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Syrian Arab trainees practice firing their small arms at an undisclosed training range in northern Syria on Saturday, May 21, 2016. A small group of reporters accompanied Votel under ground rules that, for security reasons, prohibited disclosing his visit until after he had left Syria.
Syria is a raging war zone, torn by multiple conflicts that have created severe human suffering across much of the country.
An Associated Press reporter and journalists from two other news organizations were the first Western media to visit the secretive operation. The problem in Syria is complicated by the fractured nature of the opposition to the government of President Bashar al-Assad. Qarhaman Hasan, the deputy commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, said he has given the Americans a list of his most pressing needs. Talal Selo, spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces, was especially strong in his criticism of the U.S.
The airstrike, authorized by President Barack Obama, also killed a second adult male combatant as the two traveled in a vehicle southwest of the town of Ahmad Wal, but no civilians were killed, the official said under condition of anonymity. Mansour was appointed head of the Taliban in July 2015 following the revelation that the group’s founder Mullah Omar had been dead for two years.
Officials were still assessing the results and would provide more information when available, he added. BOCAUE, Bulacan—Heavy traffic is expected on the northbound lane of the North Luzon Expressway (NLEx) today as thousands of Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) members will flock to the Philippine Arena here for an evangelical mission. About 25,000 church members and guests started arriving here on Saturday afternoon for the event called “Pamamahayag,” which was scheduled to open at 8 a.m. Police and the NLEx operator have deployed additional personnel to manage the traffic flow on roads leading to the Philippine Arena at the Ciudad de Victoria here, said Senior Supt. The Senate and the House of Representatives will hold a joint session this week to begin the formal canvassing of votes for president and vice president, a process that is expected to be closely watched given the tight race for the vice presidency.
The joint session will be held on May 24, when both chambers will meet and form the national board of canvassers (NBOC). The actual canvassing of votes will begin on May 25 and will be held at the Batasang Pambansa, according to Senate Secretary Oscar Yabes. During the joint session on Tuesday, both chambers are expected to adopt the rules and create the panels for the joint canvassing committee. The partial unofficial count of the Commission on Elections’ (Comelec) citizens’ arm, the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV), showed Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte with a huge lead over his rivals. But since the unofficial count did not include 100 percent of the precincts, the race is still too close to call. The Marcos camp has complained of alleged irregularities and has asked the Comelec to allow its information technology experts to audit the transparency server and central server that were used in the polls. Its misgivings centered on the alteration in the script in the transparency server, which Comelec officials said only resulted in a “cosmetic” change as it only changed the spelling of certain candidates’ names.
But the Marcos camp said that if a Smartmatic technician could introduce a cosmetic change, what assurance did they have that the same person did not introduce other substantial alterations to the script that could affect the election results. The Senate would have a session on Monday to approve bills on third reading before both chambers hold their joint session.
Meanwhile, Marcos’ campaign adviser Jonathan de la Cruz said in a statement that all information technology experts and representatives of winning candidates were welcome to join the system audit of the Comelec’s servers that their camp had asked for. He said the credibility of the Senate was at stake, and the audit was intended to search for the truth.
According to De la Cruz, the system audit that the Marcos camp wants is not directed at a particular candidate but is meant to ensure the integrity of the polls. Estrada, who has been held in a special Camp Crame jail cell since June 2014, has been charged with plunder and 11 counts of graft by the Ombudsman for his alleged receipt of P184 million in kickbacks from alleged pork barrel scam mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles.
In his petition, the senator said the disbursement vouchers the Ombudsman presented as evidence in the graft cases were “merely offshoots” of the transactions involving his Priority Development Assistance Fund or pork barrel allotments from 2004 to 2012. He said the same set of documents was “already the same subject” of his trial for plunder in the Sandiganbayan antigraft court.
They number less than a hundred now, but police-lawyers are optimistic that under the administration of presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, their career track would become more attractive. This optimism was expressed by members of the Philippine National Police Legal Service during a press briefing at PNP headquarters in Camp Crame, Quezon City, on Wednesday. Valera admitted that the salaries of police-lawyers tended to be “not competitive” compared to the salaries of lawyers in the private sector or even other government agencies such as the Office of the Ombudsman. At present, the PNP Legal Service has 93 personnel nationwide to serve police officers facing “service-connected cases” in around 80 provinces. In 2015, the PNP Legal Service handled the cases of 93 commissioned police officers and 114 noncommissioned personnel. Service-connected cases include criminal complaints against police officers, such as unlawful arrest, arbitrary detention or physical injuries, and administrative complaints such as misconduct, neglect of duty, or irregularities in the performance of duty. Valera said the PNP Legal Service was short 103 personnel in its objective to provide one lawyer for every police provincial office, city police station and units in the national headquarters. The mothers of missing activists Jonas Burgos and Sherlyn Cadapan have expressed guarded optimism the victims of enforced disappearance would be surfaced under the Duterte administration.
Edita Burgos and Erlinda Cadapan on Saturday said they intended to write incoming president Rodrigo Duterte to tell him about their plight and seek his help in finding the truth.
Cadapan noted that Duterte had not made a pronouncement about the case of her missing daughter, Sherlyn Cadapan, and the latter’s University of the Philippines schoolmate, Karen Empeno, who were abducted on June 26, 2006, in Bulacan. Cadapan was apprehensive about Duterte’s promise to release former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and his plan to appoint Lt. Farmer Raymond Manalo, who escaped from military detention, had testified that he saw the two UP students in Camp Tecson in Bulacan.
