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Colombian authorities found a 36-centimeter-high gold statue made of 11 kilos of cocaine mixed with acetone (to help mold it together) inside a box headed for Madrid, Spain. With Spain only two victories away from bringing home the real FIFA World Cup Trophy, they may have been hoping that the Columbian version would also be meeting them in Madrid for their victory celebration. Choosing the top states for trophy crappies is a tough task, because the continent is currently blessed with an abundance of A-list crappie waters. To narrow our options, we scoured recent records of the In-Fisherman Master Angler Awards Program, which recognizes readers nationwide for outstanding catches, for trends in trophies. Sunshine State crappie fans have no shortage of choices when it comes to slab-producing fishing holes. The Land of Lincoln is also home to stellar crappie fishing, with lakes such as Kinkaid, Rend, and Shelbyville routinely ranking high among the country’s finest fisheries. Our selection of the Hawkeye State might surprise a few anglers, but In-Fisherman Master Angler Awards don’t lie.
As a bonus to readers and in hopes of preventing a border battle over the fabled “Crappie Capital” of Kentucky Lake, I lumped these two states together for this entry.
In-Fisherman friend and crappie guru Todd Huckabee’s home lake—Eufaula—is among the best on the planet for slabs topping 2 and even 3 pounds.
Upper Red Lake’s fishery may be a shadow of its former self, but other big waters including Mille Lacs and Rainy lakes, along with the St. Home to the unrivaled “Arc of Slabs,” which includes the hallowed waters of Arkabutla, Enid, Grenada, and Sardis, the Magnolia State could easily argue for top honors on the list. Don’t let the world-class bass fishing fool you, the Lone Star State is a stellar destination for oversize crappies as well. NEW LOOKDespite the Bonneville's success, having been rushed to market, it suffered from some grave deficiencies.
NEW COLORSThey addressed the color, replacing it with a nice Pearl Grey and Azure Blue paint scheme. CARBSInitially, the same Amal Monobloc carburetors used in 1959 were, but with the remote float bowl relocated further forward and rubber-mounted to fight vibration-induced fuel frothing. ELECTRICSMagneto ignition would remain with the Triumph Bonneville throughout its pre-unit life (1959-1962). Like previous designs, the duplex frame used lugged and brazed construction and a detachable rear subframe. RUNNING GEARThe front forks were carried over from the 1959 Triumph Bonneville, but greatly improved with the addition of two-way damping. Gorgrond Monster Hunter is an account-wide Draenor exploration achievement awarded for killing eight specified rare-elite mobs in Gorgrond. But what finally pushed it onto our list were two straight 17-inch-plus entries in the Master Angler Awards Program.

Already in 2013, the state broke the 17-inch barrier with a gravel pit slab landed by Austin Hronich of West Des Moines, and since 2010 it has produced at least one award winner topping 16 inches each season, and twice has seen multiple 16-inchers recognized. Both are worthy of top 10 status in their own rights, but together the options are nothing short of phenomenal. But the lake’s shallow, muddy, fertile waters are only part of the reason the Sooner State claimed a spot on our list. Perhaps nowhere else on the planet do anglers have a better shot at catching big white crappies, including giants topping 3 pounds. They stripped the touring-style T110 bodywork off and replaced it with the minimalist hardware from the Triumph TR6 Trophy line (small tank & fenders and a detachable headlight).
For the 1960 Triumph Bonneville, UK and export machines received the Lucas K2F auto-advance Magneto which gave a 30-degree spark advance variance.
The problem with the duplex frame was that it had only a single backbone running under the tank to the steering head.
The fork sliders were slightly longer to compensate for the move from a 19" front wheel to 18". Each named rare-elite drops a quest-starting item, involving taking that trophy back to the player's outpost at Highpass or Beastwatch. The trick, often enough, is finding either lightly pressured fisheries, where crappies wax fat over time, or booming big-water Meccas where the system’s sheer productivity provides mind-numbing numbers of panzer-class crappies.
From these findings we offer, in alphabetical order, a rundown of top contenders for the crown of America’s Top State For Giant Crappies.
If you and a few fishing buddies enter behemoths for the 2013 Master Angler Awards, who knows, you might nudge the needle enough for your state to make the cut among next year’s finalists of where to find crappie–giant crappie!
Johns River, Harris Chain, lakes Harney, Kississimmee, Monroe, Rodman, Talquin, Toho, and Orange, but you could spend a lifetime exploring all the options. In fact, the state topped Region 1 and national entries in 2011 and 2012 with 17?- and 17-inch giants. Almost invariably, these fish are credited to a “farm pond” or “pit,” highlighting the potential of the state’s small waters.
Besides Kentucky Lake, which is primed to produce big catches of quality-sized fish, including slabs topping 2 pounds, Tennessee offers the stump-laden fishery of legendary Reelfoot Lake, plus Pickwick, Chickamauga, Douglas, and numerous other gems. Fort Gibson is another, given its ability to kick out 2-pound-plus white crappies, especially when riding a year-class boom. Plus, countless smaller natural lakes across the state offer solid chances for 1?- to 2-pound-plus fish for anglers willing to tap systems with healthy numbers of older year classes, and avoid the crowds when possible. In-Fisherman Editor In Chief Doug Stange notes the fishing is good year-round, but peak fishing starts in mid- to late March for prespawn giants. Numbers of slabs topping 2 pounds are possible in a variety of seasons and settings, from the early summer brushpile bite to the late-season deep-water blitz near the dam.

This border treasure offers amazing numbers of fish to 1? pounds, along with an honest shot at 2- and 3-pound trophies. Secondly, the staid look of the sheetmetal (a headlight and fully valanced fenders) turned off the most Buyers in the US, who were used to riding in nice weather.
Starting with the 1960 Triumph Bonneville, from now on Triumph Bonneville would be the 'sister bike' to the Triumph TR6. Finally, starting with engine #D5975, standard Amal Monoblocs with integral float bowls were fitted. This proved to be weak when subjected to the endless pounding of US desert racing, which lead to many cracked steering heads. With the deletion of the unloved headlight nacelle, new upper fork shrouds and headlight brackets, finished in black, were added.
In their place was a a QD headlight, slim fenders and a nice Azure Blue and Pearl Grey paint combo.
And thanks to a couple of fine border fisheries, we actually doubled down and threw in an extra pick, for a total of 11 great states for crappie fishing—but who’s counting? However, a number of natural and manmade lakes offer excellent opportunities, as do oxbows and backwaters of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers.
Other top options include Cedar Creek, Choke Canyon, the Concho River, Falcon, Lake O’ the Pines, O.H. Other Virginia standouts include Anna and Briery Creek, while North Carolina highlights include Falls of Neuse, High Rock, and Jordan, among other fine waters. Third, the frame, a carryover from the 1954 T110 and overtaxed with the extra power, was a wobbly mess, due to poor support of the swing arm pivot. NEW DUPLEX FRAMEThey tackled the handling issues with a whole new frame, called a "duplex frame" because of its twin front downtubes, replacing the single downtube in the 1959 frame. The top yoke (triple clamp) was swapped for a Triumph TR6 unit, and the ignition cut-out (kill switch) was moved to the right of the damper knob. Troy Smutka’s Lake Waconia 16?-incher (pictured) was the second-largest crappie entry among all 2012 Master Angler entries. Crappie fans could do far worse than plan a trip tag-teaming these two states’ fine fisheries.
A thicker, more comfortable touring seat was selected for the Bonneville, and was finished in black vinyl with white piping.

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