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Regular Collecting: Space rocks, metal ores, and raw gems will appear or "spawn" on the ground. Exploring Catacombs: The mausoleum in each of the graveyards can be explored to find rocks, gems, and metals as well as other collectibles like books, seeds, and gnomes. Rummaging in Trash: The "rummage" option on trashcans of inhabited homes can result in a mixture of items ranging from rubber duckies and bubble bath to high-value rare gems, metals, and rocks - but it also tends to fill your sim's inventory with Trash, which will give them a Disgusted moodlet and make them stink. Many precious and semi-precious stones (some real, some simaginary) can be collected for fun and profit. Some of the rarest gems, Rainbow Gem and Pink Diamond, can be an almighty pain to find due to their extremely low spawn rates.
Near the beach, across the road from the three vacant lots on Redwood Pkwy, between a large pine tree and a big rock. If you just want to know the best cut to use per gem, just look at which one is bolded and shaded.
CS Note: All the values in the chart below were recalculated based on the uncut gem values in the original table, with the exception of the three new Supernatural stones which used values from the game files. After an uncut gem has been kept in your sim's inventory for some time, the sim will become nauseous. You can also get it cut yourself into either a Spire or Heart cut; the spire cut costs 6500, and given 24 hrs will turn into a Large Spire Cut of its own accord.
Your sims can also locate various rocks and ores scattered around your neighbourhood to collect and sell.
Though Mercury starts as an ore, when smelted it returns to you as a liquid in a vial (Mercury is a liquid at room temperature) rather than an ingot.
Supernovium may rarely be available for purchase at the relic merchant or collected as ore, but is usually obtained via Transfiguration. Find 5 unique metals, and your Sim will routinely get additional ingots returned in the mail. Values of the rocks found are calculated by the (weight of rock) x (multiplier), unsure of exact formula and price. Once your Sim finds at least half of the varieties of space rocks, it will be easier to find ones you haven't yet stumbled across. Find all the space rocks, and your Sim will have more luck collecting ones of higher value. Gems are found out in the world, but they can also occasionally be found when exploring the catacombs under the graveyard. World Adventures Gems & CutsWorld Adventures adds plenty of new gems from each location for your Sims to collect. Raw, Uncut tiberium can grow on its own without doing anything special to it if it has seen some travel time. Once your Sim has made the initial investment of getting it cut into the heart or spire shape (taking travel's effects on raw tiberium into account), Tiberium is free to grow. You can get tiberium from the ground on travel destinations, from the relic vendor in Egypt, from breaking space rock blocks or by transfiguring items with a display case.
Additionally, a new gem, Fluorite Palmstone, can be found primarily by breaking stone sculptures. With Supernatural installed, you not only get three new gem types and cuts, you can also purchase the Gem-U-Cut Gem Cutting Machine, which will discard all math about breakevens and which cut to use for what gem value. You'll unlock the new Sun and Moon cuts at 100 total cuts, each boosting the value by 500% and costing $600 at the mailbox. Thanks to my dear friend and Forum Moderator Anushka for providing Supernatural gem info and the above screenshot. Our Sims Forum is the place to go for faster answers to questions and discussions about the game. But then, if you CAN cut gem dust and get even more gem dust, then even more soulpeace (transfigure until you are blue in the face). The following maps were compiled using the collection helper in the Sims 3 World Adventures. Disclaimer: - This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. Note 1: If you do not see any map tags for turquoise, or not enough to complete the quest, just wait a while. Note 3: If you already have 4 pieces of turquoise in your inventory, you can just deliver the ones you have - no need to collect more (unless you want to).
This page of the collecting guide will be the single most useful to those who don't have the Collection Helper Lifetime Reward.
I did not cover every square inch of ground, but this is plenty of data to collect every item in the game. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. Click below to go to our questions page to see all the questions already asked and ask your own.