In separate orders, the Supreme Court compelled the military to produce Jonas, Karen and Sherlyn. Jonas was abducted in Quezon City on April 28, 2007, taken away in a vehicle whose license plate was traced to an impounded vehicle at an Army camp in Bulacan.
She said she hoped the Army would comply with the Supreme Court order under the new administration.
Some nominees of winning party-list groups have expressed an openness to presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s plan to shift to a federal form of government, but were divided on his proposal to reimpose the death penalty. Buhay party-list second nominee Lito Atienza said he personally would support a shift to federalism. Lawyer Harry Roque of Kabayan party-list, Lucas Pasiliao and Remedios Arquiza of Coalition of Association of Senior Citizens in the Philippines, and lawyer Tricia Nicole Velasco-Catera of Ang Mata’y Alagaan, all expressed a willingness to study federalism. On the other hand, Gabriela Women’s Party first nominee Emerenciana de Jesus expressed reservations about the shift to a federal form of government.
Atienza, De Jesus and Roque all expressed opposition to a reimposition of the death penalty. The Senior Citizen nominees, on the other hand, were very much in favor of the death penalty. The Comelec-NBOC on Thursday announced the winners of the 59 seats at stake in the House of Representatives in the party-list balloting. Despite some glitches during the polling, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) has expressed its gratitude to technology provider Smartmatic, citing the record-breaking transmission rate during the May 9 elections. Comelec Chair Andres Bautista, in a speech during the proclamation of winning senators and party-list groups at the Philippine International Convention Center, said 96.14 percent of the election results were transmitted to the transparency server in the last elections, compared to the 90-percent transmission rate in 2010 and 76 percent in 2013.
He said independent election observers and groups from over 50 countries also noted the efficient and smooth management of the elections. The Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG) on Saturday warned presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte that his plan to revive the death penalty and implement a “shoot-to-kill” policy against criminals would be antipoor and violate international law.
In a statement on Saturday, FLAG chair Jose Manuel Diokno reminded Duterte that before the death penalty was abolished in 2006, about 70 percent of death row inmates were poor and had been wrongfully convicted. He also reminded Duterte that the Philippines ratified in 2007 an international treaty prohibiting executions and providing for the abolition of the death penalty. According to FLAG, majority of the 1,121 inmates on death row before the death penalty was abolished in 2006 were poor.
He said Duterte was bound to the international treaty called the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which the Philippines signed on Sept. That treaty is the only internationally acknowledged treaty to prohibit executions and provide for the total abolition of the death penalty, he said. Quoting other death penalty experts, Diokno said it would be “unprecedented and illegal” for a state that signed that treaty to restore the death penalty. This year, the Philippines’ weather bureau Pagasa recorded the highest temperature ever recorded in the country—52.3 degrees C in Cabanatuan City.
The Paris Agreement originally intended to keep the rise in global temperature under 2 degrees C through a reduction of greenhouse gases.
Climate studies have shown that a rise in global temperature by 2 degrees C would lead to the submersion of land where today 280 million people live, including parts of Mumbai, New York and Shanghai, and overwhelm island-nations such as Fiji, Kiribati and Tuvalu. Climate activist and former US vice president Al Gore discussed the all-important figures when he visited the Philippines in March.
Gore also warned about the effects of climate change on vulnerable countries such as the Philippines, as seen in the devastation wrought by Typhoon “Yolanda” in 2013.
The two lawmakers emphasized how, for vulnerable countries, the battle against climate change is a battle for survival. We need to follow the Trinitarian spirit of peace, integration, respect, and reaching out for true and lasting peace. I would like to share this text message I received, which underlines the self-giving and life-giving spirit of the Trinity: “Nothing in nature lives for itself. Bantay Matanda invites you to a lay forum on “Understanding Muscle Loss in the Elderly” at the Tuklong ni San Jose, Christ the King Mission Seminary, E. But, for integration to happen after a divisive exercise, political competition has to be managed, its mode of expression regulated.  The rules of competition must be respected, protected, and conscientiously enforced. Many longstanding friendships were strained, if not broken, because political choices were taken as indicators of wisdom or integrity, or lack of these.  It may take a while before these relationships are repaired, if at all. True or not, he may want to begin the healing by reverting to a more prudent and respectful way of communicating, rather than merely talking about it.
In previous columns, I wrote about how charismatic leaders like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were able to tap into such explosive emotions to catalyze the formation of fascist movements that later plunged their respective peoples into the abyss. Whatever it may be, I believe we need to fathom the roots of these emotions, to understand their generative mechanisms, and to see what we can do to prevent them from blindly fueling the kind of fratricidal conflicts that have destroyed other societies in the past. My take: The world we live in is created and continually recreated by a way of life reinforced by our emotions.
I did get to see the Little Mermaid, but only from the back as our boat swung by the little rock on which she sat in a pretty park. Also taking part in the recent Women Deliver conference here is freelance journalist Ana Santos, who’s on a project for the Pulitzer Center to write a series on the “au pair” program.
From what I know, the au pair began as a program for European young women to travel to other countries, most notably the United Kingdom and the United States, and there get some form of “cultural immersion” while working part-time as nannies. But, says Santos, for the Filipino au pairs here, the “cultural exchange” factor makes little sense.
