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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. How to Get a Girl KISS You Men and women alike have plenty of horror stories to tell about their very first kiss.
How to Get a Girl KISS You How to Get a Girl KISS You:Tips #1 “ Man up ” “Boys shuffle their feet and avoid eye contact before darting in for a surprise kiss.
How to Get a Girl KISS You How to Get a Girl KISS You:Tips #2 “ Watch her eyes ” “One of the telltale signs of a woman waiting to be kissed is if she is glancing from your eyes to your lips. How to Get a Girl KISS You How to Get a Girl KISS You:Tips #3 “ Hold her hand ” “Kissing is a very intimate form of touch. How to Get a Girl KISS You How to Get a Girl KISS You:Tips #4 “ Start with a cheek kiss ” “If cuddling and closeness has preceded the kissing moment, placing a kiss on her cheek or temple is a good way to ease into the more intimate mouth kiss. How to Get a Girl KISS You How to Get a Girl KISS You:Tips #5 “ Whisper in her ear ” “Like kissing her on the cheek, a quiet whisper in her ear will tell her in a gentle, romantic way that you want to kiss her more intimately. How to Get a Girl KISS YouThank You for Reading “How to Get a Girl KISS You” slide presentation. Kik messenger is an incredibly popular free mobile messaging app with over 200 million users.
These apps do not have to go through the stringent verification process that all apps on the iTunes and Google Play do, apps are screened on these legitimate stores for spam, scams virus’s and pornography. There are now group chats in Kik so you can be invited to join a group where any of the members can chat, a bit like a forum or chat room. If your child follows the constant prompts to allow Kik to scan their address book, the Kik app will then find friends with a Kik account, or… anyone related to that person including adults. If your child ever publicises their Kik user name on any social media, or someone else does, they may get contacted by strangers if privacy settings are not absolutely secure.
It is hard to know how scammers and spammers are finding and messaging accounts, some of the messages may come from the apps within Kik. The bottom line is you can’t prevent your child being approached by a stranger, who may have a pornographic profile pic, or may send your child a pornographic video or photo as way of introduction.
There are no parental controls for this messenging app of course, this app is designed for adults. If you want your child to have access to a free SMS style messaging app, you need to stick to ones that have no other purpose other than messaging. Apple Messages has all of the same facilities as Skype but obviously only works on iDevices. It is so important that parents try out the apps their kids are using rather than just take their child’s word for it as far as safety goes. The YouTube video below was made in July 2014, the webpages are now located in a different area. Several children ask me during my talks how to properly delete their Kik Account (Hallelujah!) It’s not just as simple as removing the app from your device. Is there any way for me, a parent to “read” what my son writes on KIK from another device or only if I go into his cellphone ? Just saying…you can block people within the app if they send you something inappropriate and this is just your side of the story. Yes you can block people, but for some younger kids it will be too late if they see something awful sent to them.
Taking the device at unexpected times may help some, but in a lot of cases kids delete immediately after receiving or sending inappropriate materials. As Silent Hunter as suggested if they are nude or sexual in nature you should contact the police and report it. Men look into a woman’s eyes, knows she wants him as much as he wants her, and takes that little risk to lean in and kiss her on the lips. The moment a woman realizes she wants to kiss a man, she becomes fascinated with his lips and entranced by his eyes.
To ease that first contact, make sure you have touched her hand or shoulder sometime before or during conversation or flirtation. Because a kiss on the cheek is seen as a casual and adorable act, it will lighten the mood and help her relax, too.
You don’t have to say anything particularly romantic during the whisper; in fact, you don’t actually have to say anything at all. If youwant to know more about how to attract woman, you can watch the Great VideoBelow.Discover Top 3 “Seduction Secrets” in this special video presentation.
This post is growing and constantly being updated as new issues and features come to light.

