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As a result, I have less time to hang out with him, which he's not okay with and won't compromise on. And that, dear Sparklers, would be the moment at which Auntie SparkNotes made a noise like a cat being strangled and began to casually beat her face against her laptop keyboard. Because darling, have you noticed that talking it out is the one thing you don't need help doing?
Which is why I am begging you, in the name of all that is cheesy and delicious, to please stop kidding yourself that talking is the solution to your problem. Because that's what your boyfriend wants, dear one, and it's the only outcome he considers acceptable. Seriously: "I know, but I love him!" is what you say about a guy who has terrible taste in music, or never picks up his socks, or produces a cacophonous symphony of terrible farts every time he eats a mushroom. And I hope you'll stop treating his point of view — that love is a zero-sum game, and that if you're finding fulfillment in your friendships or schoolwork, it must be happening at his expense — like anything but the pile of ridiculous bullshizz that it is. And then, you'll need to back up to a point of reasonable compromise: one in which your life, your friends, your robust schedule of classes and extracurriculars, and your dreams of attending college can thrive. Kat Rosenfield is a writer, illustrator, advice columnist, YA author, and enthusiastic licker of that plastic liner that comes inside a box of Cheez-Its. The Office of Personal & Career Development guides and inspires Wake Forest students to take charge of their personal and career development from their initial days on campus. Click on the appropriate link below to jump to that portion of the Questions & Answers section. I am a parent or family member of a newly-admitted Early Decision student (Class of 2020).  Where should I look for information I need? There is e a  New Students web site for the Class of 2020 with all information about Orientation and preparing to come to Wake Forest.
There is an overview of academics for the first-year student, along with typical schedule and an explanation of our Basic and Divisional requirements. My student has taken four years of Spanish in high school, but is thinking of switching to a different foreign language at Wake Forest. The New Students web site Housing section provides information on housing, class registration and more. New Student Receptions for new students and their parents are held in various cities across the country during the summer. There are normally several optional “pre-orientation” programs for students who want to come to campus earlier (usually a few days or a week before move in). If my student attends a pre-orientation session, how should we handle travel plans for our family? Is there a tuition insurance program in case my student has medical or emotional issues that would necessitate a withdrawal?
An unexpected withdrawal due to sickness or injury can mean significant financial consequences for families.
What immunizations will my child need and what information is required on the medical form? Every new student is assigned upon arrival to an academic adviser (usually a faculty member), an academic counselor, and a student adviser.  Majors are typically declared in the second semester of the sophomore year, at which point a new academic adviser is assigned in the department(s) of the major(s). Why does Wake Forest assign initial academic advisers without regard to students’ initial expression of potential interest in a major?
That said, many students wish to connect early on with representatives from multiple possible majors and minors, and we want to encourage this!  In addition, we encourage students to always be on the lookout for ways to develop a full constellation of potential advisers and mentors.
The lower division adviser should be thought of as a starting point for reaching out to other advisers as may be needed.  In addition, academic counselors in the Office of Academic Advising will always be ready to provide some good leads and recommendations on additional contacts, both before and after the major declaration occurs in spring of the sophomore year. First Year Seminars, which enroll 15-19 first year students per section, are taught by faculty from all academic divisions and ranks. Depending on the score of the test, a student may get credit.  See the AP Credit and IB Credit page for more information. The academic calendar provides information on breaks and recesses.  Before students or parents purchase tickets for plane travel around University holidays, students should consult their professors about their course schedule and exam times.
How can I know when to purchase my student’s airplane tickets to come home for breaks? The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) as amended is a federal law which is designed to protect the privacy of and limit access to the educational records of students. Beginning in the Fall 2014, Wake Forest students can grant others access to view certain pieces of information that is normally available in their WIN account. As of new student Orientation, each student has an academic adviser who can be consulted for help with the schedule.
All Wake Forest students are obliged to abide by the Honor Code, as is explained most fully in the document, Student Code of Conduct. One strategy for retaking a course previously failed is to consider doing so in one of Wake Forest’s summer school sessions. Textbooks, located beneath the Bookstore in Taylor Hall offers new, used, and rental textbooks (as well as course packs and digital versions as requested by the Faculty). Once students have registered for their classes, if they want to order online at the Bookstore or log into the WIN system and select the “Virtual Campus” tab. They must attend the Student Involvement Fair which is held the Tuesday or Wednesday after the first day of classes in the fall. A major function of the Office of Personal and Career Development is to guide students as they explore majors and careers, prepare resumes and for interviews, and search for internships and jobs.  Students learn about career opportunities when they register with the office using our Handshake system. Before students begin making decisions about majors and career paths, we encourage them to assess their interests, values, personality type and skills. The Office of Personal and Career Development encourages and supports students in the exploration and pursuit of careers from their first days on campus. Starting in fall 2016, all undergraduate students at Wake Forest have the opportunity to purchase a powerful laptop through WakeWare, the University’s academic technology program. The Information Systems web site has information about printing using campus resources.  Students may also elect to purchase a printer.