And so these women—mothers at the end of their rope and au pairs in search of additional income and travel—struggle on with the skepticism of a society which prides itself in self-sufficiency and independence.
Copenhagen presents itself as a tiny jewel box of an old city amid the rising icons of modernity.
The “social night” of the conference was held in Tivoli Gardens, which has become somewhat of a touristic myth. The requisite rides (the screams give them away) and attractions can be found, but equally thrilling are the flower beds which, in this early spring, are planted to tulips of different colors, gradations and even shapes (curly-tipped tulips?). To meet with Danish NGOs and international aid bodies based in Denmark, the Women Deliver participants were herded to “Andersen’s house,” where they gathered in a hall and exchanged tales or caught up on each other’s lives and work. Scholarship program.  Cosponsored by the Tan Yan Kee Foundation, the scholarship program will start with 10 awardees for the coming school year and will add 10 more each year, for a total of 40 in four years.
This program is open to those entering their third year as law students in all law schools that have obtained a percentage of passing above the overall percentage of passing for the 2014 bar exams based on the statistical data from the Office of the Bar Confidant of the Supreme Court.
The scholarship program’s primary goal is to look for the best and the brightest students who believe in the vision, mission, values and legal philosophy of FLP. Dissertation contest.  Cosponsored by the Ayala Group for five consecutive school years, the dissertation contest aims to input the fresh insights and unique perspectives of law students into FLP’s programs. In this way, FLP also hopes to imbibe novel and innovative avenues to achieve its vision and values. From all the entries, an FLP committee will choose a maximum of 20 entries, each of which will receive P20,000.
Through this program, FLP encourages educational institutions and law schools to undertake research on and to propagate its philosophy at the academic level. Additionally, FLP is working with PALS to improve the law curriculum and the bar examinations. In litigations involving liberty, the scales of justice should weigh heavily against the government and in favor of the people, but in cases involving the economy and prosperity, courts—absent grave abuse of discretion—must defer to the legislative and executive branches pursuant to the principle of deferential interpretation of laws and executive issuances. The best way to conquer poverty, to create wealth and to share prosperity is to unleash the entrepreneurial genius of the people by granting them the freedom and the tools to help themselves and society. Political leaders, working closely with the private sector, are primarily responsible for developing the economy. Government must oversee the fair and equitable distribution of wealth to all our people, especially the poor and the disadvantaged.
Transparency, accountability and responsibility must characterize the work of the government and publicly-listed companies.
Properly understood and enforced, discipline is not inconsistent with liberty, prosperity, or the rule of law. TOKYO—At a time when Donald Trump’s indecency and vulgarity are distorting the world’s view of America, Barack Obama’s decision to become the first American president to visit Hiroshima demonstrates anew his own great personal dignity. In coming to Hiroshima, Obama will come to know intimately the deepest pain of a nation that was once America’s enemy, but which is now a devoted friend.
The emergence of a six-decade-old alliance from the ashes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is one of the many near-miraculous achievements of America’s far-sighted post-1945 diplomacy. Successive generations of American leadership and courageous statesmanship paid off for the world. In Hiroshima, Obama will be standing alongside Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, creating a powerful symbolic link to the founding of the Japan-US alliance and that extraordinary period of diplomatic vision that created Asia’s postwar order. Just 15 years earlier, Kishi, then an official in the Imperial Japanese government, had been a sworn enemy of the United States in the Pacific War. Kishi’s actions, like those of Konrad Adenauer, Charles de Gaulle, Alcide De Gasperi, and others in Europe at the dawn of European integration, demonstrate one of the reasons the postwar international system has endured for so long: It was built by statesmen in the truest sense of the word.
Much of the courage they demonstrated consisted in their willingness to overcome their personal histories in quest of their peoples’ greater good. The eternal scars of Hiroshima will be acknowledged by Obama to remind us of the unfathomable horror inflicted by America’s nuclear attack. This is how historical memory should be used, not as a means to stoke citizens’ anger against others, in order to deflect their attention from pressing domestic problems, as some leaders do, but to show that in our pain we share a common humanity that demands our allegiance. Yuriko Koike, Japan’s former defense minister and national security adviser, was chairwoman of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party’s General Council and currently is a member of the National Diet. In the west the Prince Moon torridly kisses the Mountain that cradles a protracted revolution and spits out Juan Ponce Enrile’s logging concessions. On the day of Emil’s interment, his young daughter was seen gripping a white flag screaming for justice. The province takes pride in having the first state university in the Visayas, which was once tagged by the administration of Gloria-Macapagal Arroyo as training ground for communist insurgents.

I thought that after all the endless daily reports on torture and massacres, it would be easy to confront news of death. I will end with telling you what I saw on that sleepy day when we had a happy lunch with Emil at his house.
Angelo Karl Doceo, 23, is a certified public accountant and former vice president for the Visayas of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines. TECHNOLOGY is so pervasive in our daily lives that we are all forced to learn something new every day. Learning what controversial hash codes are all about is no different from those other “first time” tech experiences of yours. Here are five things you need to know, including what it is, why is it important and how it affects all of us—from the country’s elite to the common man. Knowing about this computer-generated record, or hash code, is important because it can be useful for our everyday lives.
Law enforcers use it in forensic tools to hunt down and prosecute child abusers wherever they are in the Philippines or in the world.