It is one of the only cross platform (operates on all mobile devices) messaging apps that doesn’t require a phone number to be registered.
In November 2012, Kik introduced apps within the messenger app (now called webpages), the age requirement was then increased to 17+.
But the developers have already stated that they will be actively promoting the use of these cards to their users, it is the way that Kik is monetising their free app. Its quite possible that a child will join a group or be invited to one that will involve large amounts of Kik users that they don’t know offline. If your child also uses Instagram make sure they are not advertising their Kik Messenger profile name on Instagram. The moment you log into the same Kik account on another device, previous messages and conversations are deleted from the account. Whilst this seems like a good privacy move, it also means that strangers can hide their real identity also. It’s pot luck whether the stranger sends them a pornographic image as way of introduction, this is happening more and more from reports. That have privacy settings that actually do work to block strangers from contacting your child.
Constant checking of your child’s contacts and of the content being transmitted by younger teens is important for safety. It is worth noting that iTunes and Google Play very rarely rate apps at 17+ unless there is a very good reason. The globe icon lower right of the screen leads to them, as does the + sign left of the message input window. Below is the correct way to delete your profile and the data within it and how to delete it from their servers.
I think its very important for parents to monitor what their kids are using on their mobile devices. As I’ve pointed out above there are no privacy settings or parental controls on Kik messenger.
Skype and iMessage good options, with the safety settings I’ve outlined in the new post I did. You can set up parental controls on the iPad, so that your daughter cannot download new apps without your password. It can be appropriate if parents aren’t stupid and they monitor what their child is doing. We can only do our best and hope any mistake or risk out children take can be reversible and can be learned from thanks for your comment. Block the blackmailer and delete your photos from your phone and any cloud based backup you may have activated, like iCloud. The problem is that someone can send your child an obscene photo before they have had a chance to block. Her eyes will dart from each of your eyes to your lips and back again, in a triangular shape. For younger kids without a mobile phone this means they can use it on their mobile devices like iPods through Wi Fi.
Anyone can create their own group, so a child at school can create a chat group where they all talk in a group privately without any parental supervision. Many Kik users include their Kik user name in their social media bio, usually with the #KikMe tag. These new messages are showing up in the feeds and some look like they are from Kik Messenger admin, when they are not! Young children also have their profiles advertised on these apps as being available for chatting with anyone. Logging out (resetting) of Kik messenger also deletes all previous conversations and messages, which for many parents makes parent supervision quite unreliable. Safer apps like Skype and Apple’s Messages are still closed environments, but for younger children you can share an account to see messages going back and forth in real time.
Education around internet safety is more fail safe in the long run than trying to outwit your child. More emphasis has to be placed on education for both parents and children on transmitting appropriate images and video.
At 15years old, your daughter is old enough to understand why it is unwise to send personal intimate photo’s of herself over the internet. The only way you can read another persons messages is to read them from within that person’s app whilst the app is logged in.

If you do your research you can see how many other people have grave concerns with children being on Kik. You don’t need to do anything special with that hand; just hold it softly, and then look her in the eye. The list of these cards is growing, and unlike being able to look for reviews of these apps on the various app stores to see what they actually do, and how secure they are, there are no reviews that I could find for any of these apps. Some enterprising folks have gone as far as to to list Kik user names on websites aimed at finding people to hook up with on Kik (no link to those!). Most users don’t log out of Kik Messenger so they can save messages, unless they want to delete all history. Note: Ensuring that what ever your child shares on these messaging platforms is being respected and not shared or edited and then shared further, is impossible. Boundaries are still very important around apps and the internet to prevent your child being exposed to content they are not old enough to deal with. Kik Messenger is designed for adults, yes, if you look at the design, it looks very attractive to children with the graphics, but it states very clearly in their terms of service that the app is for adults only.
In fact even the developers agree that it’s unsuitable for children and have banned them. Warning: Skype now has a prompt when you open a new account to share your profile name with Facebook, obviously that makes Skype far less secure for younger children and young teens, so it is inadvisable. Kids are only using Kik because either their parents are letting them, or the parents have no idea what the app can do, or don’t know their child is using it. The issue you speak of transferring video or photos, however could happen on any messaging app, such as iMessage, Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber.
If you have another users log in info and try to log into their account from another device it also deletes the messages. There are many safer messaging apps that kids are allowed to use, that can also be supervised. This is one way users of Kik Messenger find each other online, to then hook up in private message on Kik.
But by switching these two features to the off position it only blurs the message and the profile picture of the stranger, it doesn’t hide the new messages. Like every other aspect of parenting, the best parents are ones who have had involvement in their child’s upbringing, and continue to play a part in their offline and online worlds. As per the post above the only messaging apps I can recommend for primary school kids are iMessage and Skype due to neither of them actively encouraging linking with other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and both having privacy settings. The message still gets put into your message window at the bottom, you only have to tap the message to see it.
Education for Teachers, Parents and children about the internet and technology is essential.
Parents cannot supervise Kik messenger effectively, all messaging apps are very difficult to supervise. Unfortunately most kids and teachers are getting that education, but parents are choosing to avoid it.
So many schools continue to tell me that the parents are not interested in education around cyber safety. Children need to receive education about sharing photos and video, and parents need to be far more aware of what kids are looking at online.
This is very useful for parents of much younger children, say under 10 years old, where the parent wants to be fully aware of what the younger child is saying. If a child is sharing an adult video, then they must have access to it somehow through YouTube or other. You can share many different types of messaging apps for this purpose but Kik is one of the few that doesn’t allow for this.
I’m not sure how old your child is, but all kids under 13yrs should have parental controls setup on their mobile devices so you can limit what they download and which apps they can use. Other schools are trying to find ways of sneaking their cyber safety education into other meetings or making the cyber safety talks compulsory.
It’s so important that parents take time to really investigate apps their children use, and read up on them. I’m about to do a post, prompted by your question on Skype and iMessage settings to help parents with their choice of apps.

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