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Far below the bridge to the College of Winterhold on the shore of the Sea of Ghosts, find a path that will lead back towards the town of Winterhold. Not far up the path from the shore are two skeletons; one has his leg in a bear trap while his alchemist friend attempts to administer aid. Since the book Mannimarco, King of Worms is found in the satchel, it could mean that the skeletons were once necromancers. Inform the mage of your discovery and he will tell you of a certain failed experiment conducted on his former apprentice Ildari Sarothril. The undead woman hides inside Highpoint Tower - halfway between Raven Rock and the Ashfallow Citadel. When the corridor ends, you will enter a small hall with two traps which you should try to avoid - one is magical and the second consists of falling boulders. Follow the corridor while keeping an eye for more enemies and precious stones (apparently there used to be a mine here). Note that the shelves around contain quite a lot of alchemic ingredients and magic artifacts - it's worth to take care of them. Fighting the witch isn't very hard - although she knows some useful spells (mainly shock and fire-based), her low health makes her an easy victim. Before leaving the room, be sure to search it thoroughly - in the corner you should see a treasure chest and on the shelf some valuables. Master Neloth, thankful for solving his problems, will let you join the house of Telvanni, which is a very big distinction.
ESO has been announced that it was only going to be a 3rd person mmorpg, where the player basically looks over the shoulder of his character in game. Keep checking back for more news and other tid bits that will be coming your way to keep you just ahead of the competition and get that edge that we like to provide here at Tault.
Cant wait, check out some of our other posts highlighting various Cheats, Bots, and Guides among the games that we support. As most of you are aware by now, ESO – Elder Scrolls Online is a MMORPG game set to be released sometime early spring of 2014. Today declassify some of that mystery, and bring you the (beta) current eso spell list or eso class list, whatever you want to call it. Templar is a class that can deal weapon damage and the powers of light and the burning sun to damage enemies and help allies by casting restoration spells. Dragon Knight  is a awesome fighter who uses ancient Akaviri martial arts tradition of battle-spirit. In a upcoming post, I’ll go into more detail on each of the classes any their abilities.
On the other side of the world, our german friends have come up with a interactive version of the elder scrolls online map of Tamriel.
Yesterday we brought you a couple of videos showcasing some of the new Elder Scrolls Online leaked beta footage.
Some good news is that on FRIDAY, live at QuakeCon 2013 they are going to stream live ESO footage! I dont know if this is against the current NDA (if there is even one), so I dont know how long this video will last. Well, that is it for now, keep checking back for more ESO news and all things related to Elder Scrolls Online.
Most of the streaming links have been removed, but these direct download links are still up. Site and Contests Copyright 2003-2007 All Rights Reserved All information is for intellectual information If you are associated with any gaming company please leave now. The Stones of Barenziah are a widely-scattered collection of twenty-four gemstones found across Skyrim.
The city of Riften has two people capable of handling this task: Maul, an associate of Maven Black-Briar, and Vex, a member of the Thieves Guild.