Photographers, song writers, movie makers and every one else, who produce and record digitally recorded art, use these hash codes to help protect their copyrighted material from theft or plagiarism. IT administrators and auditors rely on hash codes to verify if the files they send and receive are correct. Bankers rely on hash codes when transmitting spreadsheets to the Anti-Money Laundering Council to ensure that their files have the correct bank account details and corresponding suspicious transaction reports, and have not been tampered with at all. Even software and music pirates rely on hash codes they download, though BitTorrent programs do this automatically for them. Hash codes are documented in every chain of custody document and this is required for compliance with the Rules On Electronic Evidence (A.M. For example, if you were to be dragged to court for something as silly as libel, the digital evidence from Twitter or Facebook or e-mail must all be captured and preserved. If at any time during the investigation or court trial the hash code was changed, that digital evidence will be thrown out of court. The application and significance of the hash code is consistent with any other Philippine law as well, including the Anti-Wiretapping Act, Data Privacy Act, Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act, Cybercrime Prevention Act, bank secrecy laws, or election laws. Some pundits express that hash codes are like your fingerprints, as they try to express how unique you are, or how unique a software program file can be.
In the late 1800s, Sir Francis Galton became known as the scientist who devised a classification system for identifying common patterns in fingerprints. In 1895, he published “Fingerprint Directories,” which showed the heritability and racial differences in fingerprints, as well as detailed estimates on the probability of two persons having the same fingerprint. What that means for us Filipinos, with our country having a population of 101 million, is that there is a chance that one of us has the same fingerprint with someone else.
The probability of having the same fingerprint with someone else out there gets even worse when the Birthday Paradox is considered, but that’s another topic for another day.
In contrast, however, just for the math behind an MD5 hash code, the probability of having an identical hash code is 1 in 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456. SHA-256 hash codes are unique for every 115,792,089,237,316,195,423,570,985,008,687,907,853,269,984,665,640,564,039,457,584,007,913,129,639,936 instances. Hash codes are excellent indicators for detecting tampering of computer files or smartphones or networked devices.
To illustrate this, let’s conjure a hypothetical scenario where you developed an electronic voting software named “VotePH-2016” and now you need to distribute it nationwide. To make sure that nobody else tampers with it, an MD5 hash code of 68c1-8bcc-ed0d-709e-7869-7ec5-185c-7769 was recorded for it. Later on, someone cried foul and said the MD5 hash code he had for his copy of the VotePH-2016 software was 7517-abe7-04ee-8610-3e06-b127-7b3b-5ce5.
The cheapest and fastest way to figure out what’s wrong at this early stage is to test the anomalous software with the wrong MD5 hash code.
Now, after checking the input and output data of the anomalous software, you observe the “n” letter has been replaced by “n” and the “N” was replaced by “N.” Later on, someone finally admits he changed the source code on his own to correct the output because it was not printing very well on his computer. That person explained that the change was merely cosmetic and does not alter the election results. It can be argued that there is a time pressure to conclude the vote-counting process on schedule.
Just as important, you cannot find any other apparent facts through logical inquiry that the election results were counted erroneously.
On the other hand, if the unknown bothers you, if you start to doubt the trustworthiness of the system and if you can afford (in terms of time and resources) to investigate further, then it may be prudent to start auditing the anomalous software. A common misconception by some self-proclaimed IT experts is that hash codes are encrypted data because they read somewhere that hash codes are produced by cryptographic hash functions. Cryptographic hash functions, like MD5, or SHA-1, or SHA-256, are strictly one-way operations. The only way to hack a hash code is to try a large possible number of inputs and hope for a match.
The annual CMA, a joint undertaking of Citi Philippines, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and Microfinance Council of the Philippines Inc., has honored in the past 13 years the Citi Microentrepreneur of the Year and one regional awardee each for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The Microentrepreneur of the Year receives a cash prize of P200,000 while each of the other awardees, including those in the new categories, will get P100,000. Semi-finalists will receive a cash incentive of P10,000 while loan officers and MFI branches of each awardee get a cash incentive of P10,000 each. Citing industry figures, Tetangco said the environment for the development of the microfinance sector continued to improve based on sustained coordination and cooperation with industry players and stakeholders. The BSP governor said it could be assumed that microfinance had improved the financial standing of microentrepreneurs, as they have accumulated savings of about P4.5 billion as of December. Tetangco said it was encouraging global surveys indicated that “the Philippines has one of the world’s best environment for promoting  the quality of life of  people through sustained development of the microfinance sector. The Economic Intelligence Unit’s 2015 Global Microscope on Financial Inclusion ranked the Philippines first in Asia and third in the world in terms of regulatory environment for financial inclusion, he pointed out. He reaffirmed the CMA partners’ commitment to continue to find better ways to grow microfinance, such as mentoring microentrepreneurs under the CMA program.
Piloted last year, Tetangco said they would refine the program this year based on lessons learned from the engagement of the University of the Philippines Institute for Small-Scale Industries (UP ISSI), which mentored 13 past CMA winners for 7-8 months. Tetangco cited recent moves and new laws and regulations designed to promote the growth of microenterprises, such as facilitating links with banks, training in finance and marketing, linking and providing access to microentrepreneurs to secured and sustainable markets etc. Microfinance institutions (MFIs) and other financial service providers, Tetangco said, supported micro enterprises through financial products and other services critical to the entry, survival, productivity, and growth of enterprises. In his opening remarks, Citi Philippines CEO Aftab Ahmed reaffirmed the bank’s commitment to promote and support microentrepreneurship.
