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I am in no competition with anyone else, I am in competition with my Yester Self and I Am Winning!!
We can never go back and change what has been said and done but we can always learn the lesson to make things better next time. If the graduate in your life managed to get through four years of high school -- and the hours-long ceremony that comes after -- with all their limbs and dignity (mostly) in tact, they deserve the HIGHEST of fives from you. Whether they're bookish, sports-obsessed, an audiophile or a proud super-geek, we've got 15 cheap gift ideas for every breed of high school senior. Why is it accepted that some people who eat a ton of food can stay thin, but not accepted that some people who eat a small amount of food can be fat? Since thin people get diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, why is becoming thin suggested as a cure?
Why bother using BMI as a substitute for metabolic health measures when we can easily test metabolic health measures? Doctors treat thin people for joint pain with options other than weight loss, why don’t they give fat people those same treatments? Why do we believe that doing unhealthy things (liquid diet, smoking, urine injections coupled with starvation, stomach amputation) will lead to a healthy body? Isn’t it medically unethical to prescribe something without telling your patients that it works less than 5% of the time with a much greater chance at leaving you heavier and less healthy than when you started?
Why do we accept wide variations in things like foot and hand size, nose and lip shape etc. If weight gain isn’t proven to cause diabetes, high blood pressure etc., why would weight loss be recommended as a cure? How is it possible that suggesting that healthy habits are the best chance for a healthy body is controversial?

This is a big deal for me because this is image of my body that I used to hate the most, but recently I’ve come to realise that all of it is mine, it works perfectly and feels fantastic to be in, so why hate myself?
I’m sick of people coming out and revealing new bodies and then belittling the old bodies they once had, bodies that some of us possess. This is a good list for folks who struggle with dissociation, depersonalization, and dysphoria. My mom and boyfriend get mad at me when I miss school but I honestly can't bring myself to get out of bed sometimes. I can live in an empty apartment, buy used clothes, drive a car that’s basically falling apart, but a love that scores an A-? To be body positive is a journey of self acceptance while advocating for and accepting our differences with others. Contrary to popular belief, being fat doesn’t mean you hate yourself, it doesn’t mean you lack self-respect, it doesn’t mean you deserve to be humiliated, degraded, ignored, and dehumanized; it doesn’t mean you’re ugly or stupid or worthless, but that’s how society wants us to feel and I’m just sick of it. Body positivity is for everyone; fighting self-hate and working towards self-love and acceptance of ourselves and others through resources, visibility, and discussion!
If I’m not dieting, if I’m not spending every moment of my life counting calories and apologizing for the size of my body; if I’m not taking the abuse and the punishment and the cruel looks and the hateful words, if I actually dare to accept myself, then I’m crucified. I’m sick of living in a world that tells me on a constant basis that I am not good enough, that if I just lose weight I will be worthy of the conditional love it has to offer.
I will fight that world and, in it’s place, I will create a new world, one that is my own, one that is made of art and poetry and feminism and compassion and intelligence and pleasure and love, love for myself and love for others, love that has no conditions and no limits, love that too many of us are denied. When I first tried this exercise, I found it almost impossible to feel anything if it didn’t hurt. If my left elbow was just floating in space, I couldn’t feel it, but I could feel it if I touched it or rubbed it against something else.

Quiero un amor con maletas y en aviones, en Paris, en Machu Pichu y en una playa en Culebra. For example, I’ve been skiing in Lake Tahoe for two weeks, so right now, my right cheek feels warm from a little bit of sun and windburn.
I want to love with suitcases and on airplanes, in Paris, Machu Pichu and on a beach in Culebra. Be specific with the words you choose - does your body part feel stiff, loose, light, heavy, tingly, warm, cold, sensitive, numb, strong, weak, painful? Try to avoid describing your sensation in general terms that don’t employ at least one of the five senses. Dancing, practicing yoga, hiking, cycling, skiing, and other such physical activity can make you more aware of your body - what feels yummy and what hurts!
When I was taking Nia dance classes, I had the hardest time feeling my body when my body parts were floating in space. I could feel how my knee felt on the floor instead of just how it felt in the air.Optimize clothing. I tend to wear tight-fitting clothes like leggings and leotards when I dance, hike, or take yoga. Ignoring the warning signals from the body predisposes you to injury and fails to catch illness before it becomes severe.

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