Students must go to University Police and file a poilice report (even if it was lost and not stolen). In summer 2016 (for the Class of 2020), please visit the New Students web site for more information. Where can I find general information about the Meal Plan, what Deacon Dollars are, and what Food Dollars are?
Students can request a meal plan change online by going through WIN (select Virtual Campus, then Residence Life and Housing).
Campus remains open during Thanksgiving Break or Spring break, however there will be changes to the normal dining schedule and many locations may be closed during the break. What should I do if I have an urgent concern about my student or need to reach someone at the University after normal business hours (8:30am-5pm M-F)? The date is chosen after the football schedule is released, which is normally in late January, because Family Weekend is typically held during a home football game weekend. The Commencement web site provides a list of Commencement dates in future years (see bottom left of page) as well as information on all the events. Wake Forest uses an electronic online billing system called DEAC (Deacon Electronic Account Center). Each month, an e-bill notification is e-mailed to students at their Wake Forest University e-mail address.  An e-mail notification is also sent at the same time to valid e-mail addresses for each authorized payer that has been granted access to DEAC by their student. If you are not receiving email reminders for e-bills, it is most likely because your student has not yet granted access to you for their DEAC account. Wake Forest  issues the 1098T in electronic and mail format to the student due to federal FERPA laws.

The Deacon OneCard web site has a description of the various options.  Deacon Dollars are a declining balance fund that can be used for both food and non-food purchases at most campus locations.
There is a branch of Wells Fargo on campus; it is on the second floor of the Benson University Center near the food court. Students can purchase things at the College Bookstore using Deacon Dollars, or MasterCard, VISA or American Express.
The Student Financial Aid Web site has detailed information, an FAQ and staff e-mail and telephone numbers.
The Fraternity and Sorority Life web site provides a vast amount of information, including a section on how to join (recruitment), chapters on campus, information for parents, and more.
In the fall semester (when first year students are not eligible and many juniors are abroad), about 35% of students are members of fraternities and sororities.  In the spring semester (when first year students have been through recruitment and many juniors are back from abroad), about 49% of students are members. There are 26 active fraternities and sororities on campus: 15 fraternities and 11 sororities. How Prominent Is Greek Life? In the fall semester (when first year students are not eligible and many juniors are abroad), about 35% of students are members of fraternities and sororities.  In the spring semester (when first year students have been through recruitment and many juniors are back from abroad), about 49% of students are members.
If student wants to be Greek, spend the fall getting to know a wide variety of students in different organizations.  While recruitment does not officially happen until January for first year students, certainly it is a benefit to students to meet a lot of people in the fall so they know some of the sisters and brothers come recruitment time. Note that 52% of students on campus are NOT Greek.  So students who aren’t interested in Greek life or who choose to withdraw from the recruitment process – it’s OK! Transitioning to care away from medical providers at home or off campus can be a challenge. Many services are offered at the Student Health Service and are covered by the Student Health fee. There is no co-pay or fee for consultation with one of our primary care providers or psychiatrists.
For students who have purchased the Wake Forest Student Insurance Plan (currently through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina), charges incurred at the Student Health Service will be covered by this plan without the need for the student to file with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. The Student Health Service does not file for insurance.  At each visit, students are provided a statement suitable for filing claims with their insurance companies. If a student needs a medication that is not stocked in the SHS pharmacy or they prefer to use their own insurance there are two local pharmacies that will fill prescriptions for students, bill their insurance and deliver the medication to our SHS pharmacy for pick up by the student. If a student has transportation to get off campus, there are several chain pharmacies very close to campus.
When we got together sophomore year (we're juniors now), both of us had a lot of time to just hang out and bond. For example, if I want to just finish my homework and study before talking on the phone with him, he gets all upset that "he's so low on my priority list". We are all in similar clubs and have known each other since childhood, and I talk to them often. Each time he gets angry and upset at me, I have to spend hours talking to him late at night until it's resolved. It's why he won't compromise, why he makes all the demands and none of the effort, why he insists that it has to be all or nothing, and why he's goading you with threats to stop seeing you if you don't make him your first and only priority. Visit B&N to buy and rent textbooks, and check out our award-winning tablets and ereaders, including Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK and NOOK GlowLight. Before every registration period, a face-to-face meeting with the academic adviser is required, with the exception of the summer prior to enrollment, when first-year students will register for some courses online with support from the Office of Academic Advising. First Year Seminars typically include intense intellectual interchange in a setting where all students participate.