Beyond the award ceremonies, the CMA also ensures awardees receive access to supplementary tools that can help them take their businesses to new heights. CMA was introduced in 2002 as Citi celebrated its centennial in the Philippines and in Asia. The awards are open to microenterprises with asset size less than P3 million, which is aligned with the microenterprises classification scheme of the Department of Trade and Industry.
Ahmed and Tetangco serve as co-chairpersons of the CMA National Selection Committee that select the winners. In today’s world where everyone seems to be a food expert and restaurant critic, with a millennial culture of Instagram reportage of your daily menu, how do you up your game of being in the know on the latest restaurants and food events?
So Ben decided to create an app called Booky that allows hungry users to search for restaurants even if they are not online. I just downloaded the app myself and guess what—now I have a directory of over 15,000 restaurants. The search bar allows you to search for restaurants by location, restaurant name or even cuisine.
If you allow the app to access your location even if you are offline, you can also search for restaurants “nearby.” So, for example, if you search “coffee nearby,” it gives you a list of cafes within a range of around 500 meters. An Instagram post of model-foodie Isabel Daza has her saying that she uses the app just to read menus. True enough, the restaurant listings in Booky, though not all, also have the menu and prices handy.
When you have finally decided where to eat, you can also click Navigate, then the app goes to Waze to direct you to your destination.
The app having been created for a community of food lovers, just like Waze, it allows you to report incorrect information and share details on Facebook. To keep up, Ben has a team of 25 just updating the database, finding new restaurant openings, and working on the blog, the Booky Report. Honestly, I would purchase anything Iza Calzado promotes, by sheer virtue of her beauty and appeal, but this is a really handy product. EXPERTS CHARACTERIZE today’s environment as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA).
These principles help leaders build a values-based organization and develop a team of people with aligned values.
After landing at a remote camp where American military advisers are training Syrian Arab troops in basic soldiering skills, Votel split off from the reporters who flew in with him; he then visited several other undisclosed locations in Syria before returning to the camp. Atop his list: armored vehicles, heavy weapons like machine guns, as well as rocket launchers and mortars. Jinggoy Estrada has petitioned the Sandiganbayan to nullify his indictment on multiple counts of graft in connection with the P10-billion pork barrel scam, saying the offenses were already part of the plunder case he is facing. Along that line, our unit is very optimistic that police-lawyers would also enjoy a higher compensation package. I was hopeful that when the 2013 Supreme Court order came out that, as commander in chief, he would order the military or at least explain to me the truth of what really happened, but there was no action,” Burgos said. What is happening now is that development is only focused on Metro Manila; everything emanates from Manila, including planning, which is not good. At this point I want first to challenge the improvement of the national management, then let’s review.
We need to improve law enforcement to deter crimes as studies show that the death penalty is not a deterrent,” said Roque.
It would be a great stigma,” he quoted University of Oxford criminology professor emeritus Sir Roger Hood and Leiden University law professor William Schabas as saying.
This after NOAA declared 2015 the hottest year ever—a distinction that 2016 looks certain to grab. As Filipinos baked in the summer heat, it’s hardly comforting to know that we are not alone. It requires ratification by 55 countries responsible for 55 percent of the total greenhouse gases, with a target implementation date of 2020. That everyone needs to do their part to curb the spike in global temperatures is spelled out in a Project Syndicate commentary by Sen.
16, 12-15), Jesus tells His disciples that the Spirit of truth will guide them throughout everything that will come. John Paul II museum in Wadowice what Mama always told us since we were children about the value of sufferings: “Joy and pain, thorns and roses intertwine in our lives. Rogelio “Roger” Alasan, SVD, who served the Most Blessed Trinity as a missionary priest, went home to the Father last May 17 at the age of 71.
If it were not, it would not be able to perform its function of providing choice, building legitimacy, and checking abuse of power.
This means that rivalries have to be kept within their restricted domain and not be allowed to infect other relationships that are essential to building social cooperation.
The virulence persists until now, taking the form of intolerance for even the slightest hint of criticism of the incoming administration. But, according to him, it was this tone that seemed to click with his mass audiences, as though they were waiting for someone to bring these emotions out into the open, in the raw language that he alone, among the presidential candidates, seemed capable of using. For me as an observer, what is equally important is to understand where this sudden eruption of foul language in our politics is coming from, and whether this is the new normal in Philippine politics. It’s difficult to tell at this point if the rise of Mayor Duterte to the presidency signifies the birth of fascism in our country, or if this is just an ordinary type of strongman rule riding on the crest of a populist clamor for change.
No doubt much of what we do will change if we adopt the different technological options at hand, but our actions will not change unless our emotioning changes.” I’m struck by the word “emotioning,” because it seems to assign to emotions a higher valuation than modern rationalist cultures would usually give to them.
Unless there is cultural change, he says, we will find ourselves at the mercy of the same emotions that perpetuate domination, submission, manipulation, mistrust, greed, dishonesty, and abuse of others and of nature.
His language is far from lucid, perhaps because of the stilted translation from Spanish to English.
Another friend, Indian journalist Aarti Dar, and myself stepped off the “Hop On, Hop Off” bus at the embarkation point for the canal tours, planning to finish the rest of the city tour when we got back.
