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However, buying an engagement ring, without your girlfriend knowing what you’re planning, can be a relatively straightforward process – as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. Most guys hate shopping for anything, let alone something as important as an engagement ring. Another benefit is that many websites can offer rings at much lower prices than shopping mall jewellers, because their overheads are much lower and therefore some of these savings can be passed over to you. If you’re going to surprise your loved one with a ring that you have chosen, you had better do your homework to discover the type of ring that she would choose for herself. Checking this info out with your girl’s mother or best friend can be a good plan of action – as long as they can be trusted to keep your secret. Recommendations on this point vary tremendously, with figures ranging from allocating anything from 3 week’s to 3 month’s salary on buying an engagement ring.
However, when money is no object, then choosing an engagement ring is usually less of a problem – once you’ve figured out the type of ring your loved one will like.
The dilemma for many guys, however, is not whether to choose a diamond, but how to choose a diamond ring that’s big and sparkly enough to prove to his loved one, the amount of commitment he is willing to make. It is therefore important that if you cannot afford a very large diamond, then get one that has a good cut, to maximise the sparkle factor. A pure colorless diamond is the most sought over since this contributes to a diamond’s ability to sparkle.
Whilst yellow gold works well with many of the colored stones, an increasing number of women are choosing to have the silvery tones of white gold or platinum – especially if it’s for a diamond ring.
The advantage of platinum is that it is more durable than white gold, which loses it’s white shine over time and will need re-plating at some stage with rhodium. Yellow gold is a traditional choice and whilst it can become scratched with general wear and tear, it is much easier to repair than white gold.

One of the problems facing any man choosing an engagement ring, a promise ring – or indeed any ring designed to show his love and commitment – is discovering what size to buy. Finding out your girlfriend’s ring size, if you’re trying to keep your proposal a surprise, requires a certain amount of ingenuity – and sometimes the help of her mother or a friend.
If she already wears a ring on one of her ring fingers and takes it off at night, then this may give you (or her mother or friend) the opportunity to quickly figure out the size. Where possible take one that you know she wears on her ring finger, in case you take one that she wears on a different size finger – or is one that doesn’t fit her any more. The ring sizing chart below gives you the diameter of each ring size and the corresponding code letter for each size. When money is no object, then choosing an engagement ring is usually less of a problem – once you’ve figured out the type of ring your loved one will like.
If you’re wanting to surprise your girlfriend with a great ring, but are a bit short of cash, then here are some suggestions to help you impress the one you love – and without breaking the bank. A ring with a bezel setting can make the stone (diamond or otherwise) look larger than it actually is.
A diamond with the centre stone surrounded by lots of tiny diamonds also creates the illusion of the main diamond being bigger than it is -or in the case of gemstones, where the main gemstone and the surrounding ones are the same color. A 3 stone diamond ring can add up to the same weight as a solitaire, but costs less, simply because one large diamond is more expensive than 3 smaller ones. White gold creates less contrast than yellow gold when it is next to the white of diamonds. Your girlfriend’s birthstone (read our article on gemstones and birthstones) and choose a ring with her birthstone surrounded by small diamonds. Alternatively, forget about having any diamonds and buy the largest gemstone you know your girlfriend loves (and you can afford).

The main purpose of a ring setting is to hold the gemstone securely and in a way that allows light to reflect off the stone for maximum effect. With so many different and beautiful ring settings, there really are no right or wrong settings to choose; a setting is very much a case of personal preference.
Unless, you’re able to get a good idea as to the type of ring your girlfriend prefers, it’s usually a good idea to keep the ring setting simple – and let the gemstone speak for itself.
A prong setting is a simple setting that is commonly used for the classic diamond solitaire ring.
This is a variation of the prong setting and commonly used where there are 3, 5 or 7 gemstones needing to be placed in a row . In a bezel setting, the gemstone is held in place by a metal circle or collar surrounding the stone. Gemstones are set into metal channels around part or the whole outer circumference of the ring.
This setting uses a combination of different sizes – and sometimes different shapes – of gemstones to create a raised cluster or flower design.
Using tapered baguettes around a central gemstone the ballerina setting creates a stunning display of sparkling stones – in a pattern reminiscent of a dancer’s tutu. Has she ever made any comments about a friend’s engagement ring that can give you a clue as to what she really likes?

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