Rated Resources, Do a Quick and Easy Search and view our comprehensive FAQ's.This website is not affiliated with the US government and does not sell any type of certificates or FCRA based information.
These revolvers can easily place ammo ina 4-6" group out to 25 yds, with only a little practice. My situation was, I had applied for my H1B visa extension and was waiting for USCIS for the approval notice.
In fact, driving with an expired license in state of Illinois is a criminal or quasi-criminal offense. My H1B will expire in 2 weeks and my company has filed for an extension and its in initial review.
Just wanted to check with folks if there is any way I can get my license done in this situation? Does anyone know if I can renew my license based on my H1B receipt or am I not eligible for it? I can produce employment letter from employer A and not from employer B who has filed my H1B. My I-94 was valid till oct end so i gave road test in sep 2012 in georgia and got a DL till 2017. Many news papers offer the search facility on internet, so this method will be quite beneficial for you. It was specifically designed for excellent concealed carry, or carry in a light shoulder holster.
Anyways, because I was out of state, the officer belonged to out of state too, that law could not be exercised and I was let go with a citation of $75 and court appearance required. But still they did not renew the Driver’s license stating that INS is not updated with my immigration information so they have created a case in SAVE program.
I tried renewing my license in NJ based on the receipt notice and had carried all required docs. For this, you need to have some vital information like full name of the individual, city or state etc. These websites offer the official government documents such as certificates of death and published obituaries.

But some local newspapers don’t maintain websites, so in that case you will have to reach their office and make a request to find the death date of your beloved ones. These offices charge some fees according to the type of records and number of records you want to find out. If you find the thread, I think you might be surprised how well these compact wheelguns really do in a range session. Anyways, what I knew from my friends experience was, they do not renew license without having  H1B extension approval notice.
In fact, the citation says, it is a criminal or quasi-criminal offense and I was bailed out with an eye bond and was given 30 day grace period.  I had to sign on the bail form that, I was bailed on the rule that, I will not commit the offense again and I will abide by the rules. Also, I assumed that there would not be any option from the DMV based on my friends feedback.
Even though they could verify the documents they refused me a license.Please let me know if anyone has been in similar situation and could get a license done in NJ. The interesting part of it is, I had got my DL renewed from there(Kilmer DMV) only couple of years ago in this very situation. Other information is also beneficial for you to find out when a family member died for your family tree.
Alternatively, you can also obtain these records through various religious institutions like churches as they maintain death records too. This rule varies by state; at least in our state they do not extend your license without H1B extension.
What it means is that, I cannot drive from then onwards until I get the renewal of license.
In all reality, every state is different and some do give extension of Driving license if you have the H1B application receipt notice and then employer letter.
In 2-3 weeks you will get a letter from SAVE stated that your Extension pending status is being verified by USCIS. Confirm your search from various places in order to find out the exact date of death of your family members. I'll work on saving the S&W but my pop's Browning shotgun will probably get sacrificed in it's place! Anyways, luckily I had my friend with me and the officer took my friend’s Driving license and ran a check and told that my friend should drive and I should not.
In this way you can easily find out the grave of your family members as well as other relevant information regarding their death.
And finally there is an engraved code that is visible in the yoke cut that reads "MOD.
I just took a chance and was driving, I was pulled over just on 4th day after expiration…I was pulled over in other state when I was doing a road trip. They can see in their system that SAVE already approved extension for 6 months and that way you will get your Drivers lic extended for next 6 months. Last but not the least; another option is to ask your existing family members as some people keep the death information in books or in some safe place.
Most family members will know where your family is buried or atleast help you find out where some of your family members grave sites are.

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