I said goodbye to my plans of a selfie with the sea creature, as well as putting my plaintive question to her.
It is a small country, one of three of the Nordic countries—the other two are Sweden and Norway—which are setting records in terms of the health of the general population, their welfare, the “cradle to grave” social protection programs for citizens, even the happiness of people. But, Denmark also being in Europe, it is not exempt from much of the turmoil gripping the continent. Part of a wider project on the Filipino migrant worker experience, Santos’ au pair series stems from her friendship with a Filipino woman, since married to a Dane, who came here as an au pair.
The “old town,” with its palaces, soaring church spires, and charming dwellings is but a small area of cobblestone streets and winding canals. One is bound to be disappointed with it, since it resembles little else than a perya at home. Entering the hall, I caught sight of Crown Princess Mary exiting, surrounded by sober-looking security personnel.
The Foundation for Liberty and Prosperity (FLP), in cooperation with the Philippine Association of Law Schools (PALS), is sponsoring full scholarships and a dissertation writing contest for the coming school year. The scholarships cover tuition, a book allowance and a monthly stipend, as well as bar review expenses.
The dissertations should engender a deeper understanding of FLP’s core philosophy and contribute to its evolution, development and enrichment.
FLP was founded in 2011 to promote the legal philosophy of “liberty and prosperity under the rule of law.” Its ongoing flagship program, the Chief Justice Panganiban Professorial Chairs on Liberty and Prosperity, is cosponsored by the Metrobank Foundation. FLP envisions a society that understands and embraces the basic interdependence and mutual inclusiveness of the twin concepts of liberty and prosperity. Hence, government must promote and defend private entrepreneurship, encourage private investments and level the playing field.
In fact, discipline, especially in government, is necessary to safeguard liberty, nurture prosperity and promote the rule of law. Moreover, it returns to the world’s attention the outward, forward-looking America that has delivered stability and prosperity over the many decades since the atomic bomb was first used. In examining the ruins of the nuclear abyss and recognizing our eternal sorrow, he will confirm our countries’ now-unbreakable ties. In the joint recognition by Japan and the United States of the horrors visited on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, both countries—the Pacific War’s victor and the vanquished—will show the world how bonds of alliance and solidarity are forged and maintained. And in all of these cases, America found leaders—even in the Soviet Union with Mikhail Gorbachev and China with Deng Xiaoping—who were able to transcend their own pasts and prejudices to build a better and safer world. Abe, after all, is the grandson of Nobusuke Kishi, the prime minister who pushed the treaty of alliance with the United States through a then-reluctant Japanese Diet, sacrificing his political career for the sake of Japan’s future and peace in Asia.
These were leaders whose vision extended well beyond concern for their own political careers, and who had the wisdom and courage to act upon their understanding of what a future of peace and prosperity would require.
Kishi and his counterparts in the United States and Europe saw that a different and better future was available only by refusing to rage against the past and poke at its wounds, even the radioactive wounds of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But Obama’s pilgrimage also symbolizes the shared recognition of the need—now and in the future—for peace in Asia and for unity between the peoples of Japan and the United States.

That allegiance must overcome our differences of interest, culture, and, most of all, past actions.
The land is usually caught between raging storms and silent skies: The blue overhead is a vast blanket that comforts the weeping people of the weeping land, and its dark rage is a billowing conscience that brings us down to our knees and forces us to remember our collective insignificance.
In the east is the vast Sea that changes color from blue to green and back, and whose pristine shores stretch over the edges of the island like a rebel’s halo. This is the same town where a man named Emil Go was shot dead one sleepy Friday morning practically outside his house in Dona Manuela Village, Barangay Tinampo.
Emil was 44 years old when they found his corpse 20 meters away from his house where his wife and three young children were waiting for breakfast. I do not know how a local public perceives an activist, as opposed to the national imagination of a sea of clenched fists on Mendiola. This is a land where news about killings settles gently over one’s breakfast, leaving its sting outside the door. Jose Maria Cui who, in 2007, was shot dead inside a classroom in front of his students at the University of Eastern Philippines while administering a midterm exam. It is hard to write about death, especially if it is the death of a man who had written in the same school paper where you once wrote. In the unofficial quick count by the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV), Leni Robredo is ahead of Bongbong Marcos in the vice presidential race by more than 200,000 votes, with 96.14 percent of election returns counted.
You might remember how it felt the first time you received your first SMS text message, the first time you wrote and sent your own Yahoo e-mail, to getting on Facebook, or discovering the utility of Viber and Waze. Hash codes are produced by having a computer ingest any size of data, whether a small text file to as big as a database spanning across several hard disks, before coughing out a small set of hexadecimal numbers for us to appreciate. In every case, whether it be civil or administrative, or criminal in nature, hash codes are required for every digital evidence that is discovered, analyzed and presented. This would include the libelous material, its metadata and, of course, the associated hash code, too.
Sir Galton said that the probability of having two similar human fingerprints is 1 for every 64 million persons. When you consider the entire world, however, with a total population of 7.256 billion, there is a probability that there are 113 people out there who have the same fingerprint as yours.
Because the math behind MD5 hash codes and even for SHA-1 has been attacked by other mathematicians as being “weak” because they have theoretically demonstrated that they can produce collisions (i.e.