In the interest of not wanting to spoil anything, we won't give you anymore walkthroughs of tombs. When you get a fetch quest, the item you look for spawns in at a few possible locations each day. The nice thing about these quests is that their progress saves to Sims regardless of what else they're doing. One of the best ways you can get on a local's good side is to learn one of the local songs.
In the next room, she encounters some holes in the ground in a hall linking to the next room.
Placing at least 5 different types of metals for Transfiguration results in Supernovium ore. You should usually avoid getting gems cut that are under the break-even with one exception. This will let you see how much profit can be made from each cut based on the value of the uncut gem.
It's a radioactive energy source and having it in Sim's inventory can cause radiation sickness. Travel seems key here, as the tiberium you get from breaking space rock blocks at home doesn't seem to grow on its own. You can choose between the spire cut, which is unique to Tiberium, or the heart shaped cut. Place it on the ground, and within a couple days it will zip in value up to around $40,000 Simoleons.
Note that with the Savvy Sculptor trait, your Sim will never see this happen because they don't break sculptures, ever! The new machine lets you cut gems free of charge, although you still need to unlock new cuts by cutting x amount of gems. Use the form below to share your own experiences and provide helpful tips to other readers.
My sims is a gatherer (trait), a gem collector and a metal collector (collection skill challenges). Use these to find hot spots for your Sims to collect gems, insects (butterflies and beetles), metals and space rocks.
Deliver Gems: Return to the quest giver to give them the turquoise and to recieve your reward. Here you'll find helpful screenshots of my Sim using the collection helper in both Sunset Valley and Riverview.
These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. You may see a surprise or two here or there, but remember that the solution to almost every room lies in the room itself. Even if Shannon's vacation were to end after a single day, then the next time she arrives in Egypt, she can pick up right where she left off in the current adventure. If she was more sociable, this would have gone a lot faster, but unfortunately, she has zero Charisma Skill. When she arrives at the tomb, which is a pyramid this time around, she is immediately blocked by a door.
She interacts with the rubble with a "Clear" command, pulls a pickaxe out of nowhere, and smacks the rubble until it dissipates.
Look to this section of the table for when you should use what cut depending on the gem's value, for optimal profit. I usually use the emerald cut on any low value gems, because you need to reach a certain number of cuts in order to unlock each new type of cut.
You'd always use Emerald cut to raise your total number of cuts to unlock the better ones, of course. This seems ridiculous when tiberium costs $6,500 to cut but the value will increase yet again when the gem grows.
Also, some members have reported tiberium spreading but these reports have not been confirmed. The cut costs $175 and gives a x3 multiplier, so should only be used on gems that are worth at least $88 to make a profit.
Otherwise, the gem can sometimes be found when rummaging through trash cans, using the miner.
Note that there is no distinction between, for example, beetles and butterflies on the maps for insects.
If you come to a door that requires a keystone but you can't find it, you may want to buy a Skeleton Keystone from the market vendors.
And unlike the previous quest, the yellow dot in map view doesn't help you very much because it just points to Raffi. This isn't a big deal, really: it's getting late, and Shannon doesn't want to be in the middle of nowhere when night falls.

Each locale has two songs to learn; they're singing songs, so you don't need any Guitar Skill or anything to learn them. Adventurers should have a good variety of skills when they adventure, just to make things easier and quicker, though it's by no means a requirement. She can interact with the door with an "Inspect" command, which opens it up after a short animation.
This indicates that it's this tablet, and the adjacent door, that is the next step on her quest. He has also provided some helpful observations based on gem prices which can help people transfigure tiberium. So, a tiberium with a value of $100 would be made to cost roughly $7000 then jump up to $35000 after growth. This gem can be a bit confusing so I'll attempt to clarify some of the dynamics we've noticed through discussion on the forum. It purifies the tiberium as well as the regular spire and allows it to grow into a large spire cut with a massive value.
Players with World Adventures may find them by breaking space rock blocks, at a relic shop or as a random reward in a tomb. She cashes in her quest, then receives another one to talk to one of Nabila's employees, named Raffi. It's probably good to have a couple of them on you at all times when you're doing some serious tomb raiding.
However, going into map view does present Shannon with a few light-blue dots with gem icons. After pocketing her two pieces of turquoise, she goes to the market to buy a couple souvenirs (hey, it was a Want, and I went ahead and spoiled her!), then retreats to the Base Camp to eat, hit the bathroom, shower, and sleep. Sometimes these doors will remain closed; some doors only open if the current Sim actually has a quest for it, and others need items placed on nearby pedestals. Although she will probably see more loot by going for the pressure plate under the rubble, she wants to try to clear this tomb before being deported from Egypt.
She can also try to cross it and hope that her skin doesn't turn into a rotting flaming mass immediately, but it's pretty dangerous. If you can ever see a statue near a trap, break it this way, and you'll never have to worry about it again! This can be the most profitable and easiest method of collecting gems, since your sim can stay at home and do it in their living room and just pick up the goods afterward. Because of these multiplers the cut is amplified by large increments when Tiberium starts valued even 20 simoleons higher. Find good locations and take note of them, and you'll gradually find some favorite spots to hit up every day to find the rarest gems.
There is a Challenge in collecting called Mushroom Collector find 7 unique mushrooms, and quality of mushrooms grown will increase.
These mark the exact location of the turquoise in question, which has spawned in just for her.
Her next one is easy to describe but time-consuming in execution: she needs to ask some villagers' opinions of the mysterious company wanting to take over Egypt, but she can't just pop the question out immediately. Singing to others won't fill the relationship meter instantly or anything, but it makes for a good icebreaker. Ironically, the trap doesn't even sense her movements; this has to do with her high level of Athletic Skill also.
We've recently discovered the heart cut can allow tiberium to grow, so we're currently recommending you skip this one unless it's a bug that's fixed in the future.
I have found some mushrooms in Sunset Valley on the way to the Waterfall Stoney Falls and more near Crystal Springs. Unless she gets rid of her fruits, she can just immediately turn them back in once she's back in Egypt. You're also be able to cut Gem Dust directly, but it actually lowers the value of the gems (though you get three, it's only worth 25% of the original each). Note that Tiberium gem dust will grow into a spire cut tiberium, so you can get multiple spire cuts from one gem!
The dust can be removed from my Sim's inventory, but somehow the Spire cut is stuck and refuses to budge. Of course, this means my poor Sim has Tiberium sickness that I cannot get rid of, let alone all the Simoleons I can't make from letting it grow and selling it. As for the double asterisks, the two paragraphs underneath the table might have something to do with it; I'm not sure.

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