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It seemed like just another day when the residents of California awoke from their peaceful slumber. Anyone who's ever tried to learn another language knows that translation is a difficult art to master. For the more than 50 million Hispanics living in the United States, 38 percent of whom are bilingual, navigating between two languages is often a daily occurrence -- and mistakes are known to happen. Not surprisingly, there's a Flickr group devoted to documenting bad translations, and we've pulled a few of our favorites. From overly literal translations to false cognates check out 10 of the best translation fails from English to Spanish and Spanish to English in the slideshow above.
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Cognates turn out to mean something else, prepositions aren't used the same way, idiomatic expressions become meaningless. Reach Hispanics, a Hispanic marketing blog, took notice of the phenomenon yesterday in a Twitter post.

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Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased. On further inspection the residents discover, to their horror, that disaster has struck The Golden State overnight. As a result rising number of jobs require spanish or at least prefer individuals who can speak spanish.
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Unfortunately Abercrombie is widely known for his anti-immigration stance, and with California falling apart he hardly seems to be the right man to take charge of the situation!
Hope comes in the unlikely figure of TV news reporter Lila Rodriguez (Yareli Arizmendi), a Hispanic who has somehow survived the mass exodus.
But a demented military geneticist holds Rodriguez under lock and key where he tries to extract her DNA, believing he can create a vaccine to prevent other ethnic groups from vanishing.
As the film builds to an eyebrow-raising conclusion, nothing can be taken for granted in this zany, off the wall comedy.

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