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It’s quite dated to consider text messaging a low-grade form of communication when articulation by way of smart phone has effectively become the modern day equivalent of a love letter. If he responds to your text without another question, don’t respond to his statement. He probably just wants to watch TV and leave the non-existent buttons on his phone unpressed. Your mom leaves out vowels in her text messages, meanwhile my mom is over here sending me a million different smiley faces in each text message. The only topic I believe inappropriately averted was the essence of proper text response timing. I had a boss once who was addicted to her iphone and would insist on texting as our main form of communication.
Sometimes I think I am with the zeitgeist when it comes to communication, and other times, I think the world’s gone crazy. I would also add that it’s good to wait a few minutes to write back, if the other person is as well. As a foreigner from a middle-to-eastern European country (Poland, to be precise) I can tell ya (!): it gets only more complicated! I’m from the netherlands and used to use lot of english phrases as well, whilst talking and whilst texting but after spending half a year abroad (where I spoke english all the time and eventually started thinking in english) I came back to the netherlands longing to speak my mothertongue again. When I was a teenager I downloaded all my text messages from my phone to my computer, and I’m glad that I did it. We discussed many different office layouts and furniture arrangements and kept coming to the same conclusion. Now that I’m working from home, having a nice home office will be crucial and we plan to rent a place that has space for a real office. Our morning project had us rummaging through the room of shit, throwing away certain things and piling others into stacks to give away or later arrange on a bookshelf or in cabinets. During the sorting process, we stumbled upon a pile of old “love crafts” from when we first started dating. I remember leaving a trail of Hershey’s kisses to that sign, which I had propped up on Ryan’s bed with some Valentine’s Day goodies during our third year together.
I used a glue gun to adhere those little candy hearts with sayings to the poster board, using their words to help me craft a Valentine’s day message. We also found a calendar that I made for Ryan for Christmas one year to track all of our random memories during the following year.
My favorite veggie burgers, served on whole wheat sandwich thins with spinach, ketchup, mustard, relish, tomato and cucumber slices hit the spot! In high school I made my boyfriend a valentine to hang on his wall that was a heart made out of lifesavers glued onto a piece of cardboard. Many people have never heard of the candy bar card idea, but it’s a cute one you might want to try for your next occasion.
When you’ve got your whole poem written or typed out and stuck on the board, make sure all your candy is secure in place.
It’s even worse when the website accepts users to instantly post funny text messages because, as everyone knows, what is funny to one person may not be funny to another. This one is rather usual considering the character restraint in #1 but according to another friend, restricting the use of acronyms in early messages may help catapult later messages. You can send a nipple and you can send your face, but you can never send them in the same message. Your text message is not a social media tool and as such, the journalistic rule of thumb remains in tact and mandates that you get but three exclamation points over the course of your career (budding romance).

Finally, be weary of text-message bombing (which is considerably different than photo bombing). In fulfilling the guidelines of this monologue, you break almost every rule in some capacity, display your inability to countdown (eight and a half comes before eight,) and perhaps most dangerously: allude to emotional illness. I’m also married, though, which implies that occasionally, being who you are is rather endearing. I’ve probably broken each and every one of these rules, during both long and very, VERY, short term relationships. Can we get a post about how to go about at least attempting a normal phone conversation without dramatic pauses that leave the person on the other end wondering if you have, in fact, died? Am I weird to think that texting can convey so much that gets lost in awkward phone conversations?
Some people (me included) use English phrases while texting sometimes, like: miss you, wtf, and so on.
I had a good laugh at some of them and cringed thinking that people actually do some of these. We didn’t want to pour money into outfitting an office catered around the current living space when we knew we would want something different in the future.
You are so creative…I just might have to steal some of your ideas for next years valentines day I love the way you make your bubble letters too!! It was all fine and dandy until a few months later when ants were climbing up the wall to get to the candy! The kind that has the foam on the back will work best as candy tends to get heavy once you glue it on. The best funny text messages are always the text messages meant to be completely normal but wind up being something much different thanks to the often cursed auto-correct. According to the author of this quote, (her name is Amelia and she loves horses in the literal sense not to the large genital sense,) in the first phases of conversation, shorter is always sweeter. This suggestion comes from a friend of mine who has more or less been out of the dating game a full decade. Now, are there any specific do’s and don’ts not listed here that you subscribe to? Between not re-reading and not giving a shit, you couldn’t understand anything that she said. And it is usually something along a quotation, we are pretending to be Americans, we watch English-language TV shows in the original, oh aren’t we cool!
Ryan gave me full decorating reign of the guest bedroom and I told him he could decorate our office to his liking. An entire basement and a third floor with three guest bedrooms, none of which can actually be used to accommodate guests because they’re too full of stuff. Then when you left the room, I would have snuck in there somehow and started arranging and cleaning Monica Gellar style. You can either type it out in large font on a computer or hand-write it onto your poster board.
So, for instance, in the example above, you’d write or type out, “I discovered I loved you (and then leave a big space to glue in the Mounds bar) more than the other boys on the playground.” Insert the candy in the space by gluing it.
While watching Dexter with my husband a few months back, a friend messaged me to chat. You can thoughtfully consider what will go into crafting the perfect message and in some instances, wholly create that immaculate vision. She suggests that even though she does not agree with the following dramatization, it is likely a fantastic way to disengage the other end of your message.

This is probs due to the fact that I actually use these in my everyday vocab, as in I dont just type and read them, I say them as well. I hope you enjoy little glimpses into my life and have fun trying the sweaty workouts I frequently share and making some of my favorite recipes along the way!
You might write the message in pencil on the board or cut out strips of printed paper from your computer. People will love coming over and reading the funny message and seeing what the card is all about. They force uncomfortable conversational fodder and an inevitable dialogue about the weather. You are definitely not rolling on the floor and your ass has definitely not dispatched from your body due to my highly advanced sense of hilarity.
Besides the physical benefits, there’s nothing greater about having a serious boyfriend than being able to rest all doubt on whether my next text will be the breaking point on our relationship.
While it is ok with friends and such, its gets really difficult to read while a flirt goes on.
My dad always jokes that when they die, my brother and I are going to be screwed going through everything!! So, for instance, you might write, “I discovered I loved you Mounds more than the other boys on the playground when we first met.” It’s corny, but the whole idea comes out looking really festive and fun. The beauty of these dots is that they don’t rip the paper off the back of the candy and they won’t seep through to ruin the chocolate. Sometimes my ear will begin to hurt and when that happens I will have to surmise that I have probably contracted brain cancer. No matter what you think you have to say, how witty, charming, convivial it will be, there’s always tomorrow morning (and a pretty profound headache) to make up for short term radio silence.
If he uses an English ‘miss you’ instead our own native language, does it mean he means it less? I believe us non-english speakers need to get creative with our own languages before we forget just how rich they are! Two simple words in damn English, not even a sentence, and I go off overthinking for an hour!
I’m not going to include my usual commentary on this post beyond the intro because I really feel these speak for themselves. So: I am quite tolerant when it comes to texting, yes, I even learned to like the ?? or xD, you can use caps lock on me all you want. It’s so funny it seems like it has to be fake but at the same time, I can totally see how it happened. Even better, how bored do you have to be to feel like organizing your book bag?08: This is one of my all time favorites. Just a piece of helpful advice from me to you, free of charge.05: Holy cow, what a horrible typo! That is all.What is your all time worst auto-correct disaster or are you more of a straight ahead typo sort of person?

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