It must be noted that a change of hash code is a relatively low standard of proof that a crime has been committed.
This event gives you reasonable suspicion that something went wrong and triggers a preliminary investigation.
So for that person the change was acceptable even though the hash code issue became different. Additionally, the human-observable results are all the same in your opinion and that it can be demonstrated that the hash code can revert to the original if the source code can be returned to the previous condition.
Thus, it may be practical to enforce disciplinary actions or seek legal redress against the culprits and simply continue with the election process.
Only when you conduct enough investigative or audit work would you get enough assurance if there is indeed something really wrong with the system, or not. For example, if you want to crack a system password stored as an MD5 hash code, you’ll need to produce an MD5 hash of every possible password you think you know and then compare each of those hash codes you have against the stored password hash code. By 31 December 2015, the number of banks providing microfinance loans had increased by nearly 43 percent to 170 while the number of borrowers had increased by 277 percent to roughly 1.47 million. Compared to deposits as of December 2011, Tetangco said the amount represented a 22 percent growth.
Aside from receiving microinsurance coverage and nine-day entrepreneurship training at the Citi Microenterprise Development Center, CMA winners will also be entitled to one laptop and basic computer training.
The business should have successfully grown their enterprise to a level that is now generating employment apart from the household and family members while maintaining a healthy repayment record on their loan even as they build their savings. Other members include industry and community leaders such as former Monetary Board member Antonino Alindogan Jr., Ayala Corporation president Fernando Zobel de Ayala, RFM Corporation president and CEO Jose Ma. I tried to search Thai Serendra, and true enough, it produced no results because the nearest Thai restaurant is not in Serendra but High Street. From the info from the community, it also gives a listing of the “most booked” restaurants. I was earlier informed that Booky now has 35,000 monthly active users but Ben corrected this info because today, he has over 50,000 monthly active users! Apparently, it works like Spotify (the app that gives listeners “free music”) wherein you can sign up for free but for a premium, you get even more deals. These principles are a lifelong discipline in one’s own journey of values-based leadership.
They ensure that the right values are reflected in the organization’s strategy and culture. Military ground rules for the trip prohibited reporting the kind of aircraft Votel used, the exact location of where he landed and the names and images of the U.S. He spent two days in Syria in late January, including a tour of Kobani, the small town near the Turkish border where Kurdish fighters backed by U.S. He said that if this continued the Syrians opposing the Islamic State will have to fight for another 50 years. With a higher compensation package, we will be able to attract more fresh graduates and seasoned lawyers to join us in the service and the PNP,” said PNP Legal Service spokesperson Supt.
Jovito Palparan (ret.), who is on trial for Karen and Sherlyn’s abduction during the crackdown on insurgency under the Arroyo administration. There should be stronger local economy in the regions and the provinces, that’s the only way to develop the islands. We have to initiate reforms in the justice system and get rid of corruption,” said Atienza.
That’s why we’re appealing to the [presumptive] president-elect, he should give it a second thought. In the same hour in 2013 and 2010, the transmission rate was only 23 percent and 17 percent, respectively. What the country needs is a better justice system, not a new one based on the barrel of a gun,” he said. Earth actually experienced the hottest April on record, with peak temperatures recorded in Africa, South America and Asia. One way to think about this is this: We have already seen an increase in just about 1 degree, and the north polar ice caps are melting rapidly, the land-based size of Greenland and Antarctica is beginning to melt much more rapidly, sea level is rising. We share in their life and love overflowing, and because of this, there is no poison in our blood, and there should be light, not darkness, in our hearts.
It is through the Holy Spirit that we will truly understand the mystery of the Holy Trinity. May the Blessed Virgin Mary teach us to turn this lot—which often leads us to the foot of the cross along with her—into our merit.”—St. Father Roger, a humble and prayerful missionary, dedicated the last years of his life to his duties as chaplain of the Holy Name University Medical Center in Tagbilaran, Bohol. This is obviously not an easy thing to do in a society where political differences seem naturally to spill over to other domains of social life.
But a slow careful reading might help:  “The reality that we live arises instant after instant through the configuration of emotions that we live, and which we conserve with our living instant after instant. The only way to break this cycle is by subjecting this world and the emotions it induces to critique and reflection.
But then midway through the canal tour, we learned that some reimbursement money was waiting for us but that the office would be closing by 5 p.m.
Besides, I knew (know!) exactly what happened in the Philippines: Millions voted to the presidency a man who is now becoming the talk—if not the joke—of commentators the world over.
This is code of course for “refugees,” thousands of whom have fled their homelands like Syria and other war-torn countries of the Middle East and Africa to cross the Mediterranean and seek asylum and a new life in Europe. Instead, for an average allowance of $600 a month, they become “unofficial” domestic laborers, not covered by any relevant labor laws in Denmark or the Philippines, or any contractual relationship with the families they live with.
But even more stigma is attached to the au pairs, who are seen by ordinary Danes, it seems, as migrants skirting the law by some technicality.
It upholds both justice and jobs, freedom and food, ethics and economics, democracy and development, liberty and prosperity. And it is because of the alliance between the United States and Japan that peace in Asia and the Pacific will continue unbroken, whatever challenges may come. And that structure could only have as its foundation the United States and Japan united in solidarity. It is only in our ability to share our sorrows, and our humanity, that any of us can stand before the sacred dead of Hiroshima. Then there is a rugged road that starts in Allen’s port, where sadness boards the Melancholy Ship and meets up with “Yolanda,” forcing it to sleep with the thousands dead. More than 300 years ago, a man named Agustin Sumuroy led one of the first armed rebellions against the Colonizers.
