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All of us want to live in our own homes for as long as possible, but as we become frail, additional assistance may be required to help us maintain our independence.
You may need help with activities of daily living involving areas of personal care, getting up in the morning and going to bed, washing and dressing, personal hygiene, continence management,  preparation of nutritious meals, weekly shopping and basic household chores.
There’s a broad selection of alternatives available and recent changes to the law  may mean you are able to access support, although  it should be noted that many of these options are means-tested. If you are not able to access council funded care, you can consider funding care privately.
As you are inviting a person into your home, you will want someone who is trustworthy, compassionate, practical, has the required skills, is experienced and that you can form a relationship with.
HomeTouch offers the service to select your own carer from a number of professionals in your area. Do you not think it also requires certain gifts, which many people don’t have strongly? I think the problem is more likely to be that many Christians don’t have non-Christian friends.
The early gatherings of the followers of Jesus (Acts 2.42) were simple, and required no special gifting or long training. 3) Pick the location where you want the speaker wire to enter the wall from the AV system and cut the correct size hole for the wire plate there (you can use a razor or drywall saw). 5) Run your speaker wires through the front of the wire plate, through the plate hole, then through the baseboard hole down into the basement. 9) Run the wire up through the baseboard hole (using the fish tape reel if needed) then secure it at the baseboard hole so it doesn't drop back through the hole.

10) Drop the fish tape reel behind the drywall from the speaker mount hole down to the baseboard hole and use it to reel the speaker wire behind the drywall and out through the mount hole. Using the fish tape reel you could also run the wires behind crown molding or under carpet (carpet may be tricky depending on how and were it is secured to the subfloor). If the side wall framing allows for in-wall speakers, or on wall speakers, I would fish the walls. There's a couple easy ways to do this and they don't involve fish tapes, removing baseboards, or drilling large holes. If you need best quality sound system, so i recommended you to go for origin acoustics products. Products that have a long history instead of being a very recently brought to market item (roughly 4 years). While Origin Acoustics may well make a good product, they are not in a league with the likes of KEF, B&W, and myriad others. Home help can be provided by independent carers who are skilled and experienced in the area you require and provide continuity and companionship.
If you’re talking about starting a fully-formed house church, that may be a challenge to some people but it depends on your definition of church.
But (1) most of my non-christian friends were from my work, so now I am retired, I don’t have so many, and (2) even when I did, I found few who were ever interested in finding out more, even though most of them knew I was a christian and respected that. The gifts come together where two or three meet to pray, encourage each other, share a meal, look at some Scripture, and let the Holy Spirit show you where to go from there. From the looks of that I would probably just make the rears into side speakers and put one on each side wall facing a little forward.

Go to basement and find where the stiff wire is, then measure from it and drill up into the wall cavity with a bit just slightly larger than the speaker wire circumference. The rear speakers should be aimed directly at each other, an be installed somewhere around 6' foot from the floor (per Dolby Labs). The builder or architect can make a house deck plan for you, but surely this will be more expensive than you have to pay for the online plans. If you are eligible for council funded care, you may be able to access direct payments or personal budgets or the council can arrange a care package for you or your loved on.
Almost anyone can get together with a friend over a cup of coffee to do an interactive Bible study with them. I think finding interested people and knowing how to talk to them initially is also a gift, and one I don’t think I have very much.
When the Holy Spirit is in control, and we do not try to steer things in a particular direction, a simple gathering can be very powerful, and become a church.
So one between the fireplace and bottom of pic and the other on that little piece of wall between the left opening and bottom of pic.
The House2House site is full of useful resources and are always ready to help anyone who contacts them.

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