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Obedience training instills discipline in a dog and builds respect for you as the pack leader.
If a puppy isn’t introduced to a variety of objects and situations, he can develop abnormal fears. It’s the best doggone free newsletter around with exclusive tips, tricks, recipes, product reviews and more!
Blake is a great little dog except for one thing – every time you get him out he bites the lead. When you put the lead on, have something ready for him to grab as the instinct in him to do this will be ingrained. Lots of exercise will help, not with the specific problem but he will benefit overall and become calmer if he’s had a good run.
Most of our stray dogs need some form of re-training and can’t be offered for adoption until they are rehabilitated. Animals are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations caught with ourselves in the net of life and time. Dog Training Nation strives to provide you the best dog training and other dog-related tips in the industry. What every fur-baby parent ought to know about puppy finger biting, and how to correct it before it becomes an issue.
You are excited to have your furry bundle of joy at home, they have completely stolen your heart with their cute antics, funny temperament, and little bulldog noises. Playing with your fur-baby is always a delight, and the occasional play bite on your finger goes unanswered.

Here areĀ several simple things you should do when working with your bulldog to help correct them of unwanted biting behavior. If you are looking for additional training ideas, check outĀ one of our favorite celebrity dog trainers Dove Cresswell. You need to be honest about how far your dog’s particular behavior problem has progressed before you can deal with it properly.
Without proper training a dog can become unpredictable and uncontrollable, which could cause a biting problem.
Seeing an umbrella open or a stranger wearing glasses can be frightening for an adult dog that hasn’t been exposed to them.
If you think your dog is biting because he was abused, get help from a professional animal behaviorist. Your approach will depend on your dog’s age and the severity of his behavior problem.
By the time he reaches adolescence he should be able to control his bite pressure and know to stop biting on command.
It will teach your dog his place in the pack, and give you the tools you need to train alternative behaviors in situations where it’s likely your dog will bite.
Be honest about the situation and seek the help of a professional trainer or animal behaviorist.
Download our standing order form and take it along to your bank to help one of the animals.
It is ok to play with your furbaby, but don’t make them feel like they need to protect themselves.

There are lots of reasons why a dog will bite and there are several levels of biting, from a puppy that nips at your hands to an adult dog that snaps under stress and actually breaks the skin. Also, if a puppy gets scared the first time he sees or hears something, he could bite out of fear when he has a similar experience as an adult. Also, a dog that has difficulty seeing or hearing may bite if you accidentally surprise him.
Practice the bite inhibition exercises as you would with a younger puppy, including the Off and Take It commands. The solution they offer may be as simple as changing how you interact with your dog and learning to set boundaries. We cover a range of topics, from socializing puppies to dealing with aggressive dog behavior to selecting the best dog products. When the behavior is bad, don’t scream at them, but being a little loud or acting hurt will cause them to stop. Your own solution to stop dog biting will depend on your dog’s age, why he bites, and how extreme the biting is. Also, keep track of your dog’s stressors, or those objects and circumstances that make him uncomfortable.
But it’s best not to go any further on your own for the sake of your loved ones, yourself, and your dog.

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