Five shots had been heard, breaking the silence of a sunny morning when the dew was just drying under the summer sky. Emil, according to his closest friends, was a man filled with love for his family and his community.
This is where students are chased in the open streets, and journalists and civilians become casualties of the crossfire between political dynasties and warlords. Bodies were falling from the vast blanket of blue, and blood was seeping out from the parched land.
I saw the priest gunned down on the national highway on account of his defense of people who believed that there was no second coming of God. It becomes difficult when you remember that you once had a happy lunch together in his house, which now happens to be 20 meters away from the murder site. If you find a match, then you can be certain that your guessed password is the correct password.
The end goal was for microenterprises to eventually transition into small and even medium enterprises,” he said. They also gain automatic membership to the CMA Alumni Network to build their market connections and participate in a mentoring program that will help them further improve their businesses. Over the last decade, it has recognized over 100 Filipinos, a number of whom have grown their businesses significantly in terms of profits and assets. Concepcion III, GMA Network chair Felipe Gozon, Philippine Daily Inquirer chair Marixi Rufino-Prieto, Commission on Filipinos Overseas Secretary Imelda Nicolas, and University of the Philippines-Diliman chancellor Michael Tan. It’s just like having a personal directory of all available restaurants out there plus tips on food events and restaurant discounts. Values are good guideposts for treating and communicating with people, and in decision-making, especially during change, controversies or crises.
In addition, results from each vote counting machine were uploaded on the Internet in real time and more than 40 million vote receipts were printed on Election Day,” Bautista said.
Marcela Guerrero of the Philippines and Costa Rica, two of the 43 countries that make up the Climate Vulnerable Forum. We need the industrialized countries and the giants of the developing world to redouble their efforts to reduce their emissions, so that global warming can be limited to 1.5 degrees.
It is also through the Holy Spirit that we will truly live the mystery and the reality of the Holy Trinity in our lives.
Now is the time for reaching out, and searching deep for good and able coworkers in the new administration.
John Paul II should give courage to us to continue the Trinitarian spirit of unity, dialogue, listening and reaching out. But if we know this, if we know that the reality that we live arises through our emotioning, and we know that we know, we shall be able to act according to our awareness of our liking or not liking the reality that we are bringing forth with our living.
What we learn from the practice of self-awareness we must try to reflect through changes in our emotions.
So we decided at the end of the boat ride to take a bus back to our hotel at the Bella Center on the outskirts of the city. The road sighs at the passage of the tedious hours, just in time for when the Sky weeps its first tears of the day.
More than 300 years thereafter, the rage is still seething, and continues to throb in the veins of its people.
A testament for this was his involvement in various advocacies—from students’ welfare to human rights, from labor strikes to environment and cultural preservation.
Words stop, become superfluous, and your imagination scurries with you into the bedroom, crawls under the bed, and stirs its way into your cup of coffee at three o’clock in the morning. The recorded hash codes have to stay the same in its entire life cycle—from the moment it is generated for a particular digital evidence to the time it is analyzed by law enforcers or private investigators and to the time the courts allow for the digital evidence to be accepted, presented and evaluated.
Evidence that demonstrate fraud and malice beyond reasonable doubt are to be expected elsewhere. When you truly know yourself and what you stand for, it is much easier to know what to do in any situation.
Leaders translate organizational values into manifestations of behavior that employees and other stakeholders understand. We want to support him and his many reform measures but definitely not on death penalty,” he said. We must then endeavor to conserve these changes and pass them on to the next generation as an act of responsibility. Just outside the old train station, men approach passengers with hands held out, begging for coins. Reports say that his killing was election-related, Emil having supported a candidate in the local race. In the silent dusk, the municipal park was covered with lighted candles; a white banner was tied to an old tree—a plain canvas of a mourning people. The man is out on bail on a plunder charge, but the official definition of plunder does not include the massacre of trees.
I saw a similar black ribbon around an arm of a local journalist and around a woman’s forehead. A light breeze nudged several bright-yellow flags of the Syrian Democratic Forces attached to small bushes and atop a post buried in an earthen berm beside a shooting range. This same Trinitarian spirit is being echoed today by Pope Francis, who calls for humble service as we follow our God who is full of mercy and compassion. Living for each other is the rule of nature.” Let us learn from Mother Nature and from the Most Blessed Trinity to share blessings with others, and not to be selfish and greedy. From the horrified expressions on the faces of Danes, it seems the beggars are a new phenomenon. Bautista (Far Eastern University, now chair of the Commission on Elections), Dean Mikhail Lee L. Wherever the investigation leads, one sure thing is that it drew strength from his long history of involvement in local and national issues—from his being a student leader and campus journalist to the various posts he held in the past decades. Everyone was singing “Kulay dugo ang kulay ng bawat pahayagan”—blood is the color of every newspaper—in solidarity with Leo Mila, the seventh journalist murdered in that year of terror in Arroyo’s term. Like the Trinity that constantly reaches out in love, we, too, must not stop growing, loving and caring. Maxino (Silliman University), Dean Joan Sarausos-Largo (University of San Carlos), Dean Nilo T.

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