After handing in all twenty-four Stones of Barenziah, the Dragonborn is asked to recover the Crown of Barenziah from Tolvald's Cave.
Upon completion of the quest "No Stone Unturned" (by turning in all twenty-four stones and recovering the crown), Vex rewards the Dragonborn with the active effect and ability, Prowler's Profit which greatly increases the chance of finding multiple precious gems in chests, burial urns, corpses etc. Enter Ansilvund Excavation and complete objective in the cave and it will be on the table in the back of the final room.
Going off the main corridor, follow a path on the right (Before entering the large pool of water with one Bandit), inside the bandit wizard's cavern, on a table. When entering the palace take the first door to the left (upstairs) and follow the hall to the end, it sits on a table in Wuunferth the Unliving's quarters at the end of the hall.
In a room containing a single bandit and several empty Draugr sarcophagi, there is another small room (to the right, behind a locked door). Take the stairs to the bottom level, take the stairs up (opposite the ones you have just come down.) at the end of the room you will find the stone on the table.
On a counter in the workshop at the top of the front foyer - between the arcane enchanter and the alchemy lab. This mission will be available only after you complete Healing a House and Reluctant Steward! Master Neloth thinks that someone might want to kill him and that's why he's sending the monster onto Tel Mithryn. Head northeast (a couple hundred steps from the tower) an you should come across a small cemetery. Master Neloth implanted the girl with a heartstone in place of her real organ - just like Forsworn Briarhearts do. You will be attacked by two Ash Spawns at the very entrance and it won't be any easier inside. In the next room you will see a fork in the road - on the right there are prison cells (you can free a prisoner there) and on the left a passage to the further part of the dungeon.
Eventually you will reach a large cave in which Ildari summons the Ash Spawns and Ash Guardians. Eventually you will reach a vast room with two fire traps - they will note you even if you're a master at sneaking. If you read the witch's notes, you will learn that she's the one who resurrected General Falx Carius (March of the Dead). Additionally you will receive a powerful staff, useful when fighting with a couple enemies at the same time. However, today we bring you some of the first official footage showing that they have indeed added a first person mode within the game. The most dangerous weapon of DK is fearsome magic that damages, stuns and controls the target enemy. He uses the advantages of shadow and night to perform sudden attacks and deal a lot of damage from stealth. It is exepected that players will be able to explore up to 50% of the map at launch, with other zones coming online as DLC (Downloadable Content) sometime later.
Today we bring you a full 45 minute video showing the scenery in full high-resolution detail.
From there we take a a escort quests, and continue to view the countryside, escorting Elynisi to a Inn… But the character gets bored and just continues exploring on his own. I know quite a few people have been requesting just this sort of elder scrolls online leaked beta footage, so here it is. Prior to appraisal, each Stone of Barenziah is labeled as an "Unusual Gem." Once the first stone is found, there will be a miscellaneous objective that activates and indicates that the next step is appraisal. Many of these stones can be found while completing small jobs for Vex and Delvin of the Thieves Guild.
Furthermore, the fully-restored Crown of Barenziah sits on a special stand in the cistern portion of the Thieves Guild.

Note that, because of its placement on the altar, the Stone can be difficult to spot if you aren't facing the Word Wall from the opposite side of the table.
The prison is entered via a trapdoor in front of the chest at the Word Wall, or long way through tunnels. The path will branch here - if you turn left, you will come across lots of spiders and reach a cave with treasures - on the walls you will find various lodes (including sapphires and rubies). Kill the demons and the undead Elf will run away - head onto the wooden construction and chase her.
Still, it means a lot less than being a part of the ancient and renowned family - who knows what benefits it might bring you in the future?
A Templar has a special group of sun and light-based attacks that allow to heal allies, restore their magicka and stamina. Though staff is one of the most popular weapons among mages, you can take other weapon type if you wish. The class can deal a lot of damage combining different weapons, special abilities and magic. While those are nice, what I really like is the addition of screenshots added by location that you can hover over and get a feel for the different scenery that you will find in those areas. While they are mostly forthcoming with information, they are can be vague and sometimes down right cryptic in their replies. I’m sure you can find more videos on youtube, or the like, but this one seems to be of high quality.
He will give you Neloth's Ring of Tracking thank to which you will be able to locate where the monsters are coming from. Since her body isn't in the coffin, she must have raised from the dead and wants take revenge on her former teacher. After filling up your pockets (you will need a pickaxe!), turn into the right branch of the corridor.
However, with the closed beta and some investigative work done by the fanbase, some nice fan made maps have started showing up. These images will change over time as the fanbase learns more about the different areas and more images become available. We will delve into their latest responses and discuss what this means for the game overall. Before attacking her, switch off the pillars of fire - they are more dangerous than the enemy herself. If you have played Skyrim, you will almost think that this is actually Skyrim video, but NO.. Focusing on spell casting and magic powers he is a very dangerous enemy for any other class. It seems that the beta content is limited to specific areas, as the character was not able to continue on past a stone wall crossing. In the further part of the dungeon you will come across an identical setting - a trap and enemies. This one of the few (very few) videos that have been leaked for the upcoming game Elder Scrolls Online.
It always seems to immerse me more into the game and get a feeling like I’m actually there. I absolutely loved Skyrim and from the looks of this video, I’ll be hooked on it too.

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