Tutors are generally available for courses that satisfy divisional requirements, including sciences and foreign language.  Many academic departments also keep a list of for-hire tutors that students can enlist for assistance. Wake Forest offers a wide variety of options for students to receive help coping with difficulties they may encounter.
It is best not to contact faculty members, as it is important that the faculty-student relationship be built directly by those individuals.
In this case, all grades received will be shown on the transcript, but the course may be counted only one time for credit. It includes all full-time, degree-seeking students in the College and the School of Business who have a grade point average of 3.4 or better for a full-time course load in the semester and who have earned no grade below C during the semester.
Beneath the “Bookstore” heading click “Order Textbooks On-line.” Students may also purchase their textbooks  in the Textbook Department located on the bottom level of the Bookstore in Taylor Hall.
When a book is being used again on our campus, we are able to offer top dollar in cash to purchase back that book.
Shuttles drop students off near the student entrances to BB&T Field and the LJVM Coliseum. Individuals can also call the Campus Recreation office to find out practice times and locations. Handshake is a personal and career development tool designed for Wake Forest University students.
Self-assessment instruments enable students to understand these important qualities as well as identify possible majors and career paths that best align with their personal interests. The career development website presents many educational tools and resources that students can take advantage of immediately. WakeWare gives you the choice of specifically configured laptops with extended warranty and insurance at a special university-only discount that is efficiently supported on campus without charge. Parents can order tickets online (when registration is available in the spring).  Please make note of the checklist for parents and checklist for students as well as the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Commencement weekend.
Once your student grants access, you will receive an email reminder about e-bill at the e-mail address that your student enters for you. For women overall, about 40% are members in the fall semester and 60% in the spring.  For men overall, about 31% are members in the fall semester and 34% in the spring.
Wake Forest Student Health Service is here to help students navigate care while living on campus. There is a charge for medications, laboratory tests, observation care, and some supplies and services.
There are charges for labs, pharmacy services, medical supplies, certain elective physical exams, and stays in our 2 bed observation unit.
Some charges are incurred for specific services without SHIP, but these charges are modest. Receipts from visits are also accessible to students to print through their online patient portal. The pharmacist in Student Health Service will need the phone number of the pharmacy where the prescription was filled in order to transfer a prescription.
Students using this option will need to come by the pharmacy for information on how to set up an account at one of these local pharmacies.
But this year, I've gotten really involved in AP classes, sports, and various clubs (with leadership positions in some of them), so that I might have a chance to get into my dream school.
I've tried explaining to him that that isn't the case, but Jordan's also very temperamental when he doesn't get what he want. I've pointed out that if he would join the same clubs, then we'd be able to spend more time together, but his excuse is "I'm not cut out for those kinds of things." And to be honest, it kind of hurts that he doesn't even try. I've tried making more time for him, talking to him about possibly compromising (he says he'll only do it if we're stretched to the breaking point), and rushing everything at school to see him a little longer, but nothing's working. Because the more you talk, the more you aren't hearing the message that your boyfriend is sending you loud and clear, over and over. He thinks that if he just leans on you hard enough, long enough, and punishingly enough, and if he just makes it as hard as he possibly can for you to have a life outside the relationship, then you'll decide that having that life is more trouble than it's worth. No matter how much you love this guy, and no matter how much he loves you, you still deserve to be treated with basic decency and respect.

I hope you'll stop crawling further and further toward him, while begging him to meet you halfway.
Even the most devoted couple each need lives of their own; they cannot be each other's one and only source of solace, entertainment, conversation, and fulfillment. These seminars include discussion and debate on issues and examination of opposing viewpoints that will hone students’ critical thinking skills and written and oral arguments. By granting proxy access the student is giving Wake Forest permission to share the selected information with that individual. If a student fails a course previously passed, the hours originally earned will not be lost. Intramural sports (competitive sports against other Wake students) offers a wide variety of competitive leagues for students of all skill levels as well. Each year numerous Wake Forest students are hired as fitness instructors, personal trainers, lifeguards, fitness center supervisors, outdoor pursuits trip leaders, sports officials and special events supervisors.
Creating a Handshake profile grants students access to jobs and internship opportunities tailored to their career interests. Students may access assessments by making an appointment with a career coach by registering through Handshake.
Career coaching appointments, assessments, career fairs, graduate professional school fairs and advising, networking events and more can all be accessed through Handshake.
All students must have a laptop that meets the minimum technical standards in order to sufficiently support the academic software required, which is why we strongly recommend a WakeWare Dell or Apple laptop. Please visit the SFS website for more information on student’s granting electronic consent.
Most fraternities and sororities have housing blocks.  Having fraternity and sorority members living with independent students in the same residence halls is an enhancement to our close campus community – people share the same spaces and form bonds even when they aren’t in the same organization. They can network informally through social opportunities, but many active Greek members will also get to know first-year students who immediately become engaged in student organizations. The staff in Student Health Service includes fulltime providers in primary care as well as psychiatry and sports medicine.
These charges tend to be steeply discounted compared to comparable services at other healthcare facilities in Winston-Salem.
Students are expected to pay at the time of service.  Payment options include cash, checks, Deacon Dollars, and placing the charges on their Wake Forest student account at Financial and Accounting Services.
Charges for prescriptions may be paid for at time of service or placed on the student’s Wake Forest account. The order should include the date, patient’s full name; date of birth the names of the requested lab tests and pertinent diagnosis codes.
For example, I met his parents at the beginning of this year (due to pure circumstance), and he felt that it was unfair that I didn't want to introduce him to mine yet (my parents are very strict, so I felt it was easier to ease into telling them instead of doing it suddenly). Now, every time I even try to message him, he just avoids me and tells me that he's going to go sleep. At the expense of your sleep, your studies, and your ability to spend time with your friends!
We are talking about a person who used the threat of self-harm to force you to introduce him to your parents! But you're so far down the rabbit-hole of placating him (and possibly so sleep-deprived from all those long nights talking him down off his Anger Ledge) that you seem to have forgotten what a healthy, happy, promising relationship actually ought to look like.
And tell your boyfriend that whenever he's ready to act like a grownup, and not a petulant douchebag, he's welcome to meet you there — because you're not going back down that rabbit-hole ever again. This permission is necessary to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
In such cases, parents are encouraged to refer their student to one or more of these excellent on-site resources. For purposes of determining the cumulative grade point average, a course will be considered as attempted only once, and the grade points assigned will reflect the highest grade received. Each semester, meeting times for the training of these job positions are available in the Campus Recreation office. Students also can register for career education and networking events sponsored by the OPCD and are informed on an ongoing basis about resources and other career opportunities available to them at Wake Forest.
The order must also have a fax number for the ordering clinician’s office so the results can be faxed to their office. He's even told me that he only wants to see me during breaks, and put our relationship on hold during the rest of the year.
It's why your boyfriend needs not only to accept that you have a life beyond the bounds of your relationship, but to cultivate his own roster of friends, hobbies, passions, and goals that have nothing to do with you. Requests to access student academic information and to become a proxy should be made directly to the student.
It is always best for the student to begin with the faculty member who is teaching the course. Tickets are not required for sports other than football and men’s basketball; but students must show their WFU ID at the door. Concerning leadership development,each club sports team elects a set of officers to manage the club finances, game schedule and team selection each year.
For information regarding filling prescriptions, obtaining lab tests and documentation for filling insurance please read the questions below.
Every intramural sports team will have a team captain self-selected to manage team game opportunities and lineups as well.
How to Express Your Feelings to Your Best Friend's Brother How to Improve the Way I Talk to My Boyfriend How to Get Your Boyfriend to Be More Communicative? Hours of conversation later, your boyfriend is still jealous, still uncompromising, still angry, and still resorting to emotional blackmail and manipulation in order to get his way. How to Get the Man You Love to Express His Feelings How to Get Parents to Express Their Feelings Developing intimacy in your relationship is all about getting to know each other's thoughts and feelings.
It can often be challenging to get your boyfriend to open up and start talking about his feelings or to talk about them as much as you'd like him to.
If you understand the challenges men face in expressing themselves and seeking emotional intimacy, you can help your boyfriend build better, healthier habits. Try to imagine the kinds of messages he might have received from parents so that you can counteract them. Have a conversation with your boyfriend in which you help him understand that feelings are not illogical but are a natural reaction to our environment over which we have no control. Look for examples of feelings you can express that you think may mirror your boyfriend's feelings and experiences about important issues.
Check yourself for any habits you may have that put pressure on him to be strong or masculine. For example, if he wants to spend hours talking about a project, understand that this could be an expression of his excitement about it and his feelings of hope and pride connected to it. Tell him how happy you are that he's opening up and how glad you are to know the things he tells you about himself. Allow your boyfriend to make progress gradually, and understand that building new habits and personal awareness can take a very long time.

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