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Back in the 90s, some marketing genius managed to sell the idea to pre-teens that Trolls weren’t ugly, hairy, warty dudes-with-height-problems that hid under bridges and ate goats. I had a drummer Troll with orange hair and a green drum kit, a tutti frutti Troll with strawberry smelling pink hair and I also had a little Troll with blue hair that adorned the rear of my HB pencil and made a great I’m-bored-in-maths distraction. This work by Andrea Zanin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
We hear it all the time: "Where can I find a good car mechanic?" In the past, word of mouth was probably the best way to find an auto repair shop that would do the job right and charge a fair price. We've had good experiences with Yelp recommendations as we looked for a mechanic to work on Edmunds' long-term 1996 Lexus ES 300, which is the subject of our Debt-Free Car Project. Yelp has an algorithm that helps it spot misleading reviews, but sometimes they can slip by undetected.
Angie's List prides itself on having a thorough vetting process for its reviews, which cover everything from automotive listings to home repair and even wedding planning.
Google's enormous database will yield the greatest number of search results, but they may require some extra filtering to be useful. Enthusiast message boards dedicated to a particular car make and model often have forum threads where members discuss their local dealerships or independent repair shops. Despite how far crowdsourced reviews have come, an old-fashioned word-of-mouth recommendation from someone you trust can often be the most effective tool.
I previously developed a version of the family tree program (found here) but the interaction was incomplete and I didn’t make the information particularly clear. However, since my rendering accounts for specific years born the information shown is more dense than the example. Currently the controls are a little crude, but they are mostly to explore the diagram as a designer, and not as a user.
The divided circle angles was inspired by a handful of family tree images from poster companies. Artistically, I found inspiration in star-finder maps that help to identify constellations. Regarding color choice, there is little meaning in the color itself other than identifying gender: male (dark green) and female (lighter green).
The primary challenge of drawing the relationships is to show each connection, without letting the connections overlap each other (at least, without some form of extra ).
So the strength of this is that it is mathematically impossible for one child-parent relationship line to cross with another (but does not account for incest which would provide a crossover. Like many coding projects I spent hours going down rabbit holes that didn’t get me anywhere. Unfortunately, there are still problems in the data itself (I believe there are multiples of one person linked as a father to himself!) but the nice thing is that my navigation makes these errors apparent. I would like to add more functionality soon including extra controls via controlP5 library to adjust parameters more easily. Future versions could allow more accurate zooming and more sophisticated line drawing using bezier curves (my first attempts were way off!). This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Check the House Rabbit Society's recommended veterinarian list first to see if there are any recommended rabbit veterinarians listed in your area.

Before I begin to review this little gem of a movie, allow me to start by saying that the most unbelievable thing about the entire plot was, surprisingly, not the two-headed mutant shark. Now that that’s out of the way, allow me to begin my review of 2-Headed Shark Attack (2012). Prior to starting this flick, I took a look at the reviews on Netflix and I must say, they weren’t good. The premise of the movie is that a bunch of college kids have signed up for a “semester at sea” on a boat not big enough to sleep in, let alone study and spend a semester in.
A whole bunch of deaths and a horribly overacted (by Charlie O’Connell) leg injury later, Brooke Hogan fixes everything.
In fact, Trolls were cute little plastic guys with pointy hair that came in a flood of fruity smells. This response can either be a thank you to someone for a good review or a defense or apology if the review was a negative one. In a search we did for our area, Angie's List provided a number of repair shops nearby, but we found the volume of reviews lacking when compared to Yelp. On one hand, the chance of a falsified review drops considerably, since the site requires a paid membership to access the site and post a review. The reviews on these sites are spotty in terms of quantity, and we haven't had the chance to use them that much.
Ask your friends and family who takes care of their cars and you may just find your new mechanic. Individuals, represented as nodes, are placed a distance from the center relative to the year they were born, with 2000 at the center moving backward in time as they move outward.
After diving back into it I found few errors in the parsing code that prevented many key people from being drawn.
Once parsing the data, the code takes another pass at each person and calculates age from birth- and death-dates or estimates the age if one is not already calculated. The drawback is obvious: by the time you get more than 7 or 8 generations out, the density on screen becomes too intense to make sense. I feel the efforts paid off though and the key features to navigate and understand the diagram are in place.
A filter-like search feature would be interesting but requires broader reflection on the overall functionality and interaction. Since there are a couple historic figures in the tree, it might be nice to pull from wikipedia if data is available. The best review gave it minus two stars, but what I don’t understand is, what were these reviewers expecting, upon seeing a movie titled 2-Headed Shark Attack?
The boat breaks down and they’re forced to stop the boat and terribly mimic underwater welding to fix it. She, apparently, has been trained in welding, boating, mechanics, shark-fighting, lip-pouting, sassy-insulting, and, of course, really, really bad acting. They were excellent for impaling on pencils, liked to hang out with Barbie and made pretty cool dressing table decorations. But because containing costs is important for the Lexus project, we've used Yelp four times to locate independent mechanics. Either way, we consider a thoughtful reply a good sign — particularly in response to a negative review.

For example, one repair shop we used for the Lexus had just one review on Angie's List, and it was from 2008.
Apply the same filtering that you use with Yelp reviews: Look for patterns of excellence or disappointment. The paternal lines are traced in darker green; the maternal lines are traced in lighter green. To be able to understand the family network a little better, I developed the circle rendering to view the entire lineage cleanly and all at once.
There are a few others that offer to render the family tree (even in 3D), but no software currently shows the entire tree in a way that allows a full view of the family over the entire 1000 year span. To make sure there were no overlaps, I calculated the angle of spread for each person by dividing the angle of the child by two.
Did they figure they were watching a blockbuster, mutli-million dollar movie with Academy Award potential? And by “terribly mimic,” I mean wave a MIG gun (which, incidentally, can’t actually be used for underwater welding) erratically three feet from the actual boat. Sometimes a highly rated shop might disappoint, but at least you can tilt the odds in your favor.
The goal should be to find a place that strikes a balance between a good rating and a substantial number of reviews.
Look for reviews that are specific and give plenty of details about the users' experiences. The same shop had 22 reviews on Yelp, with the most recent one being less than a month old.
The repair shops will appear about halfway down the page, with their address to the right of their listing. The underwater welder gets eaten (she’s the one I mentioned earlier who was DPed by both mouths), and the boat continues to take on water.
When you get into the specifics of these niche interests, we’re confident that you’ll appreciate Yell! For example, a place may have a glowing review, but if it's the only review, that customer's experience might not be the same as yours. The code is customized for my own dataset, but down the line I hope to have plug-in-play capability with other data files.
You know, the ones your mom always told you to be nice to because they were “special,” but to you, special only meant that they drooled a lot, and often smelled funny.
The students are forced to take a life boat to a nearby island (excuse me, I mean an atoll) and await help, but then, GASP, the atoll starts sinking too! In an aerial act so good it could have been part of Cirque du Soleil, the shark flips the guy up into the air with his tail, dives into the deep, and then takes a flying leap out of the water to catch the falling guy in its mouths, before